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Jan 17, 2007

Confused Kashmiri...

Kashmir shuts down over Mirwaiz's Pak visit

Are they confused or what...?

If you thought Kashmiri Muslims knew what they wanted and what cause they were fighting for – believe me they don’t. Here is an example. For years they kept cursing the central governments that they be allowed to go to Pakistan and meet with the leadership there – be given their passports and visas and so on… And now that all that has happened, they are protesting and shouting about the same thing.

This is what happens when you get your dictations from elsewhere on what you should want, what your goal should be, what your aspirations should be… And when there is a change or multiplicity of dictations in a movement – the people don’t know what they were fighting for. Just have to fight for the sake of fighting, have to beat breasts just because that’s what we have been doing for decades, have to shut shops and burn government vehicles – just because that’s how we have always protested – doesn’t matter if we have no clue what we are protesting.

This is not a new phenomenon in Kashmir. Even in early and mid 80’s, when the current wave of Jehadi extremism was still not in vogue, Srinagar would erupt into spontaneous riots and arson – without any reason. Once it was because someone had seen a picture of a mosque published on back of a playing card abroad. So someone shouted “Islam khatre mein hai” and a dozen vehicles were burnt. Today, Geelani sahib would have felt – “Mirwaiz is going to Pakistan, not me – even though I have been the strongest stooge of Pakistan and ISI. Am I getting marginalized? Is the Mirwaiz becoming a bigger Islamic cleric in the state than me? Oh God…Islam is in danger…Maaro, kaato, bandh karo”…

I still remember a good sattirical play on Kashmir doordarshan in 80's... a story where the city goes into rioting and curfew just because "shall'e thokh' gaye yeere" (a jackals spit drowned in the river)... Weird it may sound...but the picturization was true.

This is the freedom movement of Kashmir

Jan 16, 2007

The War in Kashmir !!!

For years I have been tired of hearing/seeing Kashmiri Muslims and other sympathizers of the Jehadi terrorists in Kashmir complain about the size of the Indian army in the valley. You will find scores of places online where people have complained why 0.5 million strong army is needed in valley to counter and fight somewhere around 10,000 armed terrorists… Well, the numbers will differ – some will even claim 700,000 and some over a million.

For these apologists of terrorists, this has been at times a single point issue and a reason to demand for withdrawal of armed forces and even demilitarization of the valley. Much of that has already happened… But what they are actually demanding is that the terrorists be given freedom to go on rampage.

Half a million to 10,000 is a mathematical gimmick they will keep playing to justify their argument and accuse how it’s a human right violation. But these people are either deaf to the logic of guerilla warfare that the army is facing there… or blind to the fact that the terrorists are waging a covert war. Indian army can face an army at the border even with smaller numbers – and even give the enemy a taste of dust (Remember the Longewala battle – in 1971). But when you are fighting an invisible army of covert operatives – you have to be present at every nook and corner. Its not a dawn to dusk war anymore – its not a war waged on the border anymore, its not a war counted in terms of how many posts and peaks are captured anymore… it’s a war like situation where the enemy comes disguised in a burkha to throw a grenade, comes hidden as RDX laden satchel of a school kid, comes in an ambush at a public place, comes riding on a bike spraying bullets and runs away, takes innocent people hostage and demands ransom, uses religious places as a hiding place and a shield…

That is the difference between a war between two armies in uniform – versus the war between an armed uniformed force and gutless cowards who attack and scoot. And that’s where 1:1 counting is bad mathematics. But then Pakistan has tasted shit several times over when they sent their uniformed men to wage war against India and Pakistan army and ISI have learnt a lesson that the only way they can keep India engaged and bogged down is through terrorists – their non-uniformed army.

