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Oct 30, 2006

And his life should become extinct - Afzal debate!!!

And his life should become extinct

Vinayak asked me to respond to Arundhati Roy’s article in support of clemency for Afzal Guru. The lesser I care for the views for pseudo-secularists like her, the more would I ignore her article – till something that happened today made me search google for her reactions. I will come to the todays happening later… but first lets look at what arguments Arudhati Roy makes in support of Afzal Guru’s innocence.

Of course, the Goddess of Small Minorities that she is – her booker is proof enough that she has a way with words… and that she has leveraged aptly to write a loooong article – which basically just makes the following conclusions, which in my view are just her myopic assumptions:

  • Afzal Guru is innocent – because SAR Geelani was acquitted by the Indian judiciary in the same crime. But now, Indian judiciary is a mad house – because it found Afzal Guru guilty. Interesting to see how this intelligentia has unilaterally decided what the acceptable verdict has to be. Courts be damned!!! If the verdict is not according to its liking, the trial is termed fake and the verdict is a failure of judiciary. I wonder why none of them thought that the very same judiciary was pronouncing a verdict in error when it acquitted SAR Geelani.
  • Afzal Guru’s trial is totally based on all false evidence and there is nothing true in the case. Madame’ Roy could very well have made this case in the court – while the hearings were still in progress and matter under argument. Making such post mortem judgments based on versions which she conveniently wants to believe as true is not only abysmal activism but also pathetic – since it’s a direct insult to the national judiciary. If she had such conviction – she could very well have hired legal help for Afzal earlier on (she is rich enough to afford that) and proved the case in the court of law – rather that damn it now. The case has been heard thrice over and the verdict stands unchanged – ensuring that truth has been given ample opportunity to be validated. Ms. Roy – you better shut up now or join your friend Yassin Malik on a walk to Pakistan – you will get real judicial justice there.
  • Afzal Guru was victimized by the then government so as to be able to find premise for launching a war on Pakistan. Which war? And if this war was such a priority, why didn’t it happen. Ms. Roy is probably weaving yet another plot for yet another novel. If at all successive governments had the urge and the spine to launch an open attack on Pakistan, there is a mountain of evidence to substantiate Pakistan’s role in terrorist attacks in India. Or does Madame’ Roy want to make us believe that Pakistan is the lamb of her God and the cruel cunning devil India needed to fabricate a Parliament attack to get an excuse to kill this lamb. If so, may she please emigrate to the lamb-state and be happy there (as a second class citizen – unless she is willing to convert from Christianity).
  • Madame Roy also makes a reference to her favorite Gujarat riots here – for no evident reason. Gujarat riots were nothing but an extension of the Godhra carnage – but never has one heard her talk of the 100-odd innocent Hindu’ passengers who were killed. ‘Goddess of Small Minorities’ simply wanted to ensure that readers are reminded of her (pseudo)-secular profile and the dharna’s she did for the minorities then. After all, these events are similar – meant to bolster the same element in her resume.
  • As per Ms Roy, the terrorism in Kashmir is due to the para-military forces in the valley – who are plain old-devils and the jehadi’s from across the LOC – the Jaish or Lashkar cadre’s are the men of St. Peter’s guarding the valley. The STF, the SOG and all the security forces in the valley – as per her, should operate without any arms and ammunition and be left ‘both hands tied behind them’ on the street crossings for target practice by the pious young terrorists fresh from their training camps in Afghanistan and POK. She seems to have a blind eye for the fidayeen (suicide attacks) and the guerilla’ war-fare that the security forces have to face each day in the valley.
  • Ms. Roy has empathy for the enraged people of Kashmir, for the war-torn zone that they are living in and the pain related to it. But doesn’t care a hoot for the terror victims of Mumbai, the blast victims of Delhi or Varanasi or the families of those innocent men killed on that fateful day of December 13, 2001. Why should she – they were stupid Indians who deserved to dies anyway. She doesn’t care see that Kashmiri’s are facing a pain in the valley – of their own making. They want to wage a covert war – they invited and hosted the mercenaries from petro-funded Jehad groups in illusion of a Nizam-e-Mustafa, they have a mission of Jihad…so the pain is just a bargain for the fruits of the mission. But what did the innocent foot boarders of 7/11 trains bargain for?

And also other arguments that…

  • There was a media orgy forcing the judiciary and the system to prosecute someone – Afzal becoming the victim.
  • Death Sentence should be abolished as it is not a civil form of punishment.

Well… I neither have the panache’ nor patience like Ms Roy to write reams to weave my story.

My simple question to Ms Roy is – and that’s where today’s this event comes into picture. (Priyadarshini Mattoo case: Santosh Kumar Singh gets death penalty).

With her gift of words, all the above arguments can also be used to plead innocence of Santosh Singh. He was acquitted by a court (like SAR Geelani) – so he must be innocent. He is a victim of media and public orgy to have a result and someone punished. There is total reliance on circumstantial evidence only – so that can be claimed as fabricated. He is a father of an even younger innocent kid – so he should be pardoned. He is also getting the most un-civil punishment – death.

