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Sep 18, 2006

Fatwa Factories...

Clerics issue fatwas for money- The Times of India

I happened to catch this one on TV... and this really made me laugh.

And I thought that Islam world was one place where religion was above corruption - and that the clerics were truely doing what they believed in - what they had learnt by way of rote in their madrasas.

Anyway... none of my business commenting on the decomposition of clergy in Islam - since the Hindu religious bodies arent doing any great service either.

I just wanted to reach out to these hapless victims of the sting operation with a simple suggestion... a simple solution to get out of this soup. Afterall, issues of the Islamic world are never allowed to get to the Judicial courts... so no Bhim Singh or Jethmalani can save these Bitta's and Beants...

So here a simple way out...

Dudes'... just get someone to issue another Fatwa proclaiming that 'sting operations' are irreligious, haraam and an Anti-Prophet act as per the holy book - and you automatically get exonerated.
Simple !!!

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