So – these apologists and sympathizers of terror should either get some maths tuitions or some logic tuitions. Of course, those who have been brainwashed into believing that the Jehadi terrorists are hero’s – no tuitions can help them. For others if any and the media which wants to earn brownie points, they can as well read it in direct words of the terror king Syed Salahuddin – who operates and controls his terrorist army in valley from his safe haven inside Pakistan (and still Pakistan will say there are no terrorists in Pakistan)

“….geography of Kashmir has not changed. There are still mountains and forests in Kashmir.

Jammu and Kashmir is 110% suitable for militant activities and we are quite capable of fighting the 700,000 Indian forces; even 100 militants can fight the whole Indian Army present in Kashmir.

After 17 years of this militancy I can say we are fully equipped with modern weapons. After 9/11 we have successfully targeted our enemy with time bombs and remote bombs which is proof of our usage of modern technological methods.

We have mobile training camps in the forests; we have enough instructors and we are not short of fighters.

But there is another issue, and this is the responsibility of any good commander, to adopt a strategy where there is less activity with more quality.

Our strategy is that the casualties of our militants should be less and the losses of the enemy should be more. I am sure we are moving towards success with the passage of time.”

We can hit any soft target in India at any time”

With more than 400 LeT terrorists operating in Bangalore and around it even Bangalore would need a bigger protecting cover – so how can one even consider withdrawing army from Kashmir – that too when the terrorist groups inside Kashmir are only getting more support and getting into partnerships with global terror groups like Hamas and Al Qaeda.

Jan 12, 2007

US in recurring coma...

Al Qaeda leaders secure in Pakistan: US Intelligence

Today US intelligence chief John Negroponte has said in a testimony to Senate Intelligence Committee - that Al Qaeda is resilient and resurgent and that their leaders are secure inside Pakistan. Yet, tomorrow and every now and then, US leaders will also share bear hugs with Musharraf and reward him for giving that safe haven to the terror kings of the world.

Is US in some relapsing coma or what?

US seems to have amnesia or selective hearing problem… for what they are acknowledging now is something we in India have been crying horse for decades now… From even before 9/11 happened…

Pakistan’s role in fomenting, funding, supporting and abetting terrorism inside and against India had matured two decades ago. But then as the world knows, US has a blind eye to every issue which till it comes to bite them. And yeah, the big bully had an interest in that role of Pakistan – as it acted as a conduit and partner.

But as the age old Indian saying goes, those who dig ditches for others fall into them themselves…

Today US is surrounded by all such ditches…

Jan 6, 2007

Invasion of India : Conversion Agenda

India, and Hinduism in particular, is not under a programmed threat of invasion just from Islamic Jihad - but also from the suave Christian missionaries... something closely visible in each nook and corner of India now...

The video below gives a brief summary of the Christian agenda...

And this is what happens in Pakistan
Kidnap Hindu, Force Marriage to Muslim
January 04, 2007 12:00 PM EST

Sanao Menghwar has had three of his daughters kidnapped, then forced to marry Muslim men. That means that the young women were coerced into becoming Islamics.

This happens daily, particularly in the Pakistani Sindh province, according to Hasan Mansoor, reporter, Midday.com.

Other Hindus in the province worry when their daughters will disappear. Therefore, there are entire Hindu families leaving Pakistan for Canada, India or other nations.Menghewar and his wife left their house on errands. When they returned to their residence, their daughters were missing. They reported the missing young women to the police department, filing the necessary papers. Neighbors helped them on a search party to locate the daughters, but to no avail.

Menghwar’s daughters have yet to be found. However, authorities have arrested three Islamic young men assumed to be connected with the girls’ kidnapping. The men have been released on bail by a court due to the men being minors.

"’Kidnapping Hindu girls like this has become a normal practice. The girls are then forced to sign stamp papers stating that they’ve become Muslims,’ says Laljee Menghwar, a member of the Hindu Panchayat in Karachi."

Because of extremist Muslim threats, Hindus have had to turn to what those in the Netherlands are resorting to. Both areas have been under extreme pressure from maiming and killing Islamics so that the local citizens have put into action what one person refers to as "self-censorship."

