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Aug 30, 2006

Disco Farooq...

Farooq's Interview to KashmirAffairs

Farooq is a chameleon to core… and he knows that he and his family will gain nothing from Pakistan anymore - since there is a bigger coterie of Pakistani’s supporters in Hurriyat etc… and that his dream of occupying every possible post (Chief Minister, Vice President, President, etc) is possible only by exploiting the ’secular’ card in India… In Pakistan, he will probably be shunned to the gallows… not with-standing the fact that he was one of the co-founders of JKLF and a close collegue of Amanullah and Maqbool Bhat - and even had his Indian citizenship revoked once. Once he became the CM in Kashmir. he realized the luxury of being with India.

But beware, Farooq can change colors anytime… he’s only a friend of India for his own good. When his son was the Foreign Minister of State with NDA govt, he didnt have issues with Indian foreign policy. But he was poking holes at India’s pro-US and pro-Isreal stance and talking pro-Lebonan and pro-Iran recently on an interview with CNN-IBN. Thats the double standards Farooq is made of…

And finally,… would someone please explain how Jagmohan communicated to the Kashmiri Pandits that they should leave the valley!!! Did he go to the Hindu homes and paste those posters threatening death… did he pay for those advertisements in Al-Safa and other Urdu papers in the valley threatening Hindu’s if they didnt support the Jihad… did he publish the hit-lists of the KPs to be killed… did he go and shoot down Justice Nilkanth Ganjoo in broad daylight in the market-place and murder Tika Lal Taploo in the downtown Srinagar… did he go to all the mosques across the valley overnight and pressed play button on those cassettes blarring those anti-Hindu/anti-India/pro-Jihad slogans…

If he did all this…Mr Farooq Abdullah - he obviously did a lot of it while the “Farooq Abdullah” was still the chief minister of the state. What the hell was Farooq Abdullah doing all that time…? Playing golf in Gulmarg or dancing in some Discotheque…

Aug 28, 2006

Letter to Yasin Malik...

JKLF opposed to al Qaeda in Kashmir

Dear Mr. Yasin Malik,


This news report made me laugh and giggle...

While the world may have forgotten that 'Yasin Malik' is a terrorist who acknowledged having killed scores of innocent, unarmed Kashmiri Hindu's and unarmed airmen in Kashmir between 1990-1995; I and my Kashmiri Pandit diaspora can never forget the real wolf behind this sheep's cloak... the real you.

For those who have problem with digesting truth or if you have some amnesia - I recommend a viewing of your interview with Tim Sebastian on BBC HardTalk - telecast in Jun-Jul 2001. I am sure you regret having gone for that interview even today - for you can't deny any of it or claim that it was doctored, nor blame it on Indian agencies either. You brazenly admitted to having got training in Pakistan based terrorist training camps, having killed scores of unarmed people - and even had the audacity to refuse to apologize and regret those actions - brazenly enough even on international television.

And yeah... finally "Nau sau chuhe' khaa kar billi Haj ko challi"... and one fine day, you proclaimed you had attained sainthood.

And now, you are busy making statements as amusing as these.

What a stunning personality you are...? Done it all...!!!

Mr. Yasin Malik - before making any more statements and posturing anymore as a non-violent peace-loving political leader - would you please issue an unconditional apology for all the murders you committed of Kashmiri Hindus? Unless your rule-book says only Muslims should have human rights - and Hindus are meant to be slaughtered.

And please... stop making claims like "Islam = peace, secularism etc"... wonder if you were in some training camp at some wilderness yet again - for you seem to have totally missed what your friend Geelani says.

And please... stop posturing yourself as an advocate for 'return of exiled Kashmiri Hindu's'.
Maybe they don't give you access to TV/news etc while you were vacationing in your terror training camps in POK - or were you on some extra-dose of sleeping pills when HUJI issued terror threats just weeks ago to innocent KP's wishing to visit Kashmir just for a 'ceremony'.

I am sure you don't need to be told where HUJI (Harkat-ul-Jehadi-Islami) is an alumni of... probably you were giving some professional courtesy by turning a blind eye that day.