So, let Ms. Roy go out and plead clemency for Santosh Singh as well. In spite of my utter hatred for Santosh and the crime he committed (incidentally, the victim Priyadarshini Mattoo was a Kashmiri too), I would salute Ms Roy for her neutrality and acknowledge that she is truely in there for a belief - and not to just accumulate brownie's for the next Peace Prize.

If death sentence is vulgar, it should be vulgar irrespective of whether the neck belongs to a Muslim or anyone else. If the courts of India are not reliable and unnecessarily trigger happy, they would be so in both cases. If the trial by media (and I have no love for this media either) was trigger for Afzal’s agony, its been worse for Santosh.

So Ms. Roy… Stand up and fight for Santosh too… Otherwise, give me an answer. Why shouldn’t you be tried for treason against India – if you have the audacity to support and share platform with Yasin Malik – a self-confessed murderer out on bail for murder of scores of unarmed Kashmiri Pandits and airmen.

And yeah... Vinayak, to be honest,... in relative terms I do think Afzal got a raw deal... Afterall, if Bitta Karate got away scot free - after murdering more than 40 kashmiri Pandits, and remorselessly confessing it with a brazen face on national TV, Afzal's hands are soaked with blood of just 5 men...

Oct 27, 2006

What motivates ISI?

say foil attack on IT hub Bangalore | Reuters.com

What motivates ISI most? Or rather what irks ISI most?

Is it political destabilization of India and a constant state of internal turmoil...and hence their motivation to sponsor terrorism in Kashmir, support NE separatists and channeling arms and ammunition into India...

Or is it creating religious tensions and animosity between Hindu's and Muslims, ensuring that the internal peace is always in disruption... and hence the sporadic bombings - in Delhi, Mumbai, Malegaon, Varanasi... Or via terror attacks on Indian parliament... engineering aircraft highjacks...the list is endless…

Or is the economic progress India is making despite of all the tension Pakistan formants for India... which irks them more? Pakistan hasn't been able to digest the rapid strides India is making despite being tied down with a covert war which Pakistan is waging against India through its terror tactics. There have been repeated attempts to create terror environment in Bangalore, threats at the stock exchanges in Mumbai - solely to disrupt the growing business market in India...

I guess it’s all of the above and much more...

But in spite of their efforts - so far India is doing better and better... sometimes surprising even the optimists. Pakistan is still a theocratic dictatorship, even after almost six decades of Independence from the British - when they are a nation much smaller and lot more homogeneous. India on the contrary has far bigger challenges - heterogeneity in colour, caste, religion, language incomparable to any other country in the world, non-cooperating and inimical
neighbours on all sides...

The only rationale that comes to mind is the national focus... Pakistan being a failed state it is - is only united by the religious fanaticism and a motive to wage a 1000 year war with India and to bleed India with million cuts... whereas India's focus is not Pakistan centric. So India is progressing better and faster - in spite of all negative efforts Pakistan has been making, and also in spite of the pathetic political class India has...

God Bless India...!!!

Oct 26, 2006

Different Rules...

This one really amused me... the news article is about Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad instructing people of Iran to produce more babies and increase the population...

"Iranians were today instructed to produce more babies as part of their nation's struggle against the West.

The Islamic state's hard-line president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, said he wanted the country's 70 million strong population to almost double in an effort to ensure the country's "dominance"."

Well, this isn't what surprised me!!!

My surprise was on reading that Iran had introduced family planning and government sponsored vasectomy and contraception in the country in 1980's to control the rapid population growth...

Surprised? But use this logic to tell Indian Muslims that India is ready to burst at seams and population control is imperative - secularism goes under threat suddenly.

Why doesn’t media do what it should do… - Part 2

The more I see Indian media's loss of direction - the more distressed and depressed I feel...

Jammu TADA court grants bail to Karate: HindustanTimes.com

Looks at this pathetic report.. The tabloid-ism and pseudo-secularism rampant in our so-called free and vigilant press has come to such a state that the journo's are making a victim of terrorists.

This report in Hindustant Times isn’t alone... I saw similar ones in Hindu and TOI as well...

The report - on the face of it - just reports some simple information - factually correct. But incomplete news is worse than wrong news. What it fails to point out to the readers is that this man - being released by the courts (because of the lack of prosecution’s interest by the state govt) is self-confessed terrorist - someone who is on record (something I have already blogged about here) having admitted to national TV having killed more than two dozen Kashmiri Pandits...

The reporters make him out as a victim of harshness of TADA/POTA - totally ignoring the real truth.

They don’t give a damn to highlight - why the prosecution is not acting against such a dreaded terrorist - no one is bothered to expose the hand-in-glove attitude of the govt. (What else can you expect when the state CM advocates clemency for terrorist who attacked the parliament?).

Not that I think rape is a lesser crime - but I think this far pathetic a situation that Santosh Singh's earlier acquittal for Priyadarshini Mattoo's death. Bitta has killed dozens of Hindu's in cold blood and has no remorse - but the same media which ran SMS campaigns (and earned good from it) for Jessica Lal and Katara debates doesn't want to raise a question on why this happening... After all, it’s not secular to question a Congress govt, a Muslim CM on why a terrorist is being let go off... for it can alienate the people of Kashmir - as is the argument for Afzals' clemency.

...kuch bhi ho sakta hai yahan...

Oct 15, 2006

Farooq's death threat...

