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Jan 6, 2007

Invasion of India : Conversion Agenda

India, and Hinduism in particular, is not under a programmed threat of invasion just from Islamic Jihad - but also from the suave Christian missionaries... something closely visible in each nook and corner of India now...

The video below gives a brief summary of the Christian agenda...

And this is what happens in Pakistan
Kidnap Hindu, Force Marriage to Muslim
January 04, 2007 12:00 PM EST

Sanao Menghwar has had three of his daughters kidnapped, then forced to marry Muslim men. That means that the young women were coerced into becoming Islamics.

This happens daily, particularly in the Pakistani Sindh province, according to Hasan Mansoor, reporter, Midday.com.

Other Hindus in the province worry when their daughters will disappear. Therefore, there are entire Hindu families leaving Pakistan for Canada, India or other nations.Menghewar and his wife left their house on errands. When they returned to their residence, their daughters were missing. They reported the missing young women to the police department, filing the necessary papers. Neighbors helped them on a search party to locate the daughters, but to no avail.

Menghwar’s daughters have yet to be found. However, authorities have arrested three Islamic young men assumed to be connected with the girls’ kidnapping. The men have been released on bail by a court due to the men being minors.

"’Kidnapping Hindu girls like this has become a normal practice. The girls are then forced to sign stamp papers stating that they’ve become Muslims,’ says Laljee Menghwar, a member of the Hindu Panchayat in Karachi."

Because of extremist Muslim threats, Hindus have had to turn to what those in the Netherlands are resorting to. Both areas have been under extreme pressure from maiming and killing Islamics so that the local citizens have put into action what one person refers to as "self-censorship."

There is no talk. There is no public utterance. There is nothing said negatively about the Muslims in the area for fear of being slain.

So it is that extremist Islamic killers international could overtake country after country, area after area. Instill such fear in the people that no one speaks the facts concerning local extremist Islamics kidnapping and killing; therefore, they have open skies to do just that — more so.

"’Hindus here are too frightened to vent their anger — they fear victimization,’ said one local."

Nevertheless, Pakistani Christian community members have come to their aid. The Christians have organized support for the Hindus persecuted by extremist Muslims. The Christians have "carried out a demonstration with them in Karachi, protesting against this crime.

"Similarly startling incidents have occurred in several districts of Sindh and evoked identical responses. At least six Hindu girls met this fate a few months ago in Jacobabad (a tribal area heavily inhabited by Hindus) and Larkana districts.

"Sapna, the daughter of one Seth Giyanchand, was recently taken to a shrine (Amrote in Shikarpur district) by Shamsuddin Dasti. Dasti, a Muslim friend of Sapna’s brother, is a married man and father of two.

"Nevertheless, the custodian of the shrine, Maulvi Abdul Aziz lost no time in converting Sapna to Islam (her name was changed to ‘Mehek’) and marrying her to Dasti. The case came to light only when Sapna’s parents stated that their daughter hadn’t eloped but had been abducted."

Islamic fanaticism is increasing alarmingly, according to Nuzzhat Shirin of the Aurat Foundation. The extremist fanatics erect shrines that are used in coercing "conversions." When a Hindu is forced to become a Muslim, zealot extremist Islamics gather at the shrines, chanting and singing and marching in the streets.

Such a ruckus is made that if the young kidnapped girl appears in court, the fanatic Muslims yell, scream, throw rose petals into the air and follow the youth into the building so that she is so intimidated that she can hardly speak.

It is extremist Muslim winning by intimidation. It is extremist Muslim overcoming a culture by threatening. It is by extremist Islamics abducting young girls that an entire community is snuffed out by moving away or succumbing to the extremist Muslim murderers global.

"The threat of victimization by Muslims is palpable; Shirin says when forced conversion cases make it to court, lawyers themselves avoid taking them up, fearing a backlash from maulvis."

It is the same with so-called "honor killing." When extremist Muslim males slay a Hindu female whom they have accused of dishonoring the clan in some way, usually police and media say nothing, looking the other way. Therefore, the slaughtering of innocent females continues daily.

"And forced conversions are not the only problem that the Hindu minority (there are 2.7 million Hindus in Pakistan; Pakistan’s total population is 140 million) is facing in the country.

"A powerful syndicate of bandits and patrons in the northern districts of Sindh regularly kidnap rich Hindus for ransom. They not only kill hostages if the ransom doesn’t arrive on time, they even kill some despite their ransom being paid.

"Sadham Chand Chawla, the former president of the Hindu Panchayat, Jacobabad, was abducted and murdered. His killers remain at large despite enormous protests. Following his murder, his family had received several threats until they secretly migrated to India."


Al Shabaz said...

Jermaine has caused national controversy by openly praying his obligatory five time prayers live on national TV. However Channel Four the Broadcaster has censored any footage of the Former Jackson Five practicing his faith. Outraged muslims have begun to complain on grounds of fair representation as Shilpa Shetty was broadcast practicing Yoga, they are demanding an explanation from Channel four as to why Jermaine Praying has been censored. Complaints to Ofcom the body that adjudicates media complaints are set to flood in this monday. Jermaine has begun to attract many thousands of muslim votes.

A Soul in Exile said...

Shahbaz - I dont know what channel four or five is doing... but I dont get the comment about Shilpa practising Yoga. What is the context and comparison? If the channel has any reasons to keep religious bias or religious symbolisms out of the show - whats that got to do with yoga...

indscribe said...

What is the way? I don't know if greater cooperation between India and Pakistan would be able to resolve such problems.
Pakistan is a failed state. Their treatment is no good with others and minorities like numerically smaller Islamic sects, Ahmadiyyas and the schism amongst Mohajirs/Punjabis etc...in Pakistan all poor face same fate...the Waderas exploit poor Muslims also and their women are abducted.
Yes proselytising is going on in India in some states. I have seen not only Hindu to Christian but Muslim to Christian and also Hindu to Jain conversions....