Yours Painfully,
A Soul in Exile...
Exiled because you chose to kill un-armed Hindu's - because ISI wanted you to
Exiled because I chose to live honourably, and not say 'Yes' to your agenda
Exiled because I didn't arms and fire-power to protect my existence there
Exiled because the unarmed Hindu's were far too outnumbered against the majority community
Exiled because the world chose to remain silent - afterall, it was just Hindu's being killed
Exiled because I didnt believe in 'Nizam-e-Mustafa'
Exiled because I believed in India


Kashmir is natural part of Pakistan: Geelani (GreaterKashmir.com) 27/8/2006 : 11:25:14 PM

Inspite of what Geelani stands for - we must thank him for calling 'spade a spade' - and blowing away the cover on the otherwise false propaganda that others in Hurriyat and Kashmiri Muslims in general make - about the Kashmir terrorism being a political issue and not a religious one.

Kashmiri Pandits(Hindu's) have lived through the terror times of hearing chants of "Yahan kya chalega, Nizam-e-mustafa" (what we want in Kashmir, Rule of Allah) - but the world is yet to see through the mirage created by Pakistan and ISI. There is nothing political about the Kashmir issue... its all about Pan-Islamic jehad...

Ethnic cleansing of the valley - and now the exterior regions of Jammu division - where even today Hindu's are selectively being killed and forced to flee - is a clear example of the Islamist agenda. No Kashmiri Pandit can ever forget the slogans which blarred from the loudspeakers on the mosques in Kashmir on 19th-20th Jan 1990...
  • Aes kya gacche', Kasheer - battav rosch, battnev saan (We want Kashmir, without Hindu men but only with Hindu women)
  • Yahan kya chalega, Nizam-e-Mustafa (What will rule in Kashmir, Rule of Allah)
  • Battav - ya raliv, ya chaliv, natte galiv (Hindus/Pandits, either convert, leave, or get killed).
and many more...

And then the political tinge was given to the whole picture... Pakistan and the muslim leadership went into an overdrive to blame the Jagmohan for the exodus.

Today, finally Geelani spoke the real agenda and came clean with the admission that the agenda is purely Islamic - as Islam doesn't believe in co-existance or mutual respect for other religions.

Thanks Geelani saab'... inspite of your narrow mindedness and fanatic mindset, you atleast spoke the truth.

Aug 24, 2006

Vote Bank politics...yet again

BJP is the 'mother of all terrorism'

UP is the mother of all vote bank politics... as bad as it can get.

I find Mula Mulayam Singh's knowledge of history very interesting...
"Terminig the BJP as the ‘mother of terrorism’, the Chief Minister said there was no terrorism in the country before the demolition of the Babri Masjid at Ayodhya and held the saffron party responsible for its advent."

Does Mula Malayam even know that the Hindu's of Kashmir were hounded out of their homes way before the Babri Masjid was touched...? Does he even have a clue that ISI had terror training camps running for anti-India activities a decade before Ayodhya...? Or did he still through those years... only to wake up when a lucrative vote bank knocked at his doors...

I don't care what he think of BJP - but the total callousness towards the terrorism in India and his blind-sigthed vision of the pan-Islamic terror threat that India faces is apalling. And he is a the head of the most populous state in India and aspires to be the Prime Minister soon.

Pakistan and Al-Qaeda don't need to worry and fret too much... nor make any efforts. Politicians like him are sufficient to ruin India.

God save India...!!!

Aug 22, 2006

Their Man in Islamabad...


By B.Raman

A hilarious novel by Graham Greene titled "Our Man in Havana" became a best-seller in the 1970s. It was about a mediocre officer of the MI-6, Britain's external intelligence agency, posted to Havana as a punishment for failing to produce any worthwhile intelligence in his career. One day he sends to his headquarters a sensational report, which he claims to have obtained from a mole, about the arrival in Cuba of a highly lethal Soviet missile for use against the US.

The MI-6 and the CIA examine the report. There is excitement in both the agencies over this intelligence coup. They inform their respective political leaders. The MI-6's man in Havana is flooded with encomiums.The more the MI-6 asks him for further details of the missile, the more he gets from his mole.

One day, the excitement in the MI-6 breaks the ceiling when they receive from their man what he claimed was a copy of the diagram of the missile.The UK Defence Department, the Pentagon and the political leaders of the two countries are informed. The British and American analysts are mystified.The missile, going by the diagram, looks like no other missile the USSR was known to have produced before.Studies are ordered as to how to counter it.

One British analyst has a vague feeling that he had seen a similar diagram somewhere before, but he cannot recall when and where.One day the vacuum cleaner in his house goes out of order.He opens it. Hey presto, he finds inside a diagram of the vacuum cleaner. He realises that what their man in Havana had sent as the diagram of a new Soviet missile, was actually the diagram of a vacuum cleaner.

