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Aug 14, 2006

Ethnic cleansing - History Repeats itself...

BBC NEWS | South Asia | Kashmir militants 'kill family'
Kashmir militants 'kill family'
Police in Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir say a woman and her two children have been killed by militants.
They say the victims were the only Hindu family in the village of Arra.
The incident happened in the mountainous Udhampur district, more than 200km from the state's winter capital, Jammu.
There has been no independent confirmation of the incident which happened on Thursday night. Police say they are searching for the suspects.

This news would have probably appeared as a small piece of news item in one the inner pages in Indian papers... it definitely never got reported in the TV news...(afterall there is still a higher priority hot news doing rounds - the collections at box office of new Johar flick - KANK).

This should be a grim reminder to the Indians - this is history repeating itself in just a decade. In early 1990's, the Islamists forced the Hindu minority out of the Kashmir Valley; by a similar programme of selectively killing Pandits. The valley is now fully sanitized of all 'kafirs' and nizaam-e-mustafa rules roost - (alas! but for the unholy presence of Indian troops.)

And now, for last 4-5 years the same 'choose and kill' fiesta is on in the Jammu division of the state now - areas which have a Muslim majority are being ridded of the Hindu presence. Almost completed in the Badrawah, Poonch and Doda regions - this is now spreading to Udhampur district as well.

And what does Indian Govt do... ?

Wait and watch till all the Hindu's are silently exterminated from the state... just because calling spade a spade is un-secular in modern India. No central government ever chided the state administration for their failure to protect the minorities - no one called them a "Modi" for their failure. Oops... but the state administration is in hands of the same party which holds it in Centre... How can one chide one-self... not expected of Indian politicians at least. Its ok...close to 400,000 Kashmiri Pandits (Hindus) got wiped out of the valley...what difference does a few hundred thousand more going to make!!!

Instead successive governments disarmed the village defence committee's because these were acting as a hinderance to the cleansing agenda and giving resistance to the terrorists. An unarmed target like those in Kashmir valley is easier to clean out than an armed victim - who might resist and fight. Is the government collabrating with the ISI and the terror groups to facilitate the ethnic cleansing of these areas then?

Whats does Indian media do... ?

Indian media is still hung over the 4000 muslim victims who spent some weeks in relief camps in Gujrat... 400,000 Hindus is a smaller count afterall.
Ten's of thousands of KP's still live in tented relief camps in Jammu - more than 16 years after the exodus... have been totally dis-enfranchised and live a life of dejection worse than the holocaust...
Eeeks... but they are Hindu's... and suffering of Hindu's in India isn't news-worthy. Barkha...when's your next flight to Gujrat... there is another award waiting there.

What does Indian nation do...?

And yeah, terrorism is a problem of Kashmir... and of Mumbai only...ok..maybe of Delhi as well. Ok...maybe even of Varanasi, Aurangabad and Nagpur now... Hmmm... maybe it happened in Kolkatta and Coimbatore... But then, me and my city is safe...
Relax...chill...its a long weekend afterall...enjoy KANK.

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