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Feb 24, 2007

Kashmiriyat - the Muslim definition...

This article below in Greater Kashmir Online finally should tell the Indian media - which harps so much about "Kashmiriyat" whats really is in the minds of the majority of Kashmir. I have repeatedly written about the hoax Kashmiriyat is and how its been a curse for the Pandits... and now read the muslim view on it.

I must thank Suhail Showkeen for blowing the cover off the pretense and speaking what Muslims actually have in their hearts... this is the Kashmiriyat which they wanted to convert to "Nizam-E-Mustafa"... this is the Kashmiriyat that meant Pandits living at mercy of the majority community as second class citizens - as Hindu's and Christains do today in Islamic states like Pakistan and Bangladesh... this is the Kashmiriyat that meant "convert, die or flee" for the 5% minority Hindu's in the valley... and this is the Kashmiriyat that reduced the once majority community of the valley into a non-existant minority - refugee's in their own country.

The construct of ‘Kashmiriyat’

It is a mix of two ideologies which makes it to stand somewhere outside Islam, analyses Suhail Showkeen

“Kashmiriyat” is a word in vogue. Letters and articles are written regarding it. Books and magazines are published for its promotion and propagation and media is also used to disseminate the theory of “Kashmiriyat”. A number of articles have appeared and are still appearing in this newspaper by different authors giving different definitions of this term. But one thing which is common in all these definitions is that the very term “Kashmiriyat consists of the inevitable elements–secularism and nationalism and without these two constituent elements the “concept of Kashmiriyat” cannot be conceived. In other words, “Kashmiriyat” is nothing but a hotchpotch of these two ideologies. As Muslims it is obligatory on us to judge both of these ideologies with true Islamic perspective so that we may be in a position to accept or reject the same. So in order to form any opinion regarding “Kashmiriyat”, it is necessary that the above-mentioned two ideologies should be dealt with in detail.
First comes the ideology of “Secularism”. In simple words, secularism is a principle of separation of religion from politics and this separation is one of the greatest tragedies in human life. It has reduced religion to become a private affair between an individual and God. It has also deprived man of the invaluable guidance of religion in social and collective affairs. It made ruthless inroads into religion.
It gainsays all the moral values and declares them to be only relative in character. By virtue of this “Ism”, the man lost the real hold of things and began to shape his own career with complete disregard to the divine guidance and thus, became an objective slave of his own passions and desires. Renaissance brought in its wake this concept of “secularism”. What was done actually is that a line of demarcation was drawn arbitrarily by the men at the helm of renaissance forces, cynically allotting to Christianity merely a tiny niche of human life in the shape of Sunday service in the Church and of the rites of birth and marriage and of burial on death. This new concept of “secularism” was liberal enough to allow Christianity only a peripheral existence, and too a din, pale and divorced existence from the storm and stress of life.
Consequently, Christianity lost its hold and grip for the political and collective affairs of man and was left merely as a dogma and a ritual. On the contrary Islam as a complete divine way of life i.e. “Ad-Deen” demands full and complete subservience on part of its followers. It strongly negates rather condemns this so-called separation of religion from politics. It demands complete implementation in every aspect of life whether private, collective, social, economic or political. As Allah (SWT) says: “The religion before Allah is only Islam” (Al-Qur’an, 3:19).
“If anyone desires a Deen other than Islam, never will it be accepted of him; and in the hereafter he will be in the ranks of those who have lost” (Al-Qur’an, 3:85). “O you who believe! Enter into Islam wholeheartedly; and do not follow the footsteps of the evil one” (AL-Baqarah, 2:208). “This day I have perfected your Deen for you, completed my favour upon you and have chosen for you Islam as your Deen”. (Al-Maidah, 5:3). Allama Iqbal (RA) has rightly said: “I behold the politics of secularism, the maid of evil, of low nature an dead conscience”. The great scholar and jurist of contemporary times Dr. Allama Yousuf-Al Qardawi regards belief in secularism as blasphemy (Fatawa, Vol: 1, page No. 70).
The second fundamental element of this “Kashmiriyat” is nationalism. Nationalism, in simple words is a social attitude, which makes nation and nationality the over-mastering, centripetal force, to which must gravitate the whole fabric of society. In nationalism, nation is the master of the people. Sovereignty vests in nation. The greatest virtue is to sacrifice for the nation and the greatest crime is to go against it. The expression “my nation, right or wrong” is redolent of a nationalist mind. This redolence we can clearly see in the following sayings – Mazzini, the protagonist of romantic or liberal nationalism, could not refrain from asserting that “the destinies of Italy are the destinies of the world”. Fichte went much further about Germany and said: “It is first of all the Germans who are called upon to begin the new era as pioneers and models for the rest of mankind.” (Freedom and Organization by Bertrand Russell, pp 405). He further says: “to have character and to be German undoubtedly mean