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Aug 13, 2006

Talibanization of Kashmir...

After completely exterminating Kashmiri Pandit population from the valley of Kashmir and its adjoining areas, the Jehadi’s have achieved what they came for – complete Talibanization of Kashmir.

Akin to the destruction of the Bamiyan Buddha’s, Hindu temples – whether the ancient ones which traced origins to few thousand years to one’s created in last few hundred years (none got created in recent years anyway) – have been systematically destroyed in the valley.

For a sample list on destruction of Hindu’ religious sites – refer : http://www.ikashmir.net/slides/temples/s10.html

Now, with all signs of Hindu’s gone, its time to change the history itself.

The local media and historians are systematically rewriting the history of Kashmir – in an attempt to totally distort it.

Places of value in Kashmir are being renamed – the original names which typically bear Sanskrit or Hindu meanings and thereby proving the history behind those places are being changed to Islamic names.

The district of Anantnag has been renamed to Islamabad. ‘Anantnag’ stands for ‘land of numerous springs’ in Sanskrit – and indeed Anantnag is place with numerous natural and mystic springs, many of which have(had) temples adjacent to them – and many are known to have varied medicinal powers. Sulphur springs in Anantnag are known to heal skin problems and hot springs known to help heal orthopedic and muscular problems – few of which I have bathed in myself as a kid.

However, the name “Anantnag” which probably dates back to pre-Lalitaditya era; clearly proves that the aboriginals of the land had Hindu origins – while reclaiming it as Islamabad is a way of proving the fascist agenda the Muslim populace has – after total annihilation of anything Hindu.

Similarly, the famed Sankaracharya hill in the centre of Srinagar, adjacent to Dal Lake has been renamed as “Takht-e-Sulaiman” – and it also gets quoted on the government sites now. The re-christening of the temple hill was attempted by Afghan rulers – but didn’t stick then. Finally, the Jehadi rulers of the valley have achieved it now. The hill top has an ancient Shiva temple built completely out of stone – by King Gopaditya in 321 B.C.

There are numerous other examples of where Hindu or Indian sounding names are being changed – Jawahar Nagar becomes Ismailpura… and so on.

Someday, they may even rename Kashmir to something else…after all the legend behind the name Kashmir itself is a giveaway to Kashmir’s true history. According to tradition recorded in a number of Sanskrit texts and chronicles of Kashmir, including Kalhan’s Rajtarangini - this valley was once a vast lake. It was converted into an alluvial plain when Kashyap, a great sage made an opening into the surrounding mountains near Baramula. As a result the water of the lake was drained out and the submerged land became a habitable valley. It then came to be known as "Kashyap Marga" the abode of Kashyap from which came the name Kashyap-mur (home of Kashyap); finally transforming into the current name Kashmir. Geomorphologic evidence has confirmed that the valley was originally a vast lake. (refer: http://www.ikashmir.net/storm/chapter1.html)

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Anonymous said...

This article was really good. had no idea about the Kashmir state and this article definitely tries to throw some light in that. I feel sorry for the people of Kashmir. I will sincerely pray to God for a better life for the Valley.

I guess, anything other than the Mother-Fucking Taliban style is good.

Wishing you Best of Luck whole heartedly,