'SC Judges will be killed if Afzal is hanged - says Farooq Abdullah'

Our 'secular' Farooq Abdullah sent out a veiled death threat to the judges of Supreme Court - who are involved in the Afzal Guru case - for having sentenced him to death. This happened on national TV...

'India will Burn, if Afzal is given death sentence : Farooq Abdullah'

And this very man - Farooq Abdullah - may soon be once again vying to become the President of India... and for all you know, to keep the minority card playing well - he could even end up becoming one soon...

And this happens only in India...


The Terror B-team

10/11/2006 8:36:46 AM
By Shachi Rairikar

The entire nation stands horrified as our so-called “intellectuals”, human rights and social activists campaign vigorously to save Afzal Guru, who masterminded the December 2001 attack on the Indian Parliament. The demand for clemency coming from the likes of Lone, Yasin Mallick, S. A. R. Geelani is not surprising as they all are self-admitted and declared separatists and anti-nationals. But it is deeply saddening to see the self proclaimed saviours of human rights and democracy volunteer all their strength to save the life of a person responsible for the most heinous crime - attack on our Parliament, the temple of democracy . Those seeking clemency for Afzal have never been seen extending sympathy and support to the victims of terrorism or to the families of the martyrs who sacrifice their lives fighting the terrorists. Nor do they seem to care about the plight of the families of those who might be abducted and held at ransom by terrorists to liberate Afzal Guru should his death sentence be commuted to life imprisonment.

One of the campaigners for clemency towards Afzal is the Magassassay Award winner and social activist Sandeep Pandey.
Though Pandey claims to be a Gandhian, advocates peace, protests against India ’s nuclear programme, he has no qualms in addressing communist conferences where violent naxalites, who kill government servants and innocent civilians, are honoured. Pandey is greatly pained for the alleged minority killings in Gujarat but does not have a word of sympathy for the three and half lakh Kashmiri pundits who were mercilessly driven out of their homeland. Instead he has been supporting the separatists in Kashmir , directly or indirectly. Like a typical communist, he does not have faith in the “traditional concept of nationalism”. Asha and AID, two organisations that Pandey is associated with have been allegedly diverting funds raised from their chapters in universities of United States in the name of education, charity and development to communist and naxal activities.

Another activist, the Booker prize winner, Arundhati Roy, whose writings on Gujarat riots have been found to be full of fabricated lies, wants us to believe that “The Parliament attack case is full of fabricated stories and evidence”. Her own track record reveals her separatist, anti-national leanings. She has been maligning India as invader of Kashmir and north-east in her international talks and had campaigned for the Delhi University Professor SAR Geelani, an accused in the attack on Parliament who on acquittal was fast to proclaim that he would continue to fight for the cause of Kashmir . Owing to her Christian upbringing, Roy borrows heavily from the international Church ideology of perceiving India as not a single nation but as multiple nations belonging to the many indigenous peoples. In her opinion Kashmir and north-east do not belong to India and have been illegally occupied by India .

Medha Patkar , whose Narmada Bachao Andolan began with the noble motive of ensuring proper rehabilitation of those displaced by the Sardar Sarovar Project, seems to have lost direction and reduced into a foreign mole with a one-point agenda of ensuring that the implementation of the project and the construction of the dam, which is seen as an important means for India’s progress, is stopped. Patkar, against whom allegations of illegal activities in the name of supporting the dam displaced and illegally availing foreign funds have been made, has also joined the rhetoric for Afzal’s clemency saying that death sentence to Afzal was a reflection of “terrorism by the establishment”. Patkar exposed the skewed, strangely narrow mentality of her creed when she said, “The so-called secular Government at the Centre should consider the clemency appeal”. What has secularism got to do with it? Does secularism imply that clemency be shown towards a terrorist who has committed the most heinous crime just because he belongs to the minority community? The communal mentality of the supposedly secular brigade to which Patkar belongs does not permit her to think beyond secular and communal, to think in the interest of the nation. Her perverted ideology prevents her from judging neutrally and compels her to perceive and project every issue as either secular or communal. In the eyes of the law, a terrorist is a terrorist and not a Muslim or a Hindu.

The civil rights activist Nandita Haksar is making a case for Afzal by wanting the nation to believe that “We Haven’t Even Heard Afzal’s Story”. Ms. Haksar, we do not need to hear Afzal’s story. We trust our judiciary to have done that and to have given a fair verdict. We would much rather hear the stories of the families of our security men who sacrificed their lives for the honour of their nation, an emotion that is of course alien to the likes of Haksar. Haksar writes, “Can the collective conscience of our people be satisfied if a fellow citizen is hanged without having a chance to defend himself? We have not even had a chance to hear Afzal’s story. Hanging Mohammad Afzal will only be a blot on our democracy.” As the Supreme Court has very correctly put it, “the collective conscience of the society will only be satisfied if capital punishment is awarded to the offender.” The collective conscience of our people is with the innocent victims of terrorism and with our valorous defence and security personnel who endanger their lives so that we can live in peace. The collective conscience of our people is with those who never seem to matter to the so-called social activists. None of these so-called activists were in sight when terrible bomb blasts took innocent lives in Delhi , Varanasi or Mumbai. For the activists in India , the common man, the victim of terrorism apparently is not human; or if he is, then he is not entitled to any rights unless he belongs to a religious minority community. For them human rights are reserved for the religious minorities, the basic qualification to have the social activists on one’s side is that one should be a Muslim or a Christian. With this major qualification on one’s side, it does not matter if one is guilty of heinous unpardonable crime, his “human” rights will be defended even though he might have impinged upon the basic rights of many innocent men and women. Ish Gangania, sub-editor of Apeksha, a quarterly Hindi magazine from Delhi, and again a so-called “social activist” has quoted Haksar as having advocated in a conference organized by “All India Committee Against Death Penalty” at the Constitutional Club, New Delhi on May 21, 2004, “At individual level capital punishment must be given to the persons like George Bush, the president of USA, Narendra Modi – the chief minister of Gujarat, responsible for the massive massacres and Dara Singh – the killer of a German missionary – priest Graham Steins in Orissa a crime against humanity .” Needless to say, in these cases Haksar does not feel the need to hear the other side of the story and can afford to be judgmental without trial as the alleged crimes were committed against Muslims and Christians.