There is no talk. There is no public utterance. There is nothing said negatively about the Muslims in the area for fear of being slain.

So it is that extremist Islamic killers international could overtake country after country, area after area. Instill such fear in the people that no one speaks the facts concerning local extremist Islamics kidnapping and killing; therefore, they have open skies to do just that — more so.

"’Hindus here are too frightened to vent their anger — they fear victimization,’ said one local."

Nevertheless, Pakistani Christian community members have come to their aid. The Christians have organized support for the Hindus persecuted by extremist Muslims. The Christians have "carried out a demonstration with them in Karachi, protesting against this crime.

"Similarly startling incidents have occurred in several districts of Sindh and evoked identical responses. At least six Hindu girls met this fate a few months ago in Jacobabad (a tribal area heavily inhabited by Hindus) and Larkana districts.

"Sapna, the daughter of one Seth Giyanchand, was recently taken to a shrine (Amrote in Shikarpur district) by Shamsuddin Dasti. Dasti, a Muslim friend of Sapna’s brother, is a married man and father of two.

"Nevertheless, the custodian of the shrine, Maulvi Abdul Aziz lost no time in converting Sapna to Islam (her name was changed to ‘Mehek’) and marrying her to Dasti. The case came to light only when Sapna’s parents stated that their daughter hadn’t eloped but had been abducted."

Islamic fanaticism is increasing alarmingly, according to Nuzzhat Shirin of the Aurat Foundation. The extremist fanatics erect shrines that are used in coercing "conversions." When a Hindu is forced to become a Muslim, zealot extremist Islamics gather at the shrines, chanting and singing and marching in the streets.

Such a ruckus is made that if the young kidnapped girl appears in court, the fanatic Muslims yell, scream, throw rose petals into the air and follow the youth into the building so that she is so intimidated that she can hardly speak.

It is extremist Muslim winning by intimidation. It is extremist Muslim overcoming a culture by threatening. It is by extremist Islamics abducting young girls that an entire community is snuffed out by moving away or succumbing to the extremist Muslim murderers global.

"The threat of victimization by Muslims is palpable; Shirin says when forced conversion cases make it to court, lawyers themselves avoid taking them up, fearing a backlash from maulvis."

It is the same with so-called "honor killing." When extremist Muslim males slay a Hindu female whom they have accused of dishonoring the clan in some way, usually police and media say nothing, looking the other way. Therefore, the slaughtering of innocent females continues daily.

"And forced conversions are not the only problem that the Hindu minority (there are 2.7 million Hindus in Pakistan; Pakistan’s total population is 140 million) is facing in the country.

"A powerful syndicate of bandits and patrons in the northern districts of Sindh regularly kidnap rich Hindus for ransom. They not only kill hostages if the ransom doesn’t arrive on time, they even kill some despite their ransom being paid.

"Sadham Chand Chawla, the former president of the Hindu Panchayat, Jacobabad, was abducted and murdered. His killers remain at large despite enormous protests. Following his murder, his family had received several threats until they secretly migrated to India."

Jan 1, 2007

Kashmiriyat - the True story...!!!

Kashmiriyat - is probably the biggest hoax of all times that exists in context of the Kashmir issue. I feel nauseated when the political class or the majority community now days sings paeans of the good old days and the blissful aura of Kashmiriyat that used to prevail in the valley pre-1990…

Good old days… maybe, blissful aura – yes for the majority community for sure… and for the minority – it was still a good time to live in the valley – though not with total freedom.

Time and again I hear the leaders from the valley and the politicians repeat the Kashmiriyat buzz word…

What was this Kashmiriyat afterall…?

It was a brokered bliss, if any – paid for by the silence and subjugation of the minority – swallowing a bitter cup of insults repeatedly over decades. If at all anything like Kashmiriyat existed - it was just the silent agony of submission of the Hindu's over centuries in an attempt to survive in the valley.