There is utter consternation in the MI-6 headquarters. They call their man to London and question him. He admits that he never had a mole in the Cuban security set-up and that he had fabricated all his reports. He got the idea about the new missile while repairing his vacuum cleaner one day.

The chief of the MI-6 and his officers ask him to wait outside while they discuss his cheating.The senior officers advise the chief not to admit to the Prime Minister and the CIA that there was no such missile and that their man had made an ass of them.It would destroy the organisation's credibility and that of the chief.

They decide to request their man to apply for premature retirement and recommend to the Government that his request be accepted despite his outstanding work. They also decide to recommend him for knighthood for his outstanding performance in Havana. He remains on the records of the MI-6 one of the greatest intelligence operatives produced by the British intelligence.

One is reminded of the MI-6's Man in Havana as one watches with amazement the encomiums being showered on President Gen. Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan as a stalwart ally in the war against terrorism by President George Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair despite an avalanche of evidence regarding his duplicity. What is the evidence available against Musharraf so far:

* His reluctance to hand over Omar Sheikh to the Americans for questioning regarding the kidnapping and beheading of Daniel Pearl, the US journalist.
* His continued refusal to hand over A.Q.Khan, the Pakistani nuclear scientist, to the US for interrogation on his links with Iran,Libya,North Korea, Syria, Iraq and Al Qaeda.
* His non-co-operation in the hunt for Osama bin Laden, his No.2 Ayman al-Zawahiri and other remnants of Al Qaeda, who are now operating from Waziristan in Pakistani territory.
* His reluctance to act against Mulla Mohammed Omar, the Amir, and other leaders and cadres of the Taliban, who are killing Americans, British, Canadians, Afghans and others from their sanctuaries in Pakistani territory.
* His refusal to act against the Lashkar-e-Toiba (LET) and its mother organisation the Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JUD) despite the LET's global ramifications and its links with Al Qaeda.
* His indignant denials of Indian and Afghan allegations regarding the jihadi terrorist infrastructure in Pakistani territory, which continues to encourage terrorism in India and Afghanistan.
* His making a deal with the Taliban and Al Qaeda remnants in Waziristan under which they have agreed to observe a cease-fire inside Waziristan in return for Musharraf's closing his eyes to their raids into Afghan territory

9. And, so on and so on and so on. In spite of all this, Mr.Bush and Mr.Blair keep showering praise on Their Man in Islamabad. Their praise shows no sign of stopping despite new evidence of the General's duplicity regarding the alleged plot to blow up 10 US-bound aircraft, the discovery of which was announced dramatically by the British police on August 10, 2006.

10.Musharraf and his officials proclaimed that it was Pakistan, which discovered the plot and alerted the British about it on August 9. They projected Rashid Rauf, a British citizen of Pakistani origin, as the chief co-ordinator of the plot on behalf of the Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. What strip-tease they have been playing about Rashid Rauf!

* They said he was arrested while crossing into Pakistan from Afghanistan a week before the British announcement.
* Sections of the Pakistani media reported that he was actually arrested in Bahawalpur in southern Punjab on August 8. He had acquired an expensive house there and married the sister-in-law (wife's sister) of Maulana Masood Azhar, the Amir of the Jaish-e-Mohammad (JEM), which was designated by the US as a Foreign Terrorist Organisation in December,2001.
* After the publication of the report of his arrest in Bahawalpur, the Pakistani officials changed their version. They said they had actually arrested an associate of Rashid Rauf while crossing over into Pakistan from Afghanistan and he led them to Rashid in Bahawalpur. They have not given the name of this associate.
* They said that the entire plot was conceived by the No.3 of Al Qaeda who, according to them, is based in Afghanistan, but they could not give his name except to say he was close to No.2 Zawahiri.
* Then, they said it was actually a son-in-law of Zawahiri, who conceived the plot and tried to use Rashid to have it executed. They gave the name of the so-called son-in-law. When it was pointed out to them that this son-in-law was reported by them earlier this year to have been killed in an American air raid in the Bajaur tribal agency, they have gone silent. Musharraf has
advised his agencies not to give any more briefings to the media.

11.Musharraf has suddenly become a stickler for the law. In the past, the Pakistani authorities had informally handed over to the Americans without following the due process of the law Mir Aimal Kansi, Ramzi Yousef, Abu Zubaidah, Ramzi Binalshib, Khalid Sheikh Mohammad, Abu Faraj al-Libi and many others without informing their courts about their arrests.Abu Faraj was handed over despite the fact that he was the principal accused in the case relating to the plot to kill Musharraf in December,2003.

