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Mar 30, 2007

Why troops can NOT be withdrawn!!!

J&K: Terrorists kill 5 members of a Hindu family killed in Rajouri

PDP leader and ex-CM of J&K, Mufti Syed and his daughter/PDP Chief Mehbooba Mufti - have been clamouring and shouting from roof tops for a while now – demanding troop withdrawals from the disturbed state of J&K, threatening to rock the government in the state (which they are partners to – by way of coalition with Congress-I). Ghulam Nabi Azad (current CM of state) and Manmohan Singh are facing a tough time keeping the wailing babies soothed for now.

Why has PDP suddenly realised that withdrawal of troops is needed from the valley? The same Mufti Syed was the CM of the state just a while ago – and never bothered to withdraw troops at that time when he had direct power in his hands. It’s a well known fact in the valley that Mufti and his family are hardcore pro-Pakistani’s and act on directions from across the LOC. Pakistan is increasingly facing pressure in its own home – whether with trouble around the failing institutions or lack of democracy – or pressure from US/NATO with their failure to curb terrorist activities. They want to push some of the pressure and attention towards India… So PDP got its SOS from across LOC to rake in the hoo-halla for demilitarization of the state – even when nothing has really changed on the ground.

Unfortunately the weak kneed governments Delhi has and the hunger to stick onto power of Congress-I, especially after their recent poll debacles – they don’t have the nerve ask Mufti to shut up.

So Mr. Mufti Syed – here 10 reasons why troops can not be withdrawn from the state…

  1. Mufti Saab – you seem to be one of those leaders who believes that your job is only to create news – not read it. If you had been reading news – you would have read about the massacre’s your dear terrorists are committing even now in the state. How can troops return?
  2. The terrorists you helped in getting released by staging the drama of your daughter’s (Rubiayya Syed) kidnapping in 1989 are still at large. The troops have to first capture and cull those terrorists you shielded and helped escape – then troops will return.
  3. By your own admission there are just few thousand terrorists left in the state and you claim that presence of few hundred thousand troops is not justified. Please give us the exact address and location of these 2000-3000 terrorists so that they can be eliminated – since you know who and where they are! The troops can’t return as long as there is even one such terrorist in the state.
  4. The temples and shrines of Kashmiri Hindu’s you and your stooges razed to ground and plundered in the riots in mid-1980’s and then again 1990’s are still not restored. Troops are needed there to protect the remaining ones from falling prey to the wave of Talibanization of the valley.
  5. Over half a million Kashmiri Hindu’s who were ethnically cleansed from the valley are still refugees in India – waiting for a safe and honourable return their homeland. How can troops return without ensuring the safe climate for their return?
  6. Killers of Kashmiri Pandits – Yasin Malik, Bitta Karate and many others are still roaming freely in the valley. How can troops be withdrawn when the killers are still at large.
  7. The drama of facilitating return of Kashmiri Pandit’s to the valley – and the safe zones you created for them while you were CM – is yet to see its last act. The safe tenements you had government of India pay for – are still unoccupied by those they were intended for. How can troops return without those being populated first – without fulfilling you so-called dream?
  8. You as the Home Minister in the cabinet of Mr. V.P.Singh – promulgated the AFSPA (Armed forces special Powers Act) in the state. If this act was illegal and barbarian – then you should be the first person to be hung by the noose. How can troops return – and disobey your orders?
  9. Ask your friends in Pakistan to shut down the terror coaching camps on the other side. Troops will have no job on this side once that happens.
  10. You say violence is down in the state – so troops should be withdrawn. Is this proof of violence being down in the state? Look at the statistics of terror incidents in last 14 months here. When this level of terror activity is still on – how can the troops return?

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