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Aug 14, 2006

Talibanization of Kashmir - II

Fact of Kashmir Identity (GreaterKashmir.com) 14/8/2006 : 1:35:19 AM

In an earliest post, Talibanization of Kashmir, I had hinted on the gradual rewriting and distortion of history that is happening in Kashmir. The article above is one such classical example of how the so-called Muslim intelligentia in Kashmir are distorting history, re-interpreting situations and convoluting facts.

Apart from making totally baseless interpretations of Shaivism - amounting to indicate that the Shaivist philosophy followed in Kashmir prior to Muslim invasions was tyrannical and what not - the writer also makes some funnily stupid claims. Sample this:

"It is also false to say that Kashmiris
circulate Aryan blood. Kashmiris are aborigines of this land and
belonged to the twelve thousand year old race of Pashachas and Nagas.
For eight thousand years Nagas and Pashachas lived tribal life. The
advent of Aryans four thousand years back from now made them to adopt
Buddhism. Aryans were Brahmins and forced Pashachas and Nagas to
convert. The only alternative to resist the enforced conversion to
Hinduism was Buddhism."

While I don't want to enter a debate on Aryanism here... its would take an complete hadron-headed person to make a claim that someone could convert to Buddhism in 2000BC, when Buddhism itself came into existense in around 500BC. Maybe someone needs to teach Shahnaz Bashir a simple fact about the way AD and BC timelines differ like two sides of a number-line (assuming he learnt his maths at least).


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an attempt to speak up for Kashmiri Pandits.A love story: the story of Shivranjini Kak http://shreyvats.wordpress.com/2010/01/18/the-girl-who-loved-saffron/

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