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Sep 1, 2010

Kashmir High-jacked...

Thoughts from my comments on this post on INI blog

The proponents of Azadi and their media champions keep going back into time to the assurances of plebiscite and self-determination and Accession signed by the Maharajah
...(though same people always take the moral high ground and suggest we shouldn't go back in time when it comes to 1989/90 and exodus of Kashmiri Pandits. But then, lets not digress)

If indeed, hypothetically – plebiscite was to be offered to re-validate the accession – what should be the clinching vote.

Can a simple 51% majority decide on such a map change – which is of course bound to have extreme impact in the geo-politics of South Asia; as well as social life of rest of India. Secularism will not remain unshaken.

Obviously it can not be a 51% vote…!!!
My guess, at-least a 80% vote should favour a change…
(Wonder if there is any international convention for such plebiscites?)…

Let's remember – a plebiscite questioning the Accession of “State of Jammu and Kashmir” has to include people of State of Jammu and Kashmir – not just some separatist minded Kashmiri Sunni Muslims.

So where is this majority in favour of plebiscite – when you count-out Kashmiri Pandits, Kashmiri Sikhs, Kashmiri Shia's, Gujars/Bakarwals (whom Geelani has declared as non-Muslims recently), Ladakhi’s of all hues (both Buddhists and Shia’s), Dogras, Paharis…etc.

Kashmiri Muslims have high-jacked the word Kashmir and Kashmiri – and a select band of ‘news-award hungry’ news anchors have been their best cheerleaders all over the media.