12.In the case of Rashid Rauf, they are following the entire procedure as laid down in the law. They informed a court of his arrest. They produced him before a magistrate and obtained his remand in police custody for interrogation. They have reportedly requested the British for a formal written application for handing him over so that they can put it up to the Magistrate for
orders. A British police team is waiting in Islamabad patiently for an opportunity to question him.

13. Any police would have been anxious to question him as urgently as possible in order to neutralise any other threat before it materialises, but not the British. It is now 10 days since the plot was discovered, but the British are yet to interrogate the so-called principal co-ordinator of it. They are showing remarkable patience.It is like a clip in slow motion from a Charlie Chaplin movie. The whole case relating to Rashid is moving at a pace which would make the proverbial snail look a great sprinter.

14. Rashid Rauf may well go down in history as the terrorist, whom nobody wanted to interrogate. The Pakistanis don't want to interrogate him too much lest their duplicity be exposed.The British and the Americans don't want to be in a hurry to interrogate lest their own gullibility be exposed.Moreover, there is a great danger if it comes out that they again let themselves be taken for a ride by Musharraf.Not only will their credibility be in ruins, but they
may even face claims for damages from airline companies and passengers, who incurred losses amounting to billions of dollars as a result of the drama staged by the British police.

15. The only way of avoiding all this is to persist with the drama and to go on showering encomiums and lollipops on Musharraf. It would be dangerous to admit that he was a trickster, who took them for a ride. Better to let him go down in history as the world's greatest warrior against terrorism and as the hero of the discovery of a plot to blow up 10 US-bound planes.

16. They sink or swim with Their Man in Islamabad.

Aug 17, 2006

My Lost Home - in Kashmir

Thanks to Wikimapia... I can still re-live my childhood for some ephemeral moments...

Here is, where my ancesters lived and where I was born...(and also my wife's ancesters lived closeby (see Ganju's)...)

See in Full here

And Here is where I used to live... between 1982-1990...

See in Full Here

Aug 14, 2006

Talibanization of Kashmir - II

Fact of Kashmir Identity (GreaterKashmir.com) 14/8/2006 : 1:35:19 AM

In an earliest post, Talibanization of Kashmir, I had hinted on the gradual rewriting and distortion of history that is happening in Kashmir. The article above is one such classical example of how the so-called Muslim intelligentia in Kashmir are distorting history, re-interpreting situations and convoluting facts.

Apart from making totally baseless interpretations of Shaivism - amounting to indicate that the Shaivist philosophy followed in Kashmir prior to Muslim invasions was tyrannical and what not - the writer also makes some funnily stupid claims. Sample this:

"It is also false to say that Kashmiris
circulate Aryan blood. Kashmiris are aborigines of this land and
belonged to the twelve thousand year old race of Pashachas and Nagas.
For eight thousand years Nagas and Pashachas lived tribal life. The
advent of Aryans four thousand years back from now made them to adopt
Buddhism. Aryans were Brahmins and forced Pashachas and Nagas to
convert. The only alternative to resist the enforced conversion to
Hinduism was Buddhism."

While I don't want to enter a debate on Aryanism here... its would take an complete hadron-headed person to make a claim that someone could convert to Buddhism in 2000BC, when Buddhism itself came into existense in around 500BC. Maybe someone needs to teach Shahnaz Bashir a simple fact about the way AD and BC timelines differ like two sides of a number-line (assuming he learnt his maths at least).

Ethnic cleansing - History Repeats itself...

BBC NEWS | South Asia | Kashmir militants 'kill family'
Kashmir militants 'kill family'
Police in Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir say a woman and her two children have been killed by militants.
They say the victims were the only Hindu family in the village of Arra.
The incident happened in the mountainous Udhampur district, more than 200km from the state's winter capital, Jammu.
There has been no independent confirmation of the incident which happened on Thursday night. Police say they are searching for the suspects.

This news would have probably appeared as a small piece of news item in one the inner pages in Indian papers... it definitely never got reported in the TV news...(afterall there is still a higher priority hot news doing rounds - the collections at box office of new Johar flick - KANK).

This should be a grim reminder to the Indians - this is history repeating itself in just a decade. In early 1990's, the Islamists forced the Hindu minority out of the Kashmir Valley; by a similar programme of selectively killing Pandits. The valley is now fully sanitized of all 'kafirs' and nizaam-e-mustafa rules roost - (alas! but for the unholy presence of Indian troops.)

