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Jul 29, 2006

...And the world remained silent !!!

The pain of loosing one's home never goes away...this is a pain which kills one slowly.

For about half a million Kashmiri Pandits, the pain has become a way of life now... 16 long years of painful existence.

Yet, the whole world still remains oblivious to this suffering…

Why blame the rest of world… when even our own country doesn’t care. For the politicians in the parliament, Kashmiri Pandits aren’t vote’s enough to bother for. For the ‘intellectuals’ - talking about suffering of Hindu’s is not the right thing to be seen doing. For the flag-bearers of human-rights – half a million Indians suffering in exile in their own land isn’t an issue – after-all they are victims of Islamic fundamentalism; and it’s communal to criticize anything Muslim. For the flag bearers of Hindutva, bus journeys to Lahore are more romantic. For the media, Kashmiri Pandits don’t make the right headline… after-all they are Hindu’s – and they have been just in exile just for 16 years yet. A story on a riot by ‘minority’ in Baroda over demolition of a roadside mosque makes a better TRP; maybe even an award at the year end.

A short film – just 18 minutes long – “…And the world remained Silent” is the summary of this decade and a half long tragedy lived by this small community. For those who care, at least now – don’t remain silent…


(Directed by Ashok Pandit; Panun Kashmir)

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