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May 10, 2007

Games Media plays in India

(source: haindavakeralam.org)

Pseudo secular Media is the curse of Indian Society. Media barons who act on behalf Christians, Jehadis and Communists are in the payroll of these anti national forces. Most of the Indian media presents fabricated and distorted news to serve the anti Hindu propaganda. Several instances clearly indicate the fabricated and distorted news. Here are some examples:

Ø News Headlines / Flash News used to says - 20 people of a ‘particular community’ shot dead in Doda Kashmir- how many of you know that they were all Hindus?.

When the recent unrest took place in Vadodara, the headline flashed as - 'Muslim boy shot to death in vadodara, unrest deepens'. Please compare the deliberate psychological game and mind manipulation in these two reports..

Ø Ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Hindus will be reported as "death of minority". But if it is the death of a Kashmiri Muslim, Media headlines goes like this - "Militants begin targeting Kashmiri Muslims"!.

Ø More than two lakhs Kashmiri Hindus have been exterminated, yet no media or politicians are aware about it nor finds time to shed a single tear for them. When 2000 Gujarati Muslims were died in riots, Media and Politicians wake up from their self imposed denial and make huge hue and cry. For them, 2000 Muslim lives are more valuable than 200,000 Hindus!.

Ø When Muslim riots took place in Gujarat, every Media wanted to chop off the head of Sangh Parivar leaders, but when Jihadi Terrorists attacked Akshardam Temple, Varanasi, New Delhi, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Marad, & Mumbai, Media and pseudo secularists appealed for peace and communal harmony!

Ø Television channel, especially Communist control NDTV showcase the plight of Muslims in Gujarat every now and then. But why no single media in India is concerned about the plight of Kashmiri Hindus?

Ø Photograph of a Muslim crying in front of the police with his hands folded is widely circulated after Gujarat riots. But how many of us saw the photographs of the burnt bodies of 20 Hindu children in the Godhra attack?. Media were never interested in showing any reports or photographs of the Parents / Widows / Children of the innocent Hindus being killed by the Islamic terrorists in Godhra, Kashmir, New Delhi, Bangalore, Kerala, Hyderabad and Coimbatore etc..

Ø 30,000 temples were destroyed during the Mughal regimes and it is not an issue for biased Indian media, but when Hindus wanted to reconstruct temples in Ayodhya, Kashi and Mathura, the media twists it is an attempt to communalize Indian society!

Ø About the recent Vadodara unrest. 14 temples blocking the road were demolished, no objection from any Hindus. One similar Dargah was demolished became a national problem!. All the prominent medias called for Narendra Modi to resign following this incident and became the headlines in all the national Medias.

Ø Finally, the recent Mumbai blasts. Communist sponsored English
newspaper THE HINDU was busy in highlighting the rescue operations carried out by the Muslims and the number of Muslims attended in blood donation camps after terrorist attack. But THE HINDU journalist who reported this news deliberately ignored selfless services of Hindu Organizations in Mumbai.

It must be that the media take pleasure in spreading persistent, pervasive lies about Hindus. What else could explain the credulous acceptance of lies, half-truths and distortion of news about Hindus and selfless services of nationalist Hindu organizations?.

The inconsistencies, deceptions, and outright falsehoods about the reports are obvious. It is profoundly disturbing to note that the picture that continues to emerge from the media about Hindus, in which passive, peace loving, tolerant, nationalist Hindus come out as aggressive, militant, fundamentalists, and the violent, non compromising Muslim and Christian gangs come out as victims.

The hysteria emanating from the journalists is so persistent that the innocent readers may get a negative image of Hindus. This psycho-linguistic programming of the media and deliberate false reporting is not only patently false but also encourage Muslim, Christian and Communist terrorists to continue their deadly, terrorist, and irrational anti national activities.

Hindus must wake up from complacency, and denial, take affairs into their own hands and shape their own destinies. Hindus must unite, reassess themselves, address the media bias and voice their feelings forcefully and assertively with the hostile media.

Hindus must tell the media in strong words and actions that they should not be trifled with.


Rama Mohan said...

Oh! what a good post. It should be messaged to all Indians not only hindus, muslims. To all news agencies in the world.

I want to promote this post from my blog with a link to your blog. Do you accept?

!!! said...

Mr Rama Mohan

Thanks for visiting...

You dont need my acceptance - since its not my writing. Please refer the source.

Typically, its acceptable to post content from public sites/newsites - as long as you qoute the original source.

-A Soul in Exile...

The Paradise said...

Hello, Namestay and salaam.
I just read your blog and it is all amazing. Nice research and many valid points to be thought upon.

No doubt you have tried to rubbish media by raising those issues but you are not reflecting the same when it comes to stories wherein Muslims and particularly kashmiris are humiliated.

You know the one sided media have created a situation in the whole India wherein all kashmiris are suspected and harassed and labelled as abettors of terrorism and all that.

I am a guy of 24 years and my teen years got hacked via this violence from all groups. My schooling and my golden days got affected--but people like me had to endure it. On the other hand you managed to move into another country.. you may call it exile--but atleast you dont feel the heat there. It's the people of J and K, all hindus and muslims and sikhs who are still undergoing the same pain.....
at least your problem got mitigated--but what about kids like me who leave their home without knowing whether they will return back at evenings.

dear brother,, today wars are being played at the hands of media, iraq palestine and chechnya are the examples where the occupier is perpetually disseminting the news which is nothing but a bloody white lie..
today wars are being fought through the media and whosoever controls the media- he emerges as the winner.

I am a kashmiri and i used to have many school frineds from pandit community and many of them left never to come back--but many are still there and we still dream a peaceful and congenial kashmir.

Disseminating hatred won't work--please set on a mission to help all the sufferers.
yours is not the only community which bore the maximum brunt- we are still under its influence.

Thanks for reading me

The Paradise said...


This is what still happens here