one and the some thing”. (Ibid, pp 407). Now every sane person can assess what sort of disaster this type of biased and fanatic ideology can bring to the humanity, as it did in the past. This concept of nationalism proved a deathblow to the moral code and humanitarian view in one’s individual and collective affairs. The idea of the unity of man was completely exploded. Humanity was divided into innumerable units and groups on the basis of homeland, language, colour, caste, race, class and community. This helped to create a number of prejudices. To quote Hans Kohan: “For nationalism represents “vested interests”, not only political and economic but also intellectual and emotional, of an intensity and extent shown by no previous idea. In the face of the omnipotence of nationality, humanity seems a distant idea, a pale theory or a poetic dream through which the red blood of life does not pulsate”. (The idea of nationalism, pp 21-22).
Now, a far as the two systems – Islam and nationalism are concerned they stand poles apart. The idea of oneness of man is foreign to the modern society engulfed by nationalism. It has divided mankind into innumerable tiny compartments of nation, caste, colour, race etc. on the other hand Islam strongly believes in the oneness of man. According to Islam all men are the children of the same parents, Adam and Eve and hence, they are all brothers. The whole humanity is one family and the whole world is one home. The artificial walls erected by nationalism between man and man must therefore be razed to the ground and man must be freed from the tyrannies of division. Islam frees man from the bondage of his own passions and desires, from the tradition and customs and from the clutches of other men, nation or other demigods. In short it frees man from the bondage of man. Allah (SWT) says: “O mankind! Be careful to your duty to your lord who created you from a single soul and from it created its mate and from them twain hath spread abroad a multitude of men and women.” (An-Nisa 4:1)
“And He it is who hath produced you from a single being, and (hath given you) a habitation and repository.” (Al An’aam 6:98) say (O Muhammad): O mankind! Lo! I am the messenger of Allah to you all”. (Al-Aa’raf 7:158). “O mankind! Lo! We have created you male and female, and have made you nations and tribes that ye may know one another. Lo! The noblest of you, in the sight of Allah, is the best in conduct. (Al-Hujrat 49:13).
In word and deed, our most respected and beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was the perfect embodiment of the Qur’an and the final guide to the whole humanity (Kaafatan Naas). His sermon on the occasion of the last pilgrimage was a remarkable epitome of his ceaseless and indefatigable endeavour. He reminded the mammoth gathering before him that all human beings were born of Adam and Adam was born of dust, that the Arab and vice versa and that white people had no superiority over black people and vice-versa. He commissioned the concourse present there to convey this message to those who where not there. It was an address to humanity at large and it constituted the first and finest character of liberty, equality and freedom of man. May blessing of Allah and peace be upon Muhammad (SAW) – the real benefactor of humanity?
It must be clear by now beyond any shadow of doubt that Islam stands of humanity, super-nationalism, internationalism and nationalism and categorically negates and opposes this “new European god” of Nationalism whether it is Racial, Linguistic, Roman, Democratic, Totalitarian or of any other type. Allama Iqbal (RA) is cent percent right when he says: “The greatest among fresh Gods is country, its apparel is the shroud of religion.” (Bang-e-Dara).
I have taken pains to discuss extensively these two modern ideologies so that we may be able to form an opinion about “Kashmiriyat” which is the hotch-potch of both these ideologies and is being foisted upon the minds of Kashmiri Muslims through electronic and print media. It is now proved beyond any doubt that this “Kashmiriyat” is an alien concept and it undoubtedly undermines the basic concepts of Islam on the one hand and on the other hand it is this tool of “Kashmiriyat” which has been used to sabotage the concept of unity among Muslims of the sub-continent.
As “Kashmiryat” is undoubtedly an un-Islamic rather anti-Islamic ideology, so it is very strange on part of those “Muslims” who have devoted and are utilizing their capabilities in promotion and dissemination of this alien “secular and nationalistic” idea. I would like to conclude with the excerpt taken from the prophetic and pathetic speech delivered by Moulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar (RA) at the Round Table Conference in London in 1930, just a few days before death so that it may serve as an eye-opener for all the secular and nationalists of the world:
“Many people in England ask us why this question of Hindu and Muslim comes into politics and what it has to do with these things. I reply, it is a wrong conception of religion that you have, it you exclude politics from it. It is not dogma, it is not ritual! Religion, to my mind, means the interpretation of life”. I have a culture, a polity, an outlook on life – a complete synthesis which is Islam. Where God commands. I am a Muslim first, a Muslim second, and a Muslim last, and nothing but a Muslim… we are not nationalists but super-nationalists, and I as a Muslim say that “God made man and the devil made the nation.” Nationalism divides, our religion binds. No religious wars, no crusades, have been such holocausts and have been so cruel as your last war, and that was a war of your nationalism and not my Jehad”

