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Jan 16, 2007

The War in Kashmir !!!

For years I have been tired of hearing/seeing Kashmiri Muslims and other sympathizers of the Jehadi terrorists in Kashmir complain about the size of the Indian army in the valley. You will find scores of places online where people have complained why 0.5 million strong army is needed in valley to counter and fight somewhere around 10,000 armed terrorists… Well, the numbers will differ – some will even claim 700,000 and some over a million.

For these apologists of terrorists, this has been at times a single point issue and a reason to demand for withdrawal of armed forces and even demilitarization of the valley. Much of that has already happened… But what they are actually demanding is that the terrorists be given freedom to go on rampage.

Half a million to 10,000 is a mathematical gimmick they will keep playing to justify their argument and accuse how it’s a human right violation. But these people are either deaf to the logic of guerilla warfare that the army is facing there… or blind to the fact that the terrorists are waging a covert war. Indian army can face an army at the border even with smaller numbers – and even give the enemy a taste of dust (Remember the Longewala battle – in 1971). But when you are fighting an invisible army of covert operatives – you have to be present at every nook and corner. Its not a dawn to dusk war anymore – its not a war waged on the border anymore, its not a war counted in terms of how many posts and peaks are captured anymore… it’s a war like situation where the enemy comes disguised in a burkha to throw a grenade, comes hidden as RDX laden satchel of a school kid, comes in an ambush at a public place, comes riding on a bike spraying bullets and runs away, takes innocent people hostage and demands ransom, uses religious places as a hiding place and a shield…

That is the difference between a war between two armies in uniform – versus the war between an armed uniformed force and gutless cowards who attack and scoot. And that’s where 1:1 counting is bad mathematics. But then Pakistan has tasted shit several times over when they sent their uniformed men to wage war against India and Pakistan army and ISI have learnt a lesson that the only way they can keep India engaged and bogged down is through terrorists – their non-uniformed army.

So – these apologists and sympathizers of terror should either get some maths tuitions or some logic tuitions. Of course, those who have been brainwashed into believing that the Jehadi terrorists are hero’s – no tuitions can help them. For others if any and the media which wants to earn brownie points, they can as well read it in direct words of the terror king Syed Salahuddin – who operates and controls his terrorist army in valley from his safe haven inside Pakistan (and still Pakistan will say there are no terrorists in Pakistan)

“….geography of Kashmir has not changed. There are still mountains and forests in Kashmir.

Jammu and Kashmir is 110% suitable for militant activities and we are quite capable of fighting the 700,000 Indian forces; even 100 militants can fight the whole Indian Army present in Kashmir.

After 17 years of this militancy I can say we are fully equipped with modern weapons. After 9/11 we have successfully targeted our enemy with time bombs and remote bombs which is proof of our usage of modern technological methods.

We have mobile training camps in the forests; we have enough instructors and we are not short of fighters.

But there is another issue, and this is the responsibility of any good commander, to adopt a strategy where there is less activity with more quality.

Our strategy is that the casualties of our militants should be less and the losses of the enemy should be more. I am sure we are moving towards success with the passage of time.”

We can hit any soft target in India at any time”

With more than 400 LeT terrorists operating in Bangalore and around it even Bangalore would need a bigger protecting cover – so how can one even consider withdrawing army from Kashmir – that too when the terrorist groups inside Kashmir are only getting more support and getting into partnerships with global terror groups like Hamas and Al Qaeda.

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