And now, for last 4-5 years the same 'choose and kill' fiesta is on in the Jammu division of the state now - areas which have a Muslim majority are being ridded of the Hindu presence. Almost completed in the Badrawah, Poonch and Doda regions - this is now spreading to Udhampur district as well.

And what does Indian Govt do... ?

Wait and watch till all the Hindu's are silently exterminated from the state... just because calling spade a spade is un-secular in modern India. No central government ever chided the state administration for their failure to protect the minorities - no one called them a "Modi" for their failure. Oops... but the state administration is in hands of the same party which holds it in Centre... How can one chide one-self... not expected of Indian politicians at least. Its ok...close to 400,000 Kashmiri Pandits (Hindus) got wiped out of the valley...what difference does a few hundred thousand more going to make!!!

Instead successive governments disarmed the village defence committee's because these were acting as a hinderance to the cleansing agenda and giving resistance to the terrorists. An unarmed target like those in Kashmir valley is easier to clean out than an armed victim - who might resist and fight. Is the government collabrating with the ISI and the terror groups to facilitate the ethnic cleansing of these areas then?

Whats does Indian media do... ?

Indian media is still hung over the 4000 muslim victims who spent some weeks in relief camps in Gujrat... 400,000 Hindus is a smaller count afterall.
Ten's of thousands of KP's still live in tented relief camps in Jammu - more than 16 years after the exodus... have been totally dis-enfranchised and live a life of dejection worse than the holocaust...
Eeeks... but they are Hindu's... and suffering of Hindu's in India isn't news-worthy. Barkha...when's your next flight to Gujrat... there is another award waiting there.

What does Indian nation do...?

And yeah, terrorism is a problem of Kashmir... and of Mumbai only...ok..maybe of Delhi as well. Ok...maybe even of Varanasi, Aurangabad and Nagpur now... Hmmm... maybe it happened in Kolkatta and Coimbatore... But then, me and my city is safe...
Relax...chill...its a long weekend afterall...enjoy KANK.

Aug 13, 2006

Talibanization of Kashmir...

After completely exterminating Kashmiri Pandit population from the valley of Kashmir and its adjoining areas, the Jehadi’s have achieved what they came for – complete Talibanization of Kashmir.

Akin to the destruction of the Bamiyan Buddha’s, Hindu temples – whether the ancient ones which traced origins to few thousand years to one’s created in last few hundred years (none got created in recent years anyway) – have been systematically destroyed in the valley.

For a sample list on destruction of Hindu’ religious sites – refer : http://www.ikashmir.net/slides/temples/s10.html

Now, with all signs of Hindu’s gone, its time to change the history itself.

The local media and historians are systematically rewriting the history of Kashmir – in an attempt to totally distort it.

Places of value in Kashmir are being renamed – the original names which typically bear Sanskrit or Hindu meanings and thereby proving the history behind those places are being changed to Islamic names.

The district of Anantnag has been renamed to Islamabad. ‘Anantnag’ stands for ‘land of numerous springs’ in Sanskrit – and indeed Anantnag is place with numerous natural and mystic springs, many of which have(had) temples adjacent to them – and many are known to have varied medicinal powers. Sulphur springs in Anantnag are known to heal skin problems and hot springs known to help heal orthopedic and muscular problems – few of which I have bathed in myself as a kid.

However, the name “Anantnag” which probably dates back to pre-Lalitaditya era; clearly proves that the aboriginals of the land had Hindu origins – while reclaiming it as Islamabad is a way of proving the fascist agenda the Muslim populace has – after total annihilation of anything Hindu.

Similarly, the famed Sankaracharya hill in the centre of Srinagar, adjacent to Dal Lake has been renamed as “Takht-e-Sulaiman” – and it also gets quoted on the government sites now. The re-christening of the temple hill was attempted by Afghan rulers – but didn’t stick then. Finally, the Jehadi rulers of the valley have achieved it now. The hill top has an ancient Shiva temple built completely out of stone – by King Gopaditya in 321 B.C.

There are numerous other examples of where Hindu or Indian sounding names are being changed – Jawahar Nagar becomes Ismailpura… and so on.

