Zuv' chumm' bramhaan'
Ghar' gachaa

Dec 8, 2014

..my soul yearns to go home...!

Zuv chum bramAn gara gatshaha...
ज़ुव छुम्म ब्रमान घर गछह ....

..my soul yearns to go home...!

Sep 15, 2014

25 years in Exile - Why?

Today - 14th September 2014 is the 25th anniversary of Martyrdom of Pt Tika Lal Taploo - aka Lalaji, killed solely for his religion, to send a message to the KP minority in the state. His death began a long string of targeted killings of pandits in the valley...

In past 25 years in exile - scores of times, we KP's have been asked scores of time (sometimes rather innocently) - by clueless folks...

  • "oh...we visited Srinagar. Its so great there. We enjoyed. Why did you leave at all?"
  • "My muslim friend says - KPs are welcome back. you can go back and live in peace..."
  • "you should have stayed and fought back...!"
  • ... and such inanities...

Personally - I think I am tired of explaining...

So I recommend a simple four step guide...

  • Google for condition of Hindu & other minorities in Islamic Republic of Pakistan
  • Google for condition of Yazidi's and other minorities in Islamic State of Iraq and Syris (ISIS)
  • Watch SAS Geelani summarize the Kashmiri Muslim ideology in 2 minutes here
  • Would you still recommend a mere 3% minority go back there without applying due caution.
That due caution is "Panun Kashmir" - a union territory where Indian Constitution rules supreme (minus Article 370) - not some religious ideology.

Sep 14, 2014

#FloodsInKashmir -- Army a Saviour - but no thanks!!

A flood that they say is the worst in 60 years - has kit the valley of Kashmir. Srinagar probably amongst the worst hit within valley - from the news emerging so far. There isn't even much news available from other parts of Kashmir as yet... In all the deluge of valley centric news, the crisis in Jammu division has been totally forgotten. Less forgotten, more ignored - as has been the historic fate of Jammu. 

From what emerges so far - the local Omar Abdullah govt has abandoned Kashmir and left it to its own fate. 

Abandoned once gain, I should say - by the Abdullah family. 
25 years ago - in 1990's, Papa Abdullah did the same in face of terrorist onslaught in the valley. Abandoned & flew off... !!
Omar is doing shade better. Abandoned and missing from action, but emerges for exclusive interviews and sound bytes for preferred news channels...

At this time, yet again - the state is left to Central govt and Armed forces... 
And as always, Army & IAF has been doing a fabulous job... but getting more stones in return for their helping hand. 

At scores of places now - over last 2-3 days, army rescue boats and helicopters have been pelted with stones - when the approached with relief material or rescue operations. 

Thanklessness of the highest order...!!!

But Army and GoI needs to do what they are doing - not because its Kashmir... but because that's what Army has always done and would do - in any other calamity across India.
That's being true to a principle and its culture, its nature...

As regards - the stone-pelters on streets of Srinagar and wisdom-pelters on social media - they are doing the same too.. Being true to their nature - biting the hand that helps.
If you observe the folks on social media who are making most noise about "army is not there... doing nothing... rescuing only VIPs and tourists... Army wants Kashmiri's to die..." - All of them entirely are folks sitting comfortably miles away from Kashmir. Folks in Dubai, Saudi, Canada, UK, US, etc - Kashmiri Muslim who have no real eye witness account of the happenings in valley nor much contact. Of course, no one from Srinagar was adding to this noise on Social media - since they didn't even have that connectivity...

Why are they doing it?

Because a sudden paranoia has struck them - what if people saved start appreciating the saviours. Damn! "The movement" will weaken. OMG...what about Azadi then? Shucks...its better more people die in floods. Let anger flare up... Anger will help "the movement", rescue will kill it. "the movement" is bigger than anything else... let more folks suffer on ground".
That's the line of thought...!!

A banner propagating the same thought has been seen in some non-inundated areas of the valley today...  So brave of the rebels to dare go put it up in area's still inundated, where army is still working actively on rescue. 

As regards VIPs/Tourists only being rescued - the Army, which has rescued more than a lakh people in last 4 days has also released lists of several thousand names rescued so far. Would request the wisdom-pelters on social media to provide the designations of these VIP people now...
Kashmir must indeed be the world's capital for VIPs...