a Supreme Court lawyer, had earlier defended SAR Geelani, another accused in the attack on Parliament and is married to Sebastian Hongray, an activist of the National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN), Issac-Muviah group, a separatist group in the north-east working for the liberation of Nagaland. Thus the separatist, anti-national emotion runs in the family.

When the people of India , across the length and breadth, had appealed to Mahatma Gandhi to intercede and plead with the British Government for remission of Bhagat Singh’s death sentence, Gandhiji had rejected the plea of the masses, pointing out that there could not be any compromise with violence as a means, even for a lofty end. In the light of this historical fact, the open letter to President A P J Abdul Kalam by Bhagat Singh’s nephew, Professor Jagmohan Singh, and renowned filmmaker, peace activist Anand Patwardhan who is also a sympathizer of violent naxalites, to commute the death sentence of Afzal Guru, a traitor, saying that, “our country can honour Mahatma Gandhi and Shaheed Bhagat Singh by doing away with the death penalty altogether as there are many valid grounds for this,” is grossly unjust to the principles the two great men lived and died for. It is not at all surprising that the Congress, which has dumped the Mahatma’s principles and turned him into a poster boy, has allowed one of its Chief Ministers to appeal for compromise with violence and terrorism.

However, it is indeed very shocking that the noted Gandhian, Nirmala Deshpande, has also joined the plea for clemency for a terrorist while her guru had refused to plead even for a patriot. Past experiences confirm an interesting fact relating to this creed of activists, which is that they are most prone to receiving international awards. There are many known and unknown genuine social workers in our country who are toiling day in and day out for uplifting the society, who are not media seekers, who do not sit on useless dharnas but who actually work for and with the society in a constructive manner, to integrate all sections of the society rather than dividing the nation on the basis of class, caste and religion, instigating hatred, violence and separatism. These genuine godlike men and women, who sacrifice their all for the nation and its society, never seem to feature among the contenders for awards of international fame. The awards always go to the pro-minority, anti-Hindu, pseudo-secular social activists. Obviously international fame and awards act as bait and reward from the masters, a means of compensation and as inspiration for future endeavours for the activists. The objectives of the award giving agencies are definitely not pious. It would be unfair to undermine the intelligence and the intellect of these well-educated, high profile people who have earned name and fame, carved a position for themselves in the society, by right or wrong means. We would be gravely mistaken if we consider them to be naïve, uninformed or misled. With the kind of stature and exposure they enjoy, it would be grossly unjust to allow them the benefit of ignorance. They are not into politics, so unlike Congress and the other pseudo-secular political parties, they do not have to cater to vote-bank politics of minority appeasement. Thus, their support for the wrong and opposition to the right can be attributed only to malafide intentions. They are obviously sold out to fame, awards and pecuniary benefits that come from abroad. These activists have their counterparts in the media too. A prominent section of the media, both national and international, especially in the English language, which, like its activist friends, seems to be sold out and owing loyalty to some powers from abroad, is always eager to harbour and promote anti-national sentiment and project these activists as heroes. This nexus between the media and the activists is dangerous as it intentionally misleads the entire nation.

These sympathizers of the separatists and anti-national elements lend moral and verbal support to the inhuman terrorists and naxalites who have taken thousands of innocent lives and project our brave defence and security personnel, who endanger and sacrifice their lives for the sake of millions everyday, as barbarians. They demoralize the nation, the defence and the civil population alike. They have no regard for the establishment and the country’s judicial and legal systems. Though they keep harping on “democracy”, they have little faith or regard for it. Their loyalties are definitely not towards the nation and they should, without any hesitation, be perceived and projected as what they truly are “traitors”.

They are the elite, sophisticated extensions of terrorism, the B-team of terrorists, who ensure that separatist feelings are nurtured, the terrorists are glorified and the nation suffers. It is high time that the nation wakes up to the reality, sees the wolves hidden in the sheepskins and dumps these sham activists. India can do much better without them.

Oct 14, 2006

Why doesn’t media do what it should do…?

