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Ghar' gachaa

Dec 15, 2007

Born in Exile...!!!

Would the media, the secularists and the pseudo-secularists - all currently busy championing the cause of the minority in Gujrat ever spare a few moments to these young souls... All born in Exile, for no fault of theirs, except for that they were born to parents who were Kashmiri Hindus.

NHRC - or the National Hindu Reprimand Committee, doesn't care about the mauled Human Rights of Kashmiri Hindus'... The National Minorities Commission knows nothing about this minority lost... The Home ministry doesn't care what the killers of Kashmiri Hindu's are doing today, freely in the valley...

Dear Children... What Rights are you expecting from this land? Either get your surnames changed to a 'khan' or add a 'Md' as prefix or just pick up some anti-India slogans or a jazzy reason for 'Jihad' to get heard.

Nothing else falls on the deaf ears...

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life of pi said...

this is incredibly sad. these pple arent muslim who do these atrocities. bas naam kei muslims.