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Jul 4, 2006

National Interest...

A Muslim Indian's Speak & Urdu Poetry Blog/Website: World has 218 more countries than US and UK

A blog I have started to visit regularly of late. I am impressed with Adnan's fluency and writing prowess...and the religious regularity with which he finds time to write on his blog. I am slowly become a regular at this site...

But, ideologically I find myself at loggerheads with the way this new friend of mine presents view points. Even though his claim is that of secularism, I find it somehow intriguingly similar to the p-secular brigades way of looking at things.
Anyway, my intent is not to comment on 'indscribe' in specific, but the general way of thinking of a certain mass in India... which includes the leftists and the muslims. The thought came forth from a writeup in this blog, to which I have posted my comments already.

Earlier also, Muslims in all cities in India erupted in large groups (and equally supported by leftists) in favour of Iran on the nuclear issue. Across various towns, post friday prayer congregations turned into a "we-want" drama in favour of Iran. No one seemed to reason why I India should vote in favour of Iran at all... the whole issue was merely painted with the psentiment brush. Leftists also wanted the vote changed - demanding that India vote in favour of Iran on the nuclear issue - simply because Iran is a large muslim nation and there are muslims in India who feel strongly in favour of Iran. Is that reason enough for India to surrender its own national interests - and allow another 'not so successful'  state (not that failed state is too strong a word) on its doorsteps to become nuclear. This would add to the already nuclear neighbourhood (with Pakistan/China around) which isnt friendly towards us...making India all the more vulnerable.

Yet, this simple national interest isn't clear to our leftists and imam's...

I dont expect anything better from Leftists... they are the one's who wanted India to surrender to China in the Sino-Indian war in 1960's... they always want India to sign treaties in favour of Beijing... Communism is a greater interest for them - than patriotism. Ironically, their communist lords in Beijing have surrendered to capitalism far more than the liberalized India has. They are scared of liberalization in India, but they are happy that China keeps getting more and more FDI.

Similarly, the imam's probably want the GOI to invite Hamas and Al-Qaida to set up SEZs in India.

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