Some days ago – a comment to the post asked “This is so... inexcusable!! Why doesn’t the press popularize this???”... And I was left wondering how much we believe our media, blindly most of the times. I am increasingly loosing my faith and trust in the secular and unbiased nature of the media today… Media has its own agenda, its own business too…

One of my all time favorite movies – “Main Azaad hoon…” (remake of “Meet John Doe”) aptly highlighted this…

Media has stakeholder interests, budgets and revenue targets to take care of too. Media has TRP to bother about – media has rankings and acceptability to loose sleep over… Truth and fearless reporting too come somewhere in the list of priorities – but deep below…

An eminent Kashmiri (Pandit) writer once wrote this email… about his travails of getting his articles published in many leading news papers. But he failed, obviously because the content wasn’t the right things to say – so what if he was speaking the truth. It just wasn’t the right topic to print, since it could antagonize the majority community in Kashmir – since the article is “Kashmiri Pandits – On the road to extinction”.

Finally, he opted to publish the article in on merinews.com…. (read his email below)

“I have been trying to get the above cited article published in any of
the national english dailies but failed to get the editors to agree. I
spoke personally to the Associate editors, editors etc of Hindustan
Times, Times of India, Indian Express. While they appreciated the
quality of the article and its non-political nature they just avoided
any commitment on publishing it due to lame excuses like lack of
space, rush of paid articles etc. My intention was only to let the
Indian public know of the community's woes and the unconcern of the

Merinews is the first citizen journalism portal in India and is coming
up fast as a popular website. They have published the article and can
be read at
"Kashmiri Pandits - On the road to extinction"

My request to members is to please give it the wide publicity. In case
anybody is able to get it published in any newspaper anywhere, I would
have no objection to its use.

P.N. Razdan”

Media hasn’t been the fourth pillar of democracy that it’s expected to be – for long. Maybe I am too biased against them – if so, it’s just a result of the anguish accrued in the last 16 years of exile – 16 years of media blackout about the pain of Kashmiri Pandit’s, 16 years of them turning a blind eye to the half-million people in exile in their own country, paying the sad price of being Indian…

Trith or Truth...

Kashmir Affairs - Security & Conflict Analysis of Kashmir

Yet again... the post ethnic cleansing agenda has come to fore...

History of Kashmir is being rewritten to project all Kashmiri Pandit’s as the villains, the bad boys... and Muslims the good boys. True to the agenda, they have already managed to create an impression that Islam came to Kashmir through peaceful means and the local Hindu's back then voluntarily adopted the new religion... totally obliterating the historic events and wars - and the genocidal conversion charters of the Afghan and Mongol Kings who invaded Kashmir...

Trith (falsehood - in Kashmiri) has overtaken the Truth... And given that the media, academia and power in Kashmir are all controlled by a single group, there is little hope of truth prevailing anymore...

This is the 13th recorded exodus of the Kashmiri Pandit’s...from the valley – each time having faced the quandary of survival quest: a choice between “chaliv, raliv ya galiv” (a Kashmiri slogan used by majority community meaning choose between “exile, conversion or death” (chaliv = leave/flee, raliv = joinus/convert, galiv=perish/die).

But these neo-historians sponsored by the petro-funds of ISI have totally forgotten this recent history, as well as the times of Sikandar Butshikan’s (Idol breaker), Haider Shah’s and Shams-ud-Iraqi’s in Kashmir… These new historians obviously have a vested agenda to deny history written thousands of years ago by Hindu historians – whether it’s Rajtarangani (the most revered and authentic history of Kashmir recorded in 12th century) by Kalhana, or history by Jonaraja – or the those recorded by westerners W.R. Lawrence, Auriel Stein or by Kashmiri’s in last century, like Bamzai etc… But they are also in denial of the facts recorded about travails of Kashmiri Pandit’s – by Muslim historians in past like Abu Fazl.

As Dr. Joseph Goebbels, propaganda minister of the Third Reich, is reported to have said: "Repeat a lie a thousand times and it becomes the truth." That quote and attribution have been repeated well over a thousand times. Needless to say, with the machinery in place in Kashmir to rewrite the history and demonize the Kashmiri Pandit’s…someday there will be a different face to the history of Kashmir.

Why Anonymous…?

Someone recently asked me why I kept this blog anonymous, away from my other blogs – and I realized I had never explained it here. Also reminded me of a similar post on another anonymous blog. My reasons are similar – yet somewhat different.

The reason on anonymity is manifold:

  • A name and picture belongs to one person. But this blog is not about the experience and feelings of just one person – but more than half-million Kashmiri Pandit’s, who are living a life in Exile – away from their homeland, exterminated by ethnic cleansing agenda of the Jehadi’s. So it doesn’t matter what my name, gender, age is… What’s relevant is that I am a Kashmiri Pandit – living as a refugee in exile – for last 16 years… someone who was forced to leave his own home by Islamic terror agenda on a cold morning in early 1990.
  • This blog represents the anger, despair and anguish of all those Kashmiri Pandit’s who are

Exiled because Islamic terrorists chose to kill un-armed Hindu's – because ISI wanted them to…

Exiled because they chose to live honourably, and not say 'Yes' to the fascist Jehadi agenda…

Exiled because they didn't take to arms and fire-power to protect their existence there…

Exiled because the unarmed Hindu's were far too outnumbered against the majority community…

Exiled because this was one minority which didn’t make up a vote bank for the politicians to care about…

Exiled because the world chose to remain silent - after all, it was just Hindu's being killed…

Exiled because they didn’t believe in 'Nizam-e-Mustafa'…

Exiled because they believed and still do believe in a democratic, secular and free India…over being second class citizens in Islamic dictatorial state of Pakistan...