(Pakistan Movement Historic Documents by G Allama 1968 Edition, Pages 81-832)
Seeing Kashmiriyat through this perspective will not mislead us any further.

Feb 22, 2007

Crocodile Tears... And Tragedy of Being Hindu from Kashmir…

Yasin (Yaseen) Malik on Hunger Strike in New Delhi

A terrorist who has repeatedly admitted to having killed innocent unarmed people in Kashmir – and is behind the large scale killings of Kashmiri Pandits in early 1990s, today goes on a token hunger strike in New Delhi.

And the Indian media will be there in full strength to glorify and make a hero of a terrorist. After all, no Barkha Dutt gets an award without making demi-gods out of demons.

No one will dare question him where this devil turned leader ever even said a Sorry to the families of those he killed mercilessly before turning saint. No one will even dare ask the other devil – Govt of India – as to why Yasin Malik is free to roam around freely and not having been convicted for his crimes so far.

It’s a tragedy being born a Hindu in Kashmir – minority in a country otherwise labeled as a Hindu nation by the world press. Kashmir Pandits (Hindus) killed – and no one bothers. Yasin Malik, Bitta Karate’s, Shabir Shah’s, Geelani’s and Mufti’s go on with life happily with Hindu blood on their hands. It doesn’t matter – because ignoring pain of a Hindu is equivalent to being secular. Election commission of India never bothered about the half a million disenfranchised Kashmiri Pandits, who have not been able to caste their votes for past one and half decades – but the same Election Commission put Gujrat elections on hold because 5000 Muslims were still away from their homes and living in temporary camps for just some weeks or months…

Want more proof – the legislature of the state, which we all know is fully dominated by Kashmiri political class, which turn is in full grip of Jehadi forces goes ahead and adopts Shariat law in the state. The same legislature however feels threatened when a bill for protection of Hindu shrines is presented before it. The house refuses to ensure protection for shrines and religious places of Kashmiri Hindu’s… of course this means they will be creating road blocks for the Jihadi agenda of total ethnic cleansing in the valley – most of which has already been accomplished with extermination of Kashmiri Pandits forcing their exodus from the valley to refugee camps in rest of India, and then slow Talibanization of the state (read here and here).

But then – did any Barkha Dutt or Rajdeep Sardesai bother to question the state government on the logic behind their open support for destruction and encroachment of Hindu shrines – NO it’s not in keeping with the secular image. The government behind the shameful denial of protection is the same Congress(I) government which claims to the upholder of minority rights at centre. 15 years down – and we still have Babri Masjid destruction in headlines – but no one wants to talk of destruction of the 1000’s of shrines and temples in Kashmir – temples which are not only valuable religious heritage for Hindus, but also a huge heritage value for the world since most of these are more than a thousand year old.

But – take my word – this evening a Sonia Manio Gandhi will be there in front of Yasin Malik offering orange juice – Manmohan Singh will be there assuring words of minorityism. Then the same bunch of terrorists will be on all leading national channels – shedding crocodile tears for those missing.

