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Aug 28, 2006


Kashmir is natural part of Pakistan: Geelani (GreaterKashmir.com) 27/8/2006 : 11:25:14 PM

Inspite of what Geelani stands for - we must thank him for calling 'spade a spade' - and blowing away the cover on the otherwise false propaganda that others in Hurriyat and Kashmiri Muslims in general make - about the Kashmir terrorism being a political issue and not a religious one.

Kashmiri Pandits(Hindu's) have lived through the terror times of hearing chants of "Yahan kya chalega, Nizam-e-mustafa" (what we want in Kashmir, Rule of Allah) - but the world is yet to see through the mirage created by Pakistan and ISI. There is nothing political about the Kashmir issue... its all about Pan-Islamic jehad...

Ethnic cleansing of the valley - and now the exterior regions of Jammu division - where even today Hindu's are selectively being killed and forced to flee - is a clear example of the Islamist agenda. No Kashmiri Pandit can ever forget the slogans which blarred from the loudspeakers on the mosques in Kashmir on 19th-20th Jan 1990...
  • Aes kya gacche', Kasheer - battav rosch, battnev saan (We want Kashmir, without Hindu men but only with Hindu women)
  • Yahan kya chalega, Nizam-e-Mustafa (What will rule in Kashmir, Rule of Allah)
  • Battav - ya raliv, ya chaliv, natte galiv (Hindus/Pandits, either convert, leave, or get killed).
and many more...

And then the political tinge was given to the whole picture... Pakistan and the muslim leadership went into an overdrive to blame the Jagmohan for the exodus.

Today, finally Geelani spoke the real agenda and came clean with the admission that the agenda is purely Islamic - as Islam doesn't believe in co-existance or mutual respect for other religions.

Thanks Geelani saab'... inspite of your narrow mindedness and fanatic mindset, you atleast spoke the truth.


How do we know said...

Do you think we stand a chance in Kashmir at all?

The Illusionist said...

I would be unable to say much to the issue as I have not followed Kashmir very well, but I can feel your agony. I hope this war of hate against hate stops.

MsMitty said...

It's an ethnic cleansing forgotten by the world. No one in India took up the cause of the Kashmiri hindus.

Do you know if there is a website that tracks the atrocities, deaths etc that occur on a regular basis in J&K? There is no shortage of muslim or Pak govt sites that are slick and scream about the injsutices faced by muslims in Kashmir.

To "How do we know" - Yes, Pakistan for all its rhetoric is a house of cards.

Juz A Kashmiri said...

Dear A Soul in Exile,

I just now read your post and cannot wait to put in my comments on the subject. I can understand what those who had to "leave" the valley have gone through. The reason I say so is because, for quite some length of time now, I am also away from my birth place. The pain may not be as much as it is for you but surely in some corner of my heart there is a desire to go back.

Getting back to your post I would like to mention a few things. As far as I know when Kashmiri Pandits decided (or forced or coerced) to migrate, the ordinary Kashmiris were not enthused by this development. Popular feeling those days was that it is a temporary phenomenon.

I was quite young those days and the first idea about how serious the situation had become was when my uncle (who was returning from Jammu) spoke about scores of cars lining Jammu highway and headed towards winter capital. Even then my impression was it is too bad to be true. Kashmiri Pandits cannot simply bid good-bye to their abode just conflict had started claiming lives of their community; for Muslims too were not in the best of the conditions.

I don't know whether it Jagmohan's gameplan or a militant-organisation's edict for I am too ordinary a person to know about all this. Ya, but if you for a moment trust Farooq Abdullah to speak the truth then you do not need much convincing. If it was a militant org calling for the exodus then it was the worst thing to have happened to "their cause", so I have doubts about that. May be in their naivety they thought it would be easier but time has proved otherwise.

Now coming to the slogans you've said were being raised (in every mosque), I can clearly remember there was just one slogan and that was about the call to implement Shariat (what you say Nizam-e-Mustafa).

At least I have neither heard of a sick slogan which called for Pandit women to be left behind or the war-cry kind asking the Pandits to join the fray or leave or else.

Why has it become fashionable to speak about the atrocities that Pandits had to bear or about the squalid conditions in the refugee camps but turn a blind eye to the present conditions in the valley. Rarely you will see a daily newspaper which doesn't mention the number of people killed in ongoing violence the previous day.

May Almighty some day set the things right and punish those who are responsible for the pains we all had to go through.

Juz A Kashmiri

bilhan kaul said...

mr juz a Kashmiri you are saying why it has become fashionable to speak abot squalid comditins of kashmiri pandits but totaally ignore the situation in the valley. The answer is simple. Have you heared kashmiri pandit taking up arms to free Sharda temple in Pak occupied Kashmir from Pakistan clutches.In short armed millitancy require different parameters to tackle it .However i cannot deny that common man who has nothing to do with politics is at the receving end in kashmir sometimes and i have sympathies for him. BILHAN KAUL

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

kashmir belongs to bharat evn pak 2 .. we lft our land 2 dose bastard paki's who came 4m sm islamic countries 2 rule ovr us.. we compromisd wid dem in d name f peace.. kashmir s our sacred place wer nw dese muslims r exploitin our hindu bro..s in d name f allah.. bullshits.. .. wat d hell dis gvt doin ..????? dis italy n her son mst kickd f 4m our nation n d pak mst b destroyd nt a singl peson mst b lft.. n pak shud rejoind wid bharat as its our own land.. muslims in pak shud kickd f der.... hw dare dey 2 touch our hindu bro...s n sis..s... jai hind..