  • And just like the other blogger – yes, the other reason is to offset the personal baggage that gets associated with the identity. I, as a working professional – work with people of all backgrounds – in all kinds of relationships. While I ensure at all times, my political views never get involved in my professional life, others may tend to see you through the glasses of your personal views even in professional world. So there is a personal/professional reason to keep the name away from limelight too… though many close friends in work-place know.

Oct 13, 2006

Hindu' Temples and Shrine's in Kashmir...

Jammu-Kashmir, Srinagar, Kashmiri news:: White paper on encroachment of Pandits' properties

This news article in Kashmir Live (A Indian Express Publication) wasn't really what struck or bothered me. Kashmiri Pandits have known and lived with reality for decades now - in the name of Kashmiriyat. Babri Mosque didnt just get built once...

What amused me was a comment from some "Abu Azam Azaruddin"...

Communal upper cast Pandits

Communal upper cast
Hindoo Pandits are again showing their communal fascist face. When
secular forces have rightly confiscated their property to stop state
sponsored terrorist funding, they are bringing white papers! What will
they do next, ask to remove article 370? SHame, how communal can they

Posted by : Abu Azam Azaruddin

More than Half a million victims of terrorism – Kashmiri Pandits – the aboriginal inhabitants to the valley – who were turned minority by the centuries of exterminations by repeated Muslim invaders and rulers are today being labeled communal and fascist. A community which is in exile is the branded aggressor and shameful.

Next Azam saab would call Jeish-e-Mohammad and Lashkar-e-Taiyba as peacekeeping forces and demand that Al-Qaida be awarded the next Nobel Prize for Peace. He calls encroaching and cannibalizing minority communities places of worship and property as a right step – and apparently a step towards ending terrorism… Not sure what la-la land this guy lives in.

Anyway – it’s not the first such post that I have seen on the net. There are ample such weirdo’s redefining secularism and terrorism in Kashmir. However, I was appalled at the fact that this Indian Express website rejected my rebuttal to this comment – which I posted as a comment – in the name of moderation. And for records, the comment I posted was a paragraph from this post – nothing that had any unparliamentarily language. Surprisingly, IE didn’t feel Azam’s post deserved moderation for being was so factually incorrect. Probably this is yet another new clause in the new definition of secularism that the Indian media has come to adopt.

Oct 9, 2006

NDTV Big Fight...on "Clemency for Afzal Guru"

NDTV TV Big Fight

Actually, let me first correct the title - the programme was supposedly on the topic "Should there be death penalty?"... But it was more of a discussion on clemency for Afzal Guru.

The discussion run by Vikram Chandra standing lamely in the boxing ring had eminent Supreme court lawyers Prashant Bhushan and Kamini Jaiswal defending Afzal Guru and supporting the clemency claim – and lawyer KK Sud and RSS member Seshadri Chari on the other side.

Anyway… I don’t intend to present a transcript of what happened… just some comments on a few amusing comments from the panel.

Prashant Bhushan : In support of Afzal Guru and clemency plea…

“Afzal Guru isn’t the main culprit. He wasn’t the one who attacked the parliament – but was only one of the people involved in the conspiracy. So he isn’t entitled to the death penalty”

Really interesting to hear this argument from a supposedly leading lawyer of the land. I am sure someday this gentleman won’t hesitate to defend (for the right fee of course!) the Dawood Ibrahims, Tiger Memons or Mehmood Azhars either. And the argument works more appropriately for them. Dawood Ibrahim doesn’t go pillion riding himself with an automatic weapon to shoot his victims, neither does he kidnap anyone himself… nor did Tiger Memon plant the bombs in Bombay markets personally. For that matter Bin Laden is innocent too – he didn’t fly the aircrafts. All of them are innocent people who were just naïve enough to conspire, aid and plan the terror acts. That’s no crime. The deaths that resulted aren’t their doing… it’s the small time terrorists they coaxed, trained and planted who are the real threat to the peace in the world.

“The death sentence is retributive punishment – not reformative. It will lead to further violence.”

True. It’s an eye for eye method. But Mr Bhushan, do you remember what happened when the reformative approach was used with Mahmood Azhar, Hamid Gul etc…Mufti Sayeed still has grandkids who can act in a kidnap drama to ensure that terrorists get to do their catwalk down Lahore streets. Or some legal nuts like you will get them out like Bitta Karate…

I also fully agree with the fact that – he kills one, you kill him, they will come back to kill more – cycle is unending. But what do you want to the country to do. Send out an invitation – please come and kill our innocent citizens in trains, in religious places, in work places, in bus stands, in institutions of learning and in the Parliament (yeah! The security guards outside were innocent – I wouldn’t have really felt as much anguish if they had killed some politicians instead!). And each time we will pardon you, because Gandhigiri is the in-thing. Keep killing more of us… till you get tired.

Kamini Jaiswal: In support of Afzal Guru and clemency plea…

“The trial may not have been transparent and fair”.

