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Oct 6, 2006

Pakistan Admits... huh!!!

Pak admits having helped insurgency in J&K

...Nau sau chuhe' khaa kar billi Haj ko chali...

"Pakistan has admitted that it might have helped
insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir at "some time" but claimed it is now
"trying our best" to prevent infiltration of militants into India."

Yeah... I believe that... and also that Bin Laden has suddenly decided to turn a Buddhist monk and spend rest of his life in Tibetian monestry.

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Apun Ka Desh said...

India's foreign policy is bit of a joke. China is busy cohorting with Pakistan, USA is selling arms to them, and we have our political leaders unable to take decision to buy even basic flight training aircrafts.

When you throw away meritrocracy, you get inefficient, red-taped, sleeping bureaucracy.