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Aug 30, 2006

Disco Farooq...

Farooq's Interview to KashmirAffairs

Farooq is a chameleon to core… and he knows that he and his family will gain nothing from Pakistan anymore - since there is a bigger coterie of Pakistani’s supporters in Hurriyat etc… and that his dream of occupying every possible post (Chief Minister, Vice President, President, etc) is possible only by exploiting the ’secular’ card in India… In Pakistan, he will probably be shunned to the gallows… not with-standing the fact that he was one of the co-founders of JKLF and a close collegue of Amanullah and Maqbool Bhat - and even had his Indian citizenship revoked once. Once he became the CM in Kashmir. he realized the luxury of being with India.

But beware, Farooq can change colors anytime… he’s only a friend of India for his own good. When his son was the Foreign Minister of State with NDA govt, he didnt have issues with Indian foreign policy. But he was poking holes at India’s pro-US and pro-Isreal stance and talking pro-Lebonan and pro-Iran recently on an interview with CNN-IBN. Thats the double standards Farooq is made of…

And finally,… would someone please explain how Jagmohan communicated to the Kashmiri Pandits that they should leave the valley!!! Did he go to the Hindu homes and paste those posters threatening death… did he pay for those advertisements in Al-Safa and other Urdu papers in the valley threatening Hindu’s if they didnt support the Jihad… did he publish the hit-lists of the KPs to be killed… did he go and shoot down Justice Nilkanth Ganjoo in broad daylight in the market-place and murder Tika Lal Taploo in the downtown Srinagar… did he go to all the mosques across the valley overnight and pressed play button on those cassettes blarring those anti-Hindu/anti-India/pro-Jihad slogans…

If he did all this…Mr Farooq Abdullah - he obviously did a lot of it while the “Farooq Abdullah” was still the chief minister of the state. What the hell was Farooq Abdullah doing all that time…? Playing golf in Gulmarg or dancing in some Discotheque…


How do we know said...

Maybe you should visit indscribe.blogspot.com.. I have a feeling that if you two get talking, it could be quite interesting..

A Soul In Exile said...


Actually I do visit Adnan's 'indscribe' blog regularly - and we have had some brief and interesting conversations as well. I find his blog interesting - both from the poetry aspect of it and also his 'minority' viewpoints :-)


indscribe said...

True about Farooq...I understand the tragedy of Kashmiri Pundits. Anyone who has to leave his land...there can't be any worse thing than that.
I hate those guys who force anybody to leave his land. Just a thought somebody would not let me live in my beloved Kakori (the place where Bismil, Ashfaq robbed the train) a part of the beautiful green belt, makes me shiver. Though I only go there once or twice a year. And the thought that you can never go back is really like being dead. Your memories, everything is associated... I really pray that Kashmiris could return to their homelands, safely, and the terrorists are all finished. Alas, it's a wish, but then miracles happen and we shouldn't stop dreaming.

Anonymous said...

Saw this comment in an Orkut group for your this article. Any comments?

Qoute from Orkut Thread:
"Above link by some Anonymous takes us to a web page where is said that the Jagmohan did not asked kashmiri pandits to leave kashmir.

It was the posters my Mujahidin Groups & Leaders of Huriat COnference.

But i do ask any Kashmiries who do lived in kashmir at that time, Did they say any
Advertisement from any Mujahidin Group against Hindus.

Where not they being appealed at the time when they left, not to leave the vally.

Where not they being requested to participate in the strugle.

Did not Jagmohan Promosed them Flats in Jammu, which have not been provided till date.

If they say they are kahmiri had they not the right to die with other kashmiri brothers who where fighting for unity of Kahmir. Freedom of kashmir"

A Soul In Exile said...


Please refer the post at



for answers to the statements on the Orkut as posted by you.

Anonymous said...

It is outright stupid to suggest that Jagmohan was responsible for the exodus of kashmiri pandits. Kashmiri muslims are propagating this rumor. I was bought up in kashmir. I had good relations with my muslim friends. However I also noticed some muslim harassment. I remeber once I was eating ice-cream during ramdan and a muslim guy came to me and threw my icecream. I was in 5th standard and did not understand fully why he did that. However when the events of sep 1990 unfolded. I as like my other community was not prepared for all.
My parents would never have left had it not been teh selective murderers of hindus in our neighborhood. And the muslim excuse"What can we do it is people from other neighborhood". But they did not have any issues with going on loudspeakers and threatening the minorities.

Kashmiri muslims are communal to the core with a dangerous garb of secularism over it. The word "kashmiryat" is used to camoflauge their wahhabi islamic activities".

It is important that we look at kashmir from the reality of what it has become today. From the reality of the Afghan and other muslim rulers who committed ethnic cleansing of hindus during the course of Islamic history multiple times. It is no different today and it will be no different tomorrow.