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Aug 28, 2006

Letter to Yasin Malik...

JKLF opposed to al Qaeda in Kashmir

Dear Mr. Yasin Malik,


This news report made me laugh and giggle...

While the world may have forgotten that 'Yasin Malik' is a terrorist who acknowledged having killed scores of innocent, unarmed Kashmiri Hindu's and unarmed airmen in Kashmir between 1990-1995; I and my Kashmiri Pandit diaspora can never forget the real wolf behind this sheep's cloak... the real you.

For those who have problem with digesting truth or if you have some amnesia - I recommend a viewing of your interview with Tim Sebastian on BBC HardTalk - telecast in Jun-Jul 2001. I am sure you regret having gone for that interview even today - for you can't deny any of it or claim that it was doctored, nor blame it on Indian agencies either. You brazenly admitted to having got training in Pakistan based terrorist training camps, having killed scores of unarmed people - and even had the audacity to refuse to apologize and regret those actions - brazenly enough even on international television.

And yeah... finally "Nau sau chuhe' khaa kar billi Haj ko challi"... and one fine day, you proclaimed you had attained sainthood.

And now, you are busy making statements as amusing as these.

What a stunning personality you are...? Done it all...!!!

Mr. Yasin Malik - before making any more statements and posturing anymore as a non-violent peace-loving political leader - would you please issue an unconditional apology for all the murders you committed of Kashmiri Hindus? Unless your rule-book says only Muslims should have human rights - and Hindus are meant to be slaughtered.

And please... stop making claims like "Islam = peace, secularism etc"... wonder if you were in some training camp at some wilderness yet again - for you seem to have totally missed what your friend Geelani says.

And please... stop posturing yourself as an advocate for 'return of exiled Kashmiri Hindu's'.
Maybe they don't give you access to TV/news etc while you were vacationing in your terror training camps in POK - or were you on some extra-dose of sleeping pills when HUJI issued terror threats just weeks ago to innocent KP's wishing to visit Kashmir just for a 'ceremony'.

I am sure you don't need to be told where HUJI (Harkat-ul-Jehadi-Islami) is an alumni of... probably you were giving some professional courtesy by turning a blind eye that day.

Yours Painfully,
A Soul in Exile...
Exiled because you chose to kill un-armed Hindu's - because ISI wanted you to
Exiled because I chose to live honourably, and not say 'Yes' to your agenda
Exiled because I didn't arms and fire-power to protect my existence there
Exiled because the unarmed Hindu's were far too outnumbered against the majority community
Exiled because the world chose to remain silent - afterall, it was just Hindu's being killed
Exiled because I didnt believe in 'Nizam-e-Mustafa'
Exiled because I believed in India

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