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Jul 11, 2007

Pay for your own massacre!!!

Kashmir Watch :: Mehbooba Mufti wants govt to fund terrorists in Kashmir

Well, if you thought you had seen and heard it all, wait!!!

While thousands of Kashmiri Pandit’s still suffer silently in the refugee camps in Jammu after their ethnic exodus from Kashmir in 1990, the government might soon be funding and compensating their tormentors.

If the current ruling party in the state (PDP) has it’s way, as Mufti Sayed’s daughter and PDP Chief, Mehbooba Mufti demands – the government would soon be running a “terrorist rozgar yojna”. She wants the government (and the tax payer – that’s YOU!!!) to pay for the sustenance and future of the families of terrorists. (yeah, calling them militants doesn’t make them saints!!!). She demands that the tax payers foot the bills of those killed bombing them in Mumbai trains, or attacking the Parliament in Delhi, or spraying bullets in IISc, Bangalore. So – the kin of the Prof who got killed in IISc shootout in Bangalore few years ago – victim to some brain dead Jihadi fanactic trained and mentored by a Lashkar-E-Toiba or a Jeish-e-Mohammad cell, might end up actually shelling out their hard earned tax money for the terrorists sustenance.

Ironic that the families of soldiers who died protecting the Parliament are still struggling to get some paltry compensation – whereas the terrorists involved in those acts might get it better and sooner.

So –if petro-dollars and Dinar’s aren’t enough to support the Jihad, our leaders in Kashmir want the Indian tax payer to fund it.

Pay for your own massacre!!!

If you are thinking that this will never get implemented, beware – much of this is actually already happening. Mehbooba just wants it expanded. The state government has been doling out interest free cash grants to surrendered terrorists for years now – whereas there are ton’s of educated Hindu youth in the state suffering tortures of unemployement. The government paid for medical treatment of terrorists like Yasin Malik and sessionist leaders Geelani. The tax payers have been shelling out money for the sustenence in luxury of all the top secessaionist leaders of the valley. They come, they rape you and then you reward them...!!!

This is the “Indian Secularism” for you…

Would a politician in England dare recommend compensation from government for the London bombers, or a senator in US dare to suggest that Al Qaeda be given a US grant...? But anything is possible in India...

A terrorist is the son-in-law of the state...!!!

Want proof?

Its over a year since Afzal was sentenced to death - yet, nothing has happened to him.

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How do we know said...

i know..the Indian government has been following the appeasement policy with the terrorists for far too long now.