Since my childhood, as far as I can recall, I have seen Hindu’s being a diffident lot in the valley – ever cautious not to get their majority brethren on the wrong side…And be silent when an insult was hurled at him for his religion or being an Indian at heart.

Was it Kashmiriyat – when our homes in downtown Srinagar were stoned – each time India and Pakistan met in a sport arena… be it a celebration of Pakistan winning or anger over India winning… I still remember this happening to our home on the mainroad in downtown - even after Indian hockey team lost miserably to Hassan Sardar's onslaught in Asian games as long back as in 1982. A stone hurled or a taunt cast “Dal’e Batta” was almost an accepted thing… No Kashmiri Pandit complained for decades – lest Kashmiriyat is tainted. Javed Miadad’s last ball six in Sharjah many years later was no different a hell for the Pandits…

It may sound over-exaggeration to people who have not lived through it – but this was nothing alien to us. Getting stoned and rebuked when Bhutto was got killed by General Zia… and even when same Gen Zia died in accident many years later. Ask them what was the fault of Kashmiri Pandit’s in either of those events in Pakistan? Alas, one couldn’t ask – lest Kashmiriyat got tainted.

Pandits continued to live through as silent victims for decades – being silent approvers of each insult levied on them by the majority community and the state. In total disregard for the centuries old history of the Kashmir, Hindu sounding names of places were changed. Anantnag renamed Islamabad, Shankaracharya hill became Takht-Sulemaan, Hari Parbat was renamed “Kohi Maraan” totally marauding the sentiments of Pandit’s were ignored. That’s Kashmiriyat for you… A Talibanisation was on in Kashmir long before the world even heard about the Taliban…

For decades Pandit’s lived with an annual insult – when each year the state govt. and majority community celebrated July 13th as the “Matyr’s Day”. History is witness to what actually happened on July 13th 1931 was nothing but communal violence against the minority community in Srinagar. On that day, Muslims mobs supposedly out agitating for self-rule went into a communal frenzy. In Srinagar alone, 290 Pandits were assaulted – leaving 21 dead, 52 Hindu shops looted and rampaged, 11 Pandit homes razed to ground. But what should have been a “Black Day” is even today observed by the majority community as “Matyr’s day”… Calling arsonists, looters and criminals who killed hapless Hindu minority people on that day as Matyr’s is Kashmiriyat for you…

So Kashmiriyat formula is – Kill a KP and become a hero; be it those looters of 1931 or a Bitta Karate or Yasin Malik of 1990’s

Pandit’s over decades suffered the same indignation – time and again. Hindu’s were the easy scapegoat to throw a few punches at – in all seasons. Be it when the relic (Strand of Hair of Prophet Mohammad) was lost from Hazratbal shrine in Dec 1963…or when in Feb 1986, events of Jammu were used as an excuse to kill loot and destroy Hindu temples all over Kashmir. The present ruler of Kashmir – Mufti Sayyed was the prime leader of that macabre dance of communal violence against Pandits, led by the then chief minister GM Shah – party differences not withstanding when it came to being one against Pandits.

Why were hundreds of old and sacred shrines across Anantnag, Pulwana, Kupwara, Baramulla and Srinagar destroyed, desecrated and razed to ground – in 1986. No one needs to answer since its all part of Kashmiriyat.

A common accusation Muslims have levied at Pandits has been that Pandits oppressed them – and yes, the lamb killed the lion too. Such a accusation against mere 5% minority population is laughable at best. Pandits otherwise shared an equally miserable life of economic hardships as did the other classes… If anything differentiated them, it was the extreme importance Pandits always gave to education – probably a direct vestige of the Brahamnical decent. Pandits proportionally ran more schools and imparted more education in the valley – than the missionaries or the madarasas together – imparting modern science based education to all. Disruption of education system in the valley was even the primary reason for many like my family to leave the valley in 1990.