Maam’, why this extra-judicial sermonizing now. If you find the trial was not complete and lacked meat – what prevented you from doing the right thing in the court. (Maybe the fee wasn’t good!!!). If you couldn’t do it in court, is it fair to question the court rulings in TV studios? If a lawyer thinks the court process wasn’t complete, its not something to question in the TV studios – unless brownie points matter more to you.

“History has proof that Valmiki was reformed – so Afzal Guru should be given a reformation chance too”.

Wow!!! Suddenly pinko’s regard Valmiki as history when it is convenient. Earlier he was only mythology. I don’t get the argument though – what kind of reform they expect in a terrorist who was given the chance once (he was allowed to surrender once when he was a JKLF cadre – and he ended up rejoining J-e-M).

“Peace process is on in the valley. Not pardoning the terrorists will lead to further escalation in the valley”

This is the most amusing argument of all – and the most widely offered argument by politicians of all colours. A country facing a proxy war – a covert insurgency by terrorists and Jehadi forces is being asked to tie its own hands at its back and offer a sliming face to the bullets of the terrorists – because if you try to defend yourself, the terrorists will not be happy.

People who have allusions that there will not be any violence and the terrorists in the valley will lay down their arms if Afzal is pardoned, either live in la-la land or have a vested interest in saving some terrorists. For others, just look up the escalations in the valley around each so-called confidence building measure – be is Round table conferences, starting of bus-services to POK, organizing local elections or getting a peaceful Amarnath yatra organized. Visit www.tkb.org for some simple data.

For the remaining panel, I worry that a RSS member was invited to present the contrarian view – which unfortunately is used by the media and pseudo-seculars as a point in proof to claim that it’s the right-wing which wants him executed – and convert the issue into a religious one.

For me – I don’t care what RSS thinks – but for me it’s not a religious issue. It’s a national issue – anyone trying to wage war on my country is a threat to the nation and worthy of death sentence – irrespective of his birth… irrespective of whether it’s a Mohammad Afzal Guru or Mahamood Azhar or was a Hindu Veerapan.

Oct 6, 2006

Pakistan Admits... huh!!!

Pak admits having helped insurgency in J&K

...Nau sau chuhe' khaa kar billi Haj ko chali...

"Pakistan has admitted that it might have helped
insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir at "some time" but claimed it is now
"trying our best" to prevent infiltration of militants into India."

Yeah... I believe that... and also that Bin Laden has suddenly decided to turn a Buddhist monk and spend rest of his life in Tibetian monestry.

Afzal Guru…

A fellow blogger asked me why I hadn’t written about the clamor to get Afzal Guru pardoned. The plea’s for clemency for the Jaish-e-Mohammad terrorist behind the attack on Indian Parliament are becoming louder and louder every day – but I just wanted to remain silent.

Here's Why?

  • Because Afzal Guru is no different a terrorist than Yasin Malik – who enjoys the status of a ‘leader’ and gets preferred treatment in all places – after soaking his hands in the blood of unarmed men in uniform in the channapora massacre. If Yasin Malik today can roam free and get treatment at Indian Tax payers money in US – why not Afzal Guru. After all, Guru is such a junior terrorist.
  • Because if Bitta Karate can aspire to be an MP or MLA sometime soon – and get released thanks to our over zealous legal luminouries – after having killed innumerable Kashmiri Pandits and Indians, and having no remorse for it – why can’t Afzal Guru aspire to live to be in Parliament some day; the same Parliament which he conspired to demolish.
  • If Dawood Ibrahim or a Tiger Memon is a state-guest in Pakistan and world has been able to do nothing about it, and India still has diplomatic relations with them… why should not Afzal be a state guest at tax payer’s expense.
  • Because, my dear…anything can happen in India for vote banks…A terrorist gets pardoned… and martyrs of the nation get trampled upon. Votes are more precious than the national honor. New recruits will join the ranks left vacant by those who died on that cold December day – protecting the honour and dignity of the Parliament. A pay scale here and there. Some cash allowances will be given to soothe the families of those killed. Ashok Chakra’s will be handed off. But to hurt a terrorist – which will hurt the sentiments of a potential vote bank – is a mortal sin in vote-bank democracy.

Supporters of Clemency

Mirwaiz Umar Farooq – the head of APHC (All Parties Hurriyat Conference) is one of them. For that matter whole of Kashmiri populace is out on streets demanding that Afzal be pardoned. The logic – peace process will be hurt and it will send a negative signal to the people of Kashmir.

If anything – a clemency and pardon will give a boost to the radicals – an impetus and a re-affirmation that India – which can be easily subverted. A state which a soft target for attacks – a soft target to be pummeled and easy to bend. And this has been done repeatedly year after year – by the Jehadi terrorists. Nothing would be worse and more stupid than reinforcing that with yet another submission.

When terrorists were released in exchange of the daughter (Rubaiya Sayeed) of then central Home Minister (and now state ruling coalition party chief Mufti Sayeed) in December 1989 – the same logic was given. And nothing in history of terrorism in Kashmir was a more stupid step – as it gave a new vigor to the terrorists and a belief that they could get away with anything.

When terrorists were released in exchange of IC-814 hijack – it reaffirmed the same analysis that India is a weak soft state – ready to be subverted.

