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Feb 22, 2007

Crocodile Tears... And Tragedy of Being Hindu from Kashmir…

Yasin (Yaseen) Malik on Hunger Strike in New Delhi

A terrorist who has repeatedly admitted to having killed innocent unarmed people in Kashmir – and is behind the large scale killings of Kashmiri Pandits in early 1990s, today goes on a token hunger strike in New Delhi.

And the Indian media will be there in full strength to glorify and make a hero of a terrorist. After all, no Barkha Dutt gets an award without making demi-gods out of demons.

No one will dare question him where this devil turned leader ever even said a Sorry to the families of those he killed mercilessly before turning saint. No one will even dare ask the other devil – Govt of India – as to why Yasin Malik is free to roam around freely and not having been convicted for his crimes so far.

It’s a tragedy being born a Hindu in Kashmir – minority in a country otherwise labeled as a Hindu nation by the world press. Kashmir Pandits (Hindus) killed – and no one bothers. Yasin Malik, Bitta Karate’s, Shabir Shah’s, Geelani’s and Mufti’s go on with life happily with Hindu blood on their hands. It doesn’t matter – because ignoring pain of a Hindu is equivalent to being secular. Election commission of India never bothered about the half a million disenfranchised Kashmiri Pandits, who have not been able to caste their votes for past one and half decades – but the same Election Commission put Gujrat elections on hold because 5000 Muslims were still away from their homes and living in temporary camps for just some weeks or months…

Want more proof – the legislature of the state, which we all know is fully dominated by Kashmiri political class, which turn is in full grip of Jehadi forces goes ahead and adopts Shariat law in the state. The same legislature however feels threatened when a bill for protection of Hindu shrines is presented before it. The house refuses to ensure protection for shrines and religious places of Kashmiri Hindu’s… of course this means they will be creating road blocks for the Jihadi agenda of total ethnic cleansing in the valley – most of which has already been accomplished with extermination of Kashmiri Pandits forcing their exodus from the valley to refugee camps in rest of India, and then slow Talibanization of the state (read here and here).

But then – did any Barkha Dutt or Rajdeep Sardesai bother to question the state government on the logic behind their open support for destruction and encroachment of Hindu shrines – NO it’s not in keeping with the secular image. The government behind the shameful denial of protection is the same Congress(I) government which claims to the upholder of minority rights at centre. 15 years down – and we still have Babri Masjid destruction in headlines – but no one wants to talk of destruction of the 1000’s of shrines and temples in Kashmir – temples which are not only valuable religious heritage for Hindus, but also a huge heritage value for the world since most of these are more than a thousand year old.

But – take my word – this evening a Sonia Manio Gandhi will be there in front of Yasin Malik offering orange juice – Manmohan Singh will be there assuring words of minorityism. Then the same bunch of terrorists will be on all leading national channels – shedding crocodile tears for those missing.

I challenge the Indian media – if these tube journo’s have any iota of self respect and true journalism left in them – to ask Yasin Malik and his ilk some of the following questions:

  • The innocent unarmed people he killed in his past avatar as a terrorist haven’t returned home either. What answers he has for their families who are still waiting for their kith and kin to return after 15 years?
  • For years Hurriyat and muslims of Kashmir have been saying that the movement is indigenous and it’s the youth of Kashmir who are fighting out there in the valley. That’s these youth picked up the gun for Jihad and Nizam-e-Mustafa. That they went across the border into POK and Pakistan for training on arms, ammunition, IEDs, sabotage and subversion. What on earth do they expect to happen on return other than death and pain?
  • Why didn’t these families stop their young folks before they went for arms and terror training in Pakistan?
  • Why didn’t these families say No to giving support, food and shelter to terrorists?
  • Did they expect the grenades and Kalashnikov’s they brought into the valley to yield a crop of apples and apricots?
  • Were they naïve enough to expect the RDX they smuggled into India to be used as fertilizers in the farms for bigger crops of paddy?
  • When their fidayeen (suicide bombers) go out on a suicide attack on a government installation or picket or when the LeT or Jaish terrorists – whom they hail as hero’s go out on ambush shoot outs in crowded areas, do they expect the bullets flying criss-cross to have name detectors enabled on them – so that they will dodge the common man caught in between? I am not sure if ISI has developed or stolen any such AI technology yet…
  • Was it the security forces which laid seize on Chrar and burnt it? Why did not they protect the Afghan, Saudi and Moroccon mercenaries back then? Why didn’t they go and protest against Mast Gul?
  • Why are they protesting in Delhi – but when they are back in Srinagar, they take out processions welcoming killers like Bitta Karate?


life in words said...

this is horrendous. i dont understand how this was allowed to be done. i havent really commented much on your blog coz I really dont know too much of the situation in Kashmir. I thought the JKLF was not in favor of india nor pakistan. the problem is that state being equated to religion. everyone and anyone should be allowed to practice their religion whether they are a minority/majority or even the only person who practices it.

Anonymous said...

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