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Oct 13, 2006

Hindu' Temples and Shrine's in Kashmir...

Jammu-Kashmir, Srinagar, Kashmiri news:: White paper on encroachment of Pandits' properties

This news article in Kashmir Live (A Indian Express Publication) wasn't really what struck or bothered me. Kashmiri Pandits have known and lived with reality for decades now - in the name of Kashmiriyat. Babri Mosque didnt just get built once...

What amused me was a comment from some "Abu Azam Azaruddin"...

Communal upper cast Pandits

Communal upper cast
Hindoo Pandits are again showing their communal fascist face. When
secular forces have rightly confiscated their property to stop state
sponsored terrorist funding, they are bringing white papers! What will
they do next, ask to remove article 370? SHame, how communal can they

Posted by : Abu Azam Azaruddin

More than Half a million victims of terrorism – Kashmiri Pandits – the aboriginal inhabitants to the valley – who were turned minority by the centuries of exterminations by repeated Muslim invaders and rulers are today being labeled communal and fascist. A community which is in exile is the branded aggressor and shameful.

Next Azam saab would call Jeish-e-Mohammad and Lashkar-e-Taiyba as peacekeeping forces and demand that Al-Qaida be awarded the next Nobel Prize for Peace. He calls encroaching and cannibalizing minority communities places of worship and property as a right step – and apparently a step towards ending terrorism… Not sure what la-la land this guy lives in.

Anyway – it’s not the first such post that I have seen on the net. There are ample such weirdo’s redefining secularism and terrorism in Kashmir. However, I was appalled at the fact that this Indian Express website rejected my rebuttal to this comment – which I posted as a comment – in the name of moderation. And for records, the comment I posted was a paragraph from this post – nothing that had any unparliamentarily language. Surprisingly, IE didn’t feel Azam’s post deserved moderation for being was so factually incorrect. Probably this is yet another new clause in the new definition of secularism that the Indian media has come to adopt.

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