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Sep 15, 2014

25 years in Exile - Why?

Today - 14th September 2014 is the 25th anniversary of Martyrdom of Pt Tika Lal Taploo - aka Lalaji, killed solely for his religion, to send a message to the KP minority in the state. His death began a long string of targeted killings of pandits in the valley...

In past 25 years in exile - scores of times, we KP's have been asked scores of time (sometimes rather innocently) - by clueless folks...

  • "oh...we visited Srinagar. Its so great there. We enjoyed. Why did you leave at all?"
  • "My muslim friend says - KPs are welcome back. you can go back and live in peace..."
  • "you should have stayed and fought back...!"
  • ... and such inanities...

Personally - I think I am tired of explaining...

So I recommend a simple four step guide...

  • Google for condition of Hindu & other minorities in Islamic Republic of Pakistan
  • Google for condition of Yazidi's and other minorities in Islamic State of Iraq and Syris (ISIS)
  • Watch SAS Geelani summarize the Kashmiri Muslim ideology in 2 minutes here
  • Would you still recommend a mere 3% minority go back there without applying due caution.
That due caution is "Panun Kashmir" - a union territory where Indian Constitution rules supreme (minus Article 370) - not some religious ideology.

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