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Aug 31, 2007

Kashmir: Through a Pak militant's lens

'Azadi' was at one time my junoon and it took me across the border to ISI camps in Pakistan, where I was trained to kill, plunder, loot - all in the name of Islam, I returned with power flowing from the barrel of the gun. I was trained by my "masters" in Pakistan to record the violence in such a manner that the blame shifted from the militants to the security forces.

To read full article by an ex-terrorist Javaid Hussain Shah - click here or here.

Aug 6, 2007

5 Questions to Sanjay Kak...!!!

Since my comments/rebuttals to Sanjay Kak’s post about Jash-e-Azadi couldn’t pass the filters of moderation, I am posting my note/open letter and five questions to Sanjay Kak here. Hope Sanjay would oblige with some words of wisdom?


This post of yours gives an impression that it’s the Kashmiri Pandit’s who are the tormentors here. Applaud-able play of words...Indeed you do have some creative flame...I can gather that much from this post, even without seeing your movie.

Your play of words in dissociating from Yasin Malik - the terrorist turned political torchbearer, was impressive.

Mr Kak, would you kindly oblige and set straight your opinion on Yasin Malik. Do you consider him a hero or a villain...? Do you deny his role in numerous cold blooded killings and terror acts? Do you condone or condemn those acts? Given the prowess with words and truck-loads of judicious opinions you are loaded with - NO comments or avoidance isnt an option for you.

Your movie gives a colour to the protestors- that of vindictive, rampaging hooligans. Did you even care to figure out and approach these guys and girls... who otherwise have no political or criminal background? You find those who have led shootouts and bombings as inspirational leaders and guides, and a bunch of young teachers, professionals, students as hooligans just because they dared ask you questions about your motive of making a purely one-sided document.

Your words that "Issue of Kashmiri Pandits is a separate topic" don't go well with any rationale...

  • How can you talk of violence in Kashmir, without talking in as much detail about half-a-million populace impacted by the violence perpetrated by the Jehadi machinery?
  • How can you talk of the death and destruction without talking of the thousands who were kicked out of their homes?
  • How can you talk of Human Rights - totally ignoring the human rights of the minority totally trampled upon just because they belonged to a different religion?
  • How can you talk of self-determination totally ignoring the plight of the thousands who got uprooted purely because their self-determination was to stick to their Indian identity?
  • How can you talk of Jashn-e-Azadi and ignore the dard of being be-ghar (homeless) of the Pandits?

Sanjay ji, I am yet to fathom your motive behind painting a purely one-sided picture...Each coin has two faces. A one-faced coin is just a counterfeit and ought to be rejected.

-A Soul in Exile

A victim of the Jehadi' terrorists you think are hero's...