Ask any Muslim today in the valley today – anyone who has been to school prior to 1990 – to name his teachers; and if he/she has ever been a sincere student and has even a single blood cell of truth left in their veins – Kashmiri Pandit teachers would be on top of the list. And this is very well evidenced in the total collapse of the education system in the valley post-1990; though they won’t admit it. So the only government jobs in the state where Pandits had a proportion in excess of the demographic ratio were of ‘teachers’. So no doubt Pandits were the oppressors…

Ask them how many Pandits ever got to being bureaucrats, ministers, MLA’s or MP’s or other top ranks in the government – the answer is close to none. Sheikh Abdullah – ironically descendent of a Pandit-convert, used shrewd political acumen to continue the agenda – through subjugation of meritorious Pandits and as well through his “land to tiller” wave.

A mere 20,000 KPs were in government jobs in late 1980s in the state…in 1990, about 15000 and now a mere 3000. All of them, close to retiring age now… In another few years, the state government won’t have even a handful of Pandit employees – yet Pandits have supposedly been the have it alls…

So how a Pandit – who was neither the land owner nor part of the ruling class – became an oppressor is still a mystery to me. But denying it or speaking the truth is not what Kashmiriyat is meant to be…

Kashmiri Pandits' lost their patience just once - when a Kashmiri hindu girl was abducted by majority people and forced into conversion. Yet, again the Parameshwari agitation was crushed ruthlessly by the majority centric state government, using all means.

Pandits were once again the random and easy target for the trigger-happy terrorists – just back from the terror training camps at POK. 1989-90 saw a spate of killings of Kashmiri Pandits… for no reason and for no mistake of theirs. There was no mass presence of Indian army in 1989 in the valley; there were no searches and friskings happening in valley when hundreds of Pandits were killed just to make a point. Yet a Muslim leader of so-called repute Syed Ali Shah Geelani, a spiritual and political leader of Kashmiri Muslims, has just a casual comment to make on this.

“Those who picked up the guns were not all mature. They were often immature. They also used the gun for the wrong purposes,”

Pandit killings were “negligible” when compared to the deaths of Muslims during the time, allegedly carried out by counter-insurgents — former militants who later fought alongside the security forces.

Killing of Pandits is a negligible incident for him – and he totally distorts the fact that this happened in 1989 and early 1990 – when the counter insurgency operations didn’t even exist. What in reality he means

“Big deal – a few hundred Pandits were killed at the start. Afterall over ‘immature’ youth had to do some target practice before they could indulge with the army.”

The insult continues – with the local muslim majority still ignoring the macabre dance of death played against the hapless minority – and instead hailing their killers (Yasin Malik, Bitta Karate, et all) as leaders. Yasin Malik says Pandits were conspirators against the majority community – and apparently genuine targets for killings. Aah, first the oppressor and now the conspirator. Pray, let tell me how the Pandits, scared for their own survival were conspiring…

And I have not even made a mention of the centuries of oppression which preceded all this – all through the reigns of Sultan Sikandar, Sayyids, Chak’s and Afghan zealots...for centuries.

Speech worthy claims that Kashmiriyat lived in the hearts, hearths and shrines of Kashmiris – is a big joke. While I have seen my parents and grand parents visit shrine’s and mazaars of Muslims in and outside Srinagar – one can not say the same of Muslims. The desecration of hundreds of temples in Kashmir is a living proof of their utter contempt and hatred for the cultural and religious ethos of Pandits.

Thus my dear… the Kashmiriyat you hear about is nothing but the silent struggle for survival of Kashmiri Pandits through centuries… Kashmiriyat meant keeping quiet to all injustice and pain inflicted… Not complaining of the abuse of power by the majority…trying to keep the majority in good humour to ensure better and longer survival… Survival for the sake of the love of their motherland - possibly leading us into subjugation at all levels resulting in a psyche of slavehood. But a struggle that saw them through several holocausts - and repeated exiles...