Someday, they may even rename Kashmir to something else…after all the legend behind the name Kashmir itself is a giveaway to Kashmir’s true history. According to tradition recorded in a number of Sanskrit texts and chronicles of Kashmir, including Kalhan’s Rajtarangini - this valley was once a vast lake. It was converted into an alluvial plain when Kashyap, a great sage made an opening into the surrounding mountains near Baramula. As a result the water of the lake was drained out and the submerged land became a habitable valley. It then came to be known as "Kashyap Marga" the abode of Kashyap from which came the name Kashyap-mur (home of Kashyap); finally transforming into the current name Kashmir. Geomorphologic evidence has confirmed that the valley was originally a vast lake. (refer: http://www.ikashmir.net/storm/chapter1.html)

Aug 12, 2006

Maha Fraud called – Kashmiriyat…

For years, we have seen the muslims of Kashmir have tried to fool the world into believing that the so called struggle in Kashmir is purely an indegenious struggle and there is nothing religious about it. That the Kashmiri Pandits were not ethinically cleansed under a shrewd plan drafted by the terror chieftains in Pakistan in the corridors of ISI and executed by their Islamist jehadi’s in the valley – but that Kashmiri Hindu’s left on their own.

If you still don’t know the truth – urge you to spare just 18 minutes to watch “…And the world remained Silent”.

For years, the world media has continued to make leaders out of terrorists – giving them mileage and sound bytes. The terrorists turned leaders of Kashmiri muslims – all the people of Hurriyat, whether Mirwaiz Moulvi Farooq, Shabir Shah, Prof Abdul Gani , Yassin Malik or Lone, or those in power have made ‘news byte’ worthy claims that they are keen on seeing Kashmiri Pandits return to their homeland – that they Muslims of the valley feel there is something amiss in the vale. The media always lapped it up – making leaders out of crooks.

The Kashmiri Pandits – the aboriginals of the valley just wanted to visit the holy site of Martand temple, Mattan in the Kashmir valley on August 6th 2006 (Shakula Dwadishi of month of Shravan) to perform a maha-shraadh for more than 50,000 Kashmiri Pandits who died since 1990 in exile. The community simply wished to perform a pilgrimage to the holy temple and perform a communion last rites for the departed. A pilgrimage with ashes, flowers and tears in eyes – not with guns or grenades in back-packs.

However, the real picture of what’s on the mind of all those in the valley came out. Harkat-ul-Jehadi-al-Islami (HUJI), an Islamist outfit active in Kashmir valley (and headquartered in Pakistan) openly issued a warning to the Kashmiri Pandits – forbidding them from setting even a foot back in the valley, threatening with dire consequences. (See letter below)

And one would think – the Kashmiriyat of those leaders would have come to life – and they would have come out protesting The government, the majority community and even these so-caller leaders of Kashmiriyat didn’t even speak a word against it – giving a silent approval to the continued ethnic cleansing of Hindu’s from the valley.

Next time, one of the Kashmiri Muslims tells me that the war in the valley is not about religion, I may feel like puking…

(Image Source: www.kplink.com duly acknowledged)

English version of the threat letter from HUJI (Courtesy: Panun Kashmir)

(Dated July 27, 2006)

The traitors of "Jang-e-Aazadi" i.e, Kashmiri Pandits who have been part and parcel of "Muslim Kush" policies of Jagmohan, who have since left their "Wattan", are being strongly warned to desist from the plans and activities which are aimed at undermining our freedom struggle.

Our organization stands by the joint pronouncement dated 22.7.2005 of Al-farin, Al-Nasreen, Farzandani Millat and Save Kashmir Movement, which made compulsory for the Pandits to seek pardon, for all the omissions and commissions against the Kashmiri Muslims and also to beg pardon for the heinous crimes they have committed, which also directed Pandits to participate actively in Jehad failing which they will not be allowed to come back.

Our organization in its congregation has decided to defeat the sinister designs of the migrant Pandits, who are going to perform a Maha Shraadh at Mattan near Islamabad to project the killings of "Mukhbir Pandits" as martyrs. The Pandits are warned to be ready to pay the price for entering the valley. Defying this warning, they could not be protected even by the Prime Minister of India, the Indian puppet Chief Minister and the army contingents.

Migrant Pandits are being warned that their welfare rests in begging for pardons, accept their heinous crimes and terms and conditions of our organizations, till they do it the doors to the valley are shut for them.

Nizam-u-Din Sarwar


And of course, as usual - Indian national media missed this happening.

After all it’s not important to the nation to know… It’s more important to know what Shah Rukh Khan’s next role is...