In the first place, I am baffled as to why are people on TV complaining of "Delhi not sending enough boats!"... "need to airlift more rafts!"... "not sufficient army boats". Of any city in India - Srinagar, the famed erstwhile "Venice of the East" must have tens of thousands of boats locally available - shikara, dunga, bahatcchs or house boats - boats of all capacities... and a huge hanji community of boatmen.
Even the smallest shikara can save 5-8 people in one time... !!!

I even observed a lot of Delhi based TV channels patting their own backs for their 'exclusive' and brave coverage of J&K Floods... (more K... less J of course! But that's beyond the point here...) 

Unfortunately -Delhi media is doing more harm than good today. 
Dozens of TV channels have their reporters going around areas with barely knee deep water looking for news sound bytes... and gather angry bytes like "no relief here... Army doing nothing...No one came... no boats... no rescue" - with reporters nodding in agreement... 

Didn't see one channel... one reporter share common sense that - "hey dude.. u are standing here on road talking to me... You are in luxury! You don't deserve army to come to your rescue - because Army is busy where there is 20-30ft of water..."
But...that's a bad sound byte... Bad TRP...   
Of course, the journalists themselves wouldn't go into those areas - unless joyriding on IAF sorties...

Never the less - as I said in beginning - GoI, Indian Army must do what we are doing - because that's what we would do for any Indian state. So its no "ehsaan" or "favor" or "appeasement"...

But to expect that it will result in a change of heart would be foolhardy. None of that happened due to rescue, relief and rehab work of Army post 2005 Earthquakes....!! 
None will happen now. 
We will see the usual scenes on streets of Kashmir soon... once the water drains out...
Hurriyat and co needn't worry about the risk of loosing their constituency to sincere efforts of the Indian Army... 

The foundations of their indoctrination is much deeper than what sweat of Armed forces or 20ft of Jhelum water can even soak...!!!

Aug 2, 2014

Say no to Gulmarg, Say no to Dal Lake, Say no to Pahalgam - till..

Dear Tourists of India

A group of 40 yatri's wanted to do a pilgrimage to KausarNag - located at level of 12000ft in Himalayas. A pilgrimage that has been part of Kashmiri Pandit history for thousands of years, from much before the Islamic invaders came to Kashmir, much before their religion even came into existence...

A trekking destination frequented for decades by trekkers, pilgrims and even school kids...My alma mater - Tyndale Biscoe School, used to have an annual trek to the lake for class 9thA. A three day trek/camping in summer - via Aharbal and Kongwattan.
JKTDC is still running a series of sponsored treks across Kashmir - including Kausarnag in collabration with http://www.indiahikes.in/
You are welcome as a trekker, as a tourist... But not as a Kashmiri Pandit or a Hindu.

But today - we are not allowed our own roots. Because, its a group going as Hindu's - as Kashmiri Pandits...

Suddenly - only Kashmiri Pandits are a threat to ecology.

Not surprisingly just days after Amarnath Yatra camp was looted and then burnt down by rioters...
Just days after attack on Mata Khirbhawani Shrine in Tulamula
Not surprisingly after there were protests that the 40 yatri's are an attempt to change "Muslim character of Kashmir"
Not surprisingly just days after ISIS flags appears in Srinagar during Eid celebrations...

And if I react to this - I will be branded communal by those mouthing inanities like Kashmiriyat...

Kashmiriyat - has for long been the worst hoax perpetrated by the money mongers of Kashmir to keep their funds flowing. It was never anything more than a brokered bliss - paid for with the painful silence & subjugation of the minorities..'

Its time to save ecology of Kashmir totally.
If your go to Kashmir - you must shun your identity, your dignity, your soul. Just bring your wallet.

Think Again...!!!

Shun those tourist package tours to Kashmir.
Say no to Gulmarg
Say no to Pahalgam
Say no to Sonamarg
Say no to Dal Lake...

Yes, My Kashmir is beautiful, heavenly! But its cursed too...

As I said many years ago - Must you visit at cost of your dignity and pride... ?
There are tons of places in rest of India that you haven't visited.
Change your holiday plans.

- A Soul in Exile...!

PS: And this applies most to fellow Kashmiri Pandits... alas!!