I challenge the Indian media – if these tube journo’s have any iota of self respect and true journalism left in them – to ask Yasin Malik and his ilk some of the following questions:

  • The innocent unarmed people he killed in his past avatar as a terrorist haven’t returned home either. What answers he has for their families who are still waiting for their kith and kin to return after 15 years?
  • For years Hurriyat and muslims of Kashmir have been saying that the movement is indigenous and it’s the youth of Kashmir who are fighting out there in the valley. That’s these youth picked up the gun for Jihad and Nizam-e-Mustafa. That they went across the border into POK and Pakistan for training on arms, ammunition, IEDs, sabotage and subversion. What on earth do they expect to happen on return other than death and pain?
  • Why didn’t these families stop their young folks before they went for arms and terror training in Pakistan?
  • Why didn’t these families say No to giving support, food and shelter to terrorists?
  • Did they expect the grenades and Kalashnikov’s they brought into the valley to yield a crop of apples and apricots?
  • Were they na├»ve enough to expect the RDX they smuggled into India to be used as fertilizers in the farms for bigger crops of paddy?
  • When their fidayeen (suicide bombers) go out on a suicide attack on a government installation or picket or when the LeT or Jaish terrorists – whom they hail as hero’s go out on ambush shoot outs in crowded areas, do they expect the bullets flying criss-cross to have name detectors enabled on them – so that they will dodge the common man caught in between? I am not sure if ISI has developed or stolen any such AI technology yet…
  • Was it the security forces which laid seize on Chrar and burnt it? Why did not they protect the Afghan, Saudi and Moroccon mercenaries back then? Why didn’t they go and protest against Mast Gul?
  • Why are they protesting in Delhi – but when they are back in Srinagar, they take out processions welcoming killers like Bitta Karate?

Feb 18, 2007

M for Mischevious Manipulator Mufti

I have talked about the how Mufti Mohammed Sayyed – the ex-Chief Minister of J&K and head of the ruling PDP and once ex-Home Minister of India - is one of them – a terrorist in politicians clothes, his role in Hindu genocide of 1985, his hand in glove role with the terrorists as Home minister of India, his anti-Pandit mind-set… but this piece penned by Brij Dass is just awesome. Full credits to the author – and I hope he would pardon me for reproducing it here without his prior permission.

‘M’ for Mischievous

Author – Brij Dass

’Bahach’ is a big boat. Four-fifth of the boat is covered with a thatched or shingle roof. Its front and a little of the rare portion are open. Bahach serves partly as the floating house to its inmates and partly to carry goods from one place to the other. The wife of the boatman sits at the rare portion holding the oar to give direction to the floating Bahach. The boatman on the open front pulls it.

A Bahach in the midst of Wular Lake was caught in a wind storm. The lady at the rare started beating her breast, crying and praying to Babh Shakur Din, a shrine on the hillock overlooking the lake: "Babh Shakur Dina bachav(save us). Her infuriated husband thrashed his wife: "This is His wind storm (Yehi che amisenzei cheth. Ye chuna nete vechaan. Yemisenz cheth temisei chekh che venan becahv. Keri dheli chope). Is he not seeing it? You are asking the planter of the wind to save you".

A widow in Ashmuj, a militant infested village in Kulgam Tehsil was teaching English alphabet to her orphan grand son. Both her husband and her son had died while fighting for their cause.

Thus the grand mother started: "A for Abdullah; B for Bakshi...M for Mischievous...the young scholar was surprised and instead of repeating M for Mischievous, he said M for Mufti. The mother insisted M for mischievous. The boy said: "If A for Abdhullah and B for Bakshi stand for names why M should stand for an adjective. The grand mother yielded and said: "Both mean the same. Let you read M for Mischievous Mufti". A little later, the boy asked his grand mother: "How do both mean the same?"

Thus explains the Grandee:

"People have little memory. In January 1990 the double M was the Home Minister of India. He brought out the Indian Army from their barracks to civil areas. He brought CRP Force and BSF to the valley. He caused massacre of people at Maisuma Bazar and many other places. During his Home Ministry many of the mourners participating in the funeral procession of Moulavi Farooq were shot dead. He manipulated kidnapping of his daughter Dr.Rubaya Syed. He promulgated the Army Special Powers law enacted. Most of the times he was sent as an MLA to the Assembly by Khaliq DC as an uncontested member.

