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Nov 30, 2006

CNN-IBN laughs at Kashmiri Pandits...

IBNLive : Asif Qureshi's Blog

It’s not the first time Indian media has surprised me... but this one goes even further. This article/blog posted by Asif Qureshi in his IBNBlog space is shocking and nauseating. I am left wondering which Jehadi’ School of Journalism did Asif get his journalistic degree from… CNN-IBN has gone miles ahead of others in denigrating and humiliating the pain of the Kashmiri Pandits.

The author has mocked at the agony and pain of half-a-million Kashmiri Pandits – making fun of our past 17 years in exile – utterly trivializing the deaths of hundreds of Pandits at the hands of Islamic terrorists. Not surprised though – for Asif definitely regards those trigger happy terrorists as hero’s. I am waiting for his next blog eulogizing them. And these are the people representing the free-press we have.

Asif Qureshi – a Kashmiri Muslim – is acting like a keyboard terrorist – abusing the license his press-tag gives him. This cadre of neo-intellectuals has started a whole new agenda of rewriting the way history in Kashmir is seen and interpreted. If he was trying his hand at creative writing or humour, he has a pathetic taste for creativity.

My word of advice for Rajdeep Sardesai (rajdeep.sardesai@tv18online.com/ rajdeep.sardesai@gmail.com) and CNN-IBN editor Mr Deeptosh Majumdar (editor@ibnlive.com):

“Dear Mr Sardesai and Mr Deeptosh

After reading a write-up titled “The Second Sardarni” by one of your eminent journalist Asif Qureshi here – I am not only shocked , but I am terrorized.

Asif Qureshi is supposedly a senior journalist in your organization CNN-IBN... and I am not surprised. For months I have been seeing the pseudo secular journalism being projected by your channel – but this one takes my goat.

I have a suggestion for you. Maybe you can run an SMS campaign on your channel – asking for all Indians to send an SMS to tell you where the ‘second sardarni’ is.

Huge revenue opportunity!!!

Also, some other SMS campaigns/contests ideas that can get your channel more revenue.

  • Send an SMS to get one more Wandhama massacre scheduled.
  • Send an SMS to get one more Parliament attack scheduled.
  • Send an SMS if you want to get all temples in Kashmir razed. (Not many left though).
  • Send an SMS asking for more suicide ambush attacks in the valley.
  • Send an SMS asking for more tourists’ buses to be attacked with grenades.
  • Send an SMS to get all terrorists in prisons released unconditionally.

Its thanks to your esteemed journalist Asif – that I have finally realized that all my pain so long has been due to a couple of sardarni’s… I was cursing the Islamic fundamentalists for no fault of theirs. These trigger happy terrorists are poor victims of a lady’s curse… ISI must be the peace keeper of the world, Laskhar is the love brigade and Jeish is the harmony keeper of the subcontinent. Ignorant me – for I was holding Hizb and JKLF to blame for the thousands of Pandits who were killed in cold-blood. I must send an apology letter to Bitta Karate for he is a saint. Thanks to Asif and CNN-IBN for bringing this awakening.

Unfortunately yours…

A Kashmiri Pandit – displaced by that first Sardarni…

…thanks to Asif for letting me know."


Vinayak said...

They should write about the first Kashmiri who decided to act like an Afgani.

How do we know said...

This post has now been withdrawn.

GR said...

Most of the Kashmiri Pandits are liares. Would anyone of them provide a list of the killed. As per statments of D.G. Police who belongs to their own sect - a Kashmiri Pandit-( Kuldip Khuda) only one hundred and odd Kashmir Pandits were killed by the Mujahids. They all belonged to agencies of GOI like Ib Raw CIDMID etc.

!!! said...


Yeah... your mulla's and terrorist leaders told you that those kids they killed in massacres of Nadimarg, Wandhama, Sangrampora were RAW/CID and GOI agents and you believed them. Does your name GR stand for 'Good Riddance' to brains.

There is no such report as repeatedly propagated by the Kashmir media - and if it is there - please show me the proof, where as there are documented statements of police chiefs denying these supposed stats. And for gods sake - are u saying Kashmiri Pandits were meant to be bulls-eye targets - so how does it matter if its 100 or 1000... Bitta Karate alone is on record to acknowledge having killed three dozen plus... U will find pointer to the vidoe proof of his statements in this blog.

And finally... for even a very partial list of the innocent Pandits killed by your terrorist friends...refer

And its a very partial list...