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May 15, 2008

Kashmiri Muslims responsible for Pandit Exodus - Omar Abdullah...

Omar Abdullah blames Muslims for Pandits' exodus

Now... for years the Kashmiri Muslims have been blaming Jagmohan, his neighbours dogs and the Indian security forces for the Pandit exodus... For once, someone amongst them has acknowledged the truth behind the happenings of 1990...

Omar was not living in Kashmir during that period, and has got the account from his family and friends who were in Kashmir at that time. Of course, those aren't Pandits either... So the truth a Kashmiri Muslim acknowledges in private is different from the 'its a secular freedom movement' theory they would argue for in the public.

If those who have sunk deep into the KM propaganda about the exodus of Pandits and the happenings of that period need a reminder of the real story...read here...

18 years in exile...and Pandits still have not found an answer to 'what justifies their pain'...


Mubi Jaan said...

Mr Soul in Exile,I am a kashmiri muslims and i dont care what U or omar abdullah says, i an give u a first hand account, coz i live in kashmir and was a yound kid when KP exodus was happening. I come from sopore and it doesnt get any radicalised than that,but we have always lived with pundits in peace and treated them well. i only hope i get treated likewise if i ever happen to live under hindu majority--god forbid.

I can still remember the day when my maternal grandfather along with all te locality went to his neigbourin pandit house who were all done and good with their pacakin and were rushin the stuff on to a carrier.

we guranteed them everytin, even a round the clock vigilance, but tallk to him he was so rude and in a rush. he seemed to give no 2 hoots about the fact that he had lived there for ages and was about to walk over that whole goodwill and respect that kashmiri mmuslims had given to him.

i can go on and on about stories about them and their betrayal against Muslims but it wont make a difference coz u have been classicaly conditioned along with stooges like Omar abdullah.

Who is he to tal about kashmir, please pass my message to him he does not represnt me or any kashmiri. He comes from a family of Sell out's, and stooges, i would love to go couple of verbal duals with him, or with you.

U know i am sick and tired of people like him and you moaning and bitching about everything and indulgin in the most irresponsible demougogery.

Hope i have relieved you of some confusion.



Anonymous said...


I am not a kashmiri,neither do i have much knowlegde on this subject so it would be presumptuous on my part to comment on the history of your homeland. However I can't even imagine what it must be like to be a 'refugee'.
No matter what the religion or creed of individuals, fleeing ones homeland for security can't be anything but treacherous. I am indian muslim and have had the privilage of a peacful life.

I just want wish you well and I wish you security.

Salam/Peace to all kashmiri pandits and strugglers like you.


Varad Sharma "Varenya" said...

I agree with the statement of Omar Abdullah.Now KP's want their homeland back, their

Geetu said...


U all think God is happy with all this what Bloody Polticians are doing....Whatever happend with Kashmiri pandits in Srinagar At that period 90s its worst we left our homes our roots all becoz of thise infliators who came from afghanistan and kshmiri muslims helped them what if they are realising it now....Tell u all one thing v lost our roots in srinagar but we got settled in other soillll what about Those muslims who are still in Srinagar No settlement .... They have destroyed Our dignity , our pride hinduism everything v all want to go back to srinagar and want our roots backkk and i know it will happen soonnnn,,, some one was saying if he has to live under hindu majority dear if u have to u will learn what Respect and Life is v dont beleive in Back hitting what u people did with us.........

On morething please dont involvee God in this its all we human beings who Did all this n will bear the fruit also thats what happening in Kashmir

Anonymous said...


I am amazed at your potrayal of the episode. So, Let me get this straight. You are complaining about the person who is threatened with life and is leaving his home and land that he was rude.

I don't think you can imagine how he must have felt.

As far as your other concern about living under hindus, there has been no ethnic cleansing of muslims carried out by hindus at any time. In contrast muslims under various rulers have carried blatant ethnic cleansing that it has resulted in multiple exodus of hindu over the course of 1000 years of islamic history in Kashmir. And it continues to this day.

If you can objectively dissect a situation and analyze it from that account, perhaps you might help bringing kashmir back from the hell it is today and was turned into by wahabbi muslims.

Monica said...

Why innocence is kIlled ?

Why Kshmiri Hindus thrown out of Srinagar our MOther land?
Why ( Mr Sajad Lone) muslims of Kashmir Calls That they will welcome us if we go to Amarnath ?

Why Issue over one piece of Land for hindu Piligrimage ?

Why Indian Govt is spending around 500 crore on Haj piligrimage ? Aren't They Guest?

This Whyyyy word is killing us What was kashmir Earlier Heaven on earth Nowww Its helll on earth!!!

Please stop all this First of all we are Human Beings at least Had some feeling for humans .... we made religions, castes, Creed, God Deoesntttt
For Gods sake stop this otherwise no future in Kashmir for new genration !!!!!

WHy we

Anonymous said...

Javed: 08/18/08 14:26
Geelani wants to be PM of kashmir ...he is a selfish person like Nehru . These polticians wants to divide us just for thr own benifits . Everyone knows is kashimr got seperated from India ..it will become another Taliban .The plight of the people of the Pakistan-occupied Kashmir is quite well known. Kashmir is the hotbed of international Islamic jihadis [crusaders] who have the last say in all matters. The situation of Kashmiris in India is exactly the opposite.Kashmiris are well aware of the treatment they will receive at the hands of jihadis. This is not a recent development. If Indian soldiers had not been present there since 1947, J&K would have soon turned into a Taliban wasteland, alike the Afghanistan during the Taliban era. Is there any Kashmiri Muslim who will like to be a part of the only true Islamic state spreading from Kandahar to Peshawar -- very much professing Taliban's identity? In fact, if the Indian security forces have to be withdrawn some day, almost all Kashmiris will lose their sleep.

vishvedeep said...

hello vishvedeep bhat here;
5000 pandits were killed during the period of 1986 afterwards.we never killed any of km nor we ever burnt thier houses .and as mubashir said u treated us well but yes with lot of exceptions in that period .we kps still consider as the original inhabitants of kashmir as we have maintained our racial purity and we are the children of those brave souls who never changed thier religion by force of sword .we respected ur religion but in turn what we got 10000 tempeles destroyed or vandalised in kashmir .so if kms demand azzadi frm india .we kps with apopulation of appx 7 lakh also demand our right on our mother kashmir as "panun kashmir".if kms dont want to live with india its thier choice .india and security forces should not violate their rights .let kashmir go but give kps thier share in their mother land .

Monica said...

I dnt understand wtt They want????? Really surpriseddd to tehir attitudeee.. Still curfew, band n alll in srinagar Earlier fight was for land now for wt????
They are destrying their own future which they nt realising ..Welll Yesss kashmiri muslims are responsible forrr alll what happns in Kashmirrr..I cant understan through out world Only Muslim Terrorist!!!!