Clemency to a terrorist responsible for the death of scores of officers of the Parliament would be the last nail in the coffin of Indian self-esteem.

Mirwaiz Farooq even has gone on record to state “Death sentences in this modern age when world has reached new highs is retrograde step”. Well said Mirwaiz Farooq sahib.

I wonder if Mirwaiz – in his capacity as the biggest religious leader of Muslims in Kashmir is going to issue a Fatwa proclaiming death penalty as un-Islamic soon. I would love to hear from him on this – and there by proclaim the Islamic sharia law – under which daily beheadings and chopping of arms is done across Islamic countries for petty thefts across the middle east – as un-Islamic. Why is that suddenly Mirwaize thinks there should be a new twist of humanity in laws – when he never had a problem with the sharia law used across Islamic world implementing far more gruesome punishments.

Congress Party of India, Chief Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad and PDP partyfor all of them, it’s a golden opportunity not to be missed – to via against each other and proclaim they are the greatest well-wishers of the Muslims – even if it amounts to getting a terrorist released. Doesn’t matter if there are more 7/11’s and more Malegaon’s after that… each of them offer another photo-opp and vote-bank speech opportunity.

Ghulam Nabi Azad – was inside the Parliament when these terrorists attacked. I really wish the security officers hadn’t resisted the attack with their precious lives and instead let the terrorist walk in and kill him. I wonder if his wife, Shamima Dev Azad would have still wanted clemency for the terrorist.

PDP party – Mufti Sayeed and his big fat daughter have made careers out of black mailing and arm twisting India – first in the stage managed drama of Dec 1989 when Rubaiya was kidnapped to help the terror movement – and now in their political avatar. Mehbooba Mufti has the audacity to threaten that the terror and bloodshed will increase in Kashmir if Afzal isn’t pardoned. This is coming from a political leader. In some other country – she would have been straight away sent to the prison and tried for threatening the nation – but she is a minority leader. She will soon be rewarded with a chief ministership for her blackmail.

Communists of India – the silent assassins of India. The lesser said about these dumb-wits – the better. They have no clue what they demand. They want the clemency because they believe BJP would want the hanging – so they must ask for its repeal.

Pseudo-secular Media and Pseudo-Human rightists – like Arundhati Roy… It’s the in-thing as always.

Arundhati Roy – the Goddesss of Minorities wants clemency for Afzal because she is against death penalty. Was Arundhati on sleeping pills when Dhananjoy Chatterjee was hanged?

She also claims that "The whole case is full of faulty evidence and fabricated stories and to hang someone for something he may not have done is not fair." Does Arundhati Roy have a legal degree in her kitty to proclaim this – on what basis is she being the extra judicial power here – giving a judgment. Is she aware of the background of Afzal – that Afzal has been a JeM and a JKLF member for years…

Arundhati’s and her ilk – have made a business of getting into such show of solidarity. It’s the new-Page 3 syndrome. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them soon in support of clemency for Dawood Ibrahim, Tiger Memons and Abu Salims…

Arundhati – did you care pay a visit to the families of those killed in the Parliament attack by these terrorists – and ask them about the pain and suffering they were going through? I guess not unless flashbulbs accompany you.

Arundhati – you had a lot of pain in your chest for the few thousand Muslim victims in the camps in Gujrat few years ago – that made you spend days with them showing support and solidarity. Do you even know about half a million Kashmiri Pandits, who are refugees for past 1.6 decades….? Ten’s of thousands of whom have been living in in-human refugee camps in Jammu for past 16 years… You didn’t think they were victims enough – just because they were Hindus. Yeah, this is the secularism of the day.

Arundhati – you had scores of issues with India trying to attain nuclear self-reliance and conducting nuclear tests – to build its deterrence against nuclear neighbors and enemies like Pakistan and China. And you refused awards from the then government on this account. I am still waiting for you to return the Bookers Prize – and go to that country and protest the nuclear arms that they built decades ago. Double Standards!! Eh!!!

And as usual our dear Media – it has already made a martyr out of Afzal Guru. Yesterday, a panel discussion on NDTV by Barkha Dutt – had Yasin Malik talking of peace and humanitarianism. Sounds like Pope Benedict preaching Quran …

I don’t know what kind of fools these people in metro’s are – who are taking out rallies and organizing candle light vigils – in the hope that killers/rapists of Jessica Lal, Nitish Katara and Priyadarshani Mattoo will get punished. In a country where terrorists can get away – what crime is a murder or rape?

Like as always, most of us will sign a few online petitions or send emails to President online and be done with it. To hell with whether another terrorist goes unpunished at the end of it. And that’s what even I did to absolve myself… I sent the following mail to the President of India… and decided to forget about the issue.

Dear President,

I, a Kashmiri Pandit, as a victim of terrorism and Jehadi agenda appeal you to NOT pardon any terrorists including Afzal - lest you want to shatter the belief of millions of peace-loving Indians in sovereignty of India and in the fact that India is still unbendable.

If Afzal is pardoned, it will be an insult to the thousands of KP's who were annihilated by ISI sponsored terrorists, a slap on the face of the forces killed while guarding the Parliament and a shame to the honor of the security of the nation - telling the people that vote bank politics is more important than upholding the honor of the nation.

-A Soul in Exile