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Sep 28, 2008

From Half million to zilch...!!!

On September 26th, 2008 scores of Kashmiri Hindus demonstarted outside the United Nations Office in New York [USA].
Some of the demands of Kashmiri Pandits to the UN were :
  • Declare Kashmiri Hindu community as Internally Displaced People (IDP). The Human Rights Working Group on Minorities in Geneva has since recognized Kashmiri Hindus, formally, as a Reverse Minority. The use of the insulting term ‘Migrants’ for this forcibly exiled community may be removed from all records and communications relating to us hence forth.
  • Direct the Government of India to set up a ‘Commission of Enquiry’ to establish the causes that led to the selective and targeted killings of Kashmiri Hindus and their subsequent forced exile, and appropriate the responsibility and punish the guilty. (Read full item here ...)

Sep 21, 2008

It's about Jihad...

Was It Just A Few Hectares Of Land? - I « ~ Kashmir

"K" is right... Its not just about few hectares... Its about something deeper. Its about something wider...

It’s about the Pan-Islamism...
It’s about religious fascism...
It’s about Jihad...
It’s about imposing Nizam-e-Mustafa everywhere...
It’s about converting the rest of world under so-called Infidels (Dar-ul-Harb) into Dar-ul-Islam...

Chairman of Hurriyat faction, Syed Ali Shah Geelani has been very open and frank about this... the communal aspiration of having a pan-Islamic rule, the oneness with the Islamic brotherhood of Pakistan...

“it was because of Islam that the people of Kashmir were ‘Pakistanis’ and introduced a new slogan to his audiences. For ten times he chanted and aroused his rally ‘Ham Pakistani Hain, Pakistan Hamara Hai’ (We are Pakistanis and Pakistan belongs to us). He asked the new leadership in Pakistan to strictly run that country on the tenets of Islam and asserted that secularism, nationalism and America’s world order were all unacceptable to the people of Pakistan.” (Read here...)

Kashmiri's are fighting for Nizam-e-Mustafa, where tolerance for any other religion is impossible... unlike the secular tenets of India. As Geelani says -

"Socialism, Secularism and Nationalism won’t work in Pakistan. We
are Pakistanis and Pakistan is ours because we are tied with the
country through Islam,” he roared, as the crowd cheered him and
chanted, “Hum Pakistani hain, Pakistan hamara hai” (We are Pakistanis,
Pakistan is ours)." (Read here...)

“K” says –

“The year 1947 saw such turn of events, that Kashmir, instead of seeing a breather after an excruciating survival under the Dogras saw it being occupied by a country it did not know. A country it never had any ‘unconditional’ economic, social, political, cultural or religious ties with, any that it might have had were forced. The country was India and 61 years have passed without the slightest ebb in the hatred for the state of India in the hearts of Kashmiris.”

What he is conveniently forgetting is that Kashmir has no social, political, cultural or economic ties with the Punjabi/Sindhi/Pathan or the Afghani’s living in Pakistan either. Yes, the only possible tie is religious… that of Pakistan being an ‘Islamic state’.

Kashmiri’s don’t want democracy, don’t want secularism, don’t want socialism… they want only Islamic law…and elimination of other religions and other people from the land…

“First is to impose an Islamic nizam (jurisprudence) in Kashmir. Islam should govern our lives, be it in our political thought, socio-economic plans, culture or the ongoing movement. The creed of socialism and secularism should not touch our lives and we must be totally governed by the Koran and the Sunnat (precedents from Prophet Mohammad's life).” (Read here…)

And that’s what they did in 1990… when half a million Kashmiri Pandits were eliminated from the valley

And indeed, that’s what the whole agitation against just a few hectares of land was really about… just because its was about a Hindu shrine – the last vestige of Hindu’s in the valley.