Today the author of all the atrocities is talking of healing touch to the wounds caused by him. He is asking for the withdrawal of the armed forces which were installed by him. Today he talks for the withdrawal of the Army Special Powers Act enacted by him in 1990. He used to rig the elections and today he asks for fair elections of 2002. I wonder how he is spared by those who suffered injuries of different intensity because of him. It is nothing short of Double M's cheth (Wind storm). Let people forget the historical facts, but I remember my deep wounds are because of the double M". Go ahead and read " M for Mischievous Mufti"..M for Manipulator.

While teaching, the Granny resumed the swing to her body and said: "Go ahead and read G for Geelani; G for Goat; M for Mischievous Mufti..M for Manipulator". The son said: "Why Geelani is associated with Goat?" "This is one of the teaching methods" said the Granny. One event is remembered by associating it to the other. He draws pension as an ex-MLA. He could not get enough strength in the Assembly to be the Chief Minister of the State. And he knows that he will never get absolute majority to be the State Head. For face saving he boycotts elections. Out of vengeance he has taken a vow to rule all the grave yards in the State. He gets lot of pleasure and satisfaction in ruling the dead and is contented that if not live he could be the emperor of the dead. A Persion quotation is 'In case of no worry keep a goat to purchase worries'. Thus G for goat and to remember it associate it with G for Geelani. Both cause worries.

Feb 16, 2007

Herath Mubarakh!!!

Wishing all "Herath Mubarakh"....a very very Happy Shivratri.

Our 17th Herath(Shivratri) in exile...

Shivratri known as Herath is the most important festival in the Kashmiri Pandit calendar. The festivities begin well at start of Phalgun krishnapakh - and go on through the fortnight, each day having a significance and events related to it. Gor'e trey, Hur-ashtami, doonye daham, etc being prominent one's other than the Herath day itself.

Herath is celebrated by Kashmiri Pandits on the night of thirteenth day of Phalgun krishnapaksh - a day ahead of when Shivratri is normally celebrated by other sections of Hindus. Herath is a day when fasting, prayers to the Vatuk-raaz'e are offered and the next day (fourteenth day of Krishnapakh Phalgun) is observed as a day of celebration and feasting. Kashmiri's celebrate Shivratri differently from the other sections of Hindus - and not as the day Lord Shiv and Parvati married. Instead, the focus is on pooja of "Vatuk Bairav" and involves elaborate pooja done after sunset and goes well into the night. The picture on the left side shows the decorative layout of the pooja place - Vatuk being the prime deity.

There are lots of customs and traditions related to Herath which may vary from family to family on this day.

It was mandatory for a snowfall to happen on Herath day - Pandits regarded snowfall on the day as a divine sign that their prayers were accepted. Legend has it that an Afghan ruler in Kashmir - Jabbar Khan however decreed that Kashmiri Pandits must celebrate Herath in month of Haar (i.e. around July) since it was no big deal for snowfall to happen in Kashmir in Phalgun (i.e. around Feb or March). Forced by the decree Pandits celebrated Herath once more at peak of summer that year - and it actually snowed that day in summer. The incident is still recalled by Kashmiri's in a folk rhyme
Vuchton' ye Jabbar jandhe'
Haar-as te' korun wande'
(Look at this junk headed Jabbar
He converted summers into winter)
Of course, it doesn't snow anymore in the refugee camps in Jammu and Delhi - when Kashmiri Pandits celebrate Herath today, while in exile. No wonder none of our prayers are getting accepted either.

(Picture courtesy: www.satisar.org)

Feb 9, 2007

Pakistan - a Failed State!!!

All through my earlier posts I have repeated made an assertion that "Pakistan" is a failed state and surviving purely on it anti-India passion.

Here is a detailed account and analysis of how the above assertion is proved.

Truth about Pakistan Army role in Kargil war !!!

Pakistan government, army and ISI has for years tried to make the world believe that the Kargil war was just an indigenious act of the armed terrorist groups - and that the army had no role in it.

Here's the truth...

A think or two to remember - the present President of Pakistan General Musharraf was the head of Pakistan army at that time as well and the key planner of this covert war. And yet, US believes that such a trecherous and diabolic person can be an ally in war on terror. Huh!!!