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Sep 1, 2010

Kashmir High-jacked...

Thoughts from my comments on this post on INI blog

The proponents of Azadi and their media champions keep going back into time to the assurances of plebiscite and self-determination and Accession signed by the Maharajah
...(though same people always take the moral high ground and suggest we shouldn't go back in time when it comes to 1989/90 and exodus of Kashmiri Pandits. But then, lets not digress)

If indeed, hypothetically – plebiscite was to be offered to re-validate the accession – what should be the clinching vote.

Can a simple 51% majority decide on such a map change – which is of course bound to have extreme impact in the geo-politics of South Asia; as well as social life of rest of India. Secularism will not remain unshaken.

Obviously it can not be a 51% vote…!!!
My guess, at-least a 80% vote should favour a change…
(Wonder if there is any international convention for such plebiscites?)…

Let's remember – a plebiscite questioning the Accession of “State of Jammu and Kashmir” has to include people of State of Jammu and Kashmir – not just some separatist minded Kashmiri Sunni Muslims.

So where is this majority in favour of plebiscite – when you count-out Kashmiri Pandits, Kashmiri Sikhs, Kashmiri Shia's, Gujars/Bakarwals (whom Geelani has declared as non-Muslims recently), Ladakhi’s of all hues (both Buddhists and Shia’s), Dogras, Paharis…etc.

Kashmiri Muslims have high-jacked the word Kashmir and Kashmiri – and a select band of ‘news-award hungry’ news anchors have been their best cheerleaders all over the media.


How do we know said...

i am so glad that you have come back, and with a dynamite of a post. Awesome!

!!! said...

well... hadn't gone anywhere... just that twitter seems like a quicker impact medium lately to vent my thoughts!

Twitter Handle: @soulinexile

Neeta said...

As far as I know the plebiscite a requiste factor of the Plebiscite that Nehru had talked about was a unified Kashmir under India. Since Pak controls POK, there is no question of a plebiscite. In any case Omar Abdullah represents the democratically elected govt of J&K state.

Chrysalis said...

Could not have put it better!!! Mirrors my opinion absolutely! I am also hopping mad at the 'hijack' and its endorsement by the media and some political parties alike!
I am also wondering where is the KP voice? The Dogras never had one.

Ritzer said...

well i do feel sad for the kashmiris a lot..not the kashmiris u mentioned but the ones u mentioned as a seperate group who r the true kashmiris....a religious issue it s but if all those who oppose the seperatists also hold weekly rallies thn the world will knw how thin the seperatists base is and pakistanis will nvr hve the guts 2 ask for our jammu and kashmir again

liberalcynic said...

Well written...I wish more Kashmiri Pandits would speak up about this issue. The sad thing is, it is not politically correct to speak the truth about this issue. In India, the liberals are those who take the side of the so called oppressed Kashmiris!