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Aug 18, 2008

Fatwa against Non-Kashmiri's in Kashmir Valley... Geelani's double-speak...

Hurriyat chief Syed Ali Shah Geelani gives a call for all non-Kashmiri's to leave the valley...and a terrorist group Hizbul Mujahideen supports it openly... (read more). Yet, this terrorist is invited to television debates on channels like NDTV (Aug 16th, Big Fight) and has the audacity to call Kashmiri' Muslims secular and makes dramatically scripted rhetoric about how they welcome non-Kashmiri's for yatra.

ddressing a public meeting at Langate in Kupwara district on Tuesday, Geelani said majority of non-state subjects was professional criminals and they should be driven out of Kashmir in a civilised and dignified manner. (read more...)
Shameful Double-speak... and yet none of the media personal have bothered to do their homework on what the same Geelani speaks in his vitrolic Friday speeches in the mosques in the valley. Or maybe they just dont have the balls to counter him with the truth, or its just uncomfortable for the pseudo-intellectual image the India media has liked to live with...

The same Geelani makes speeches to thousands of Muslims in valley - reminding them that the Jihad in valley is for Nizam-e-Mustafa and the rule of Islam and that the war is about 'Freedom for Islam' (Azadi bara-e-Islam)... and then comes on NDTV to makes double-speak statements about secularism and blames the tri-colour carrying agitators of Jammu as communal. And the dud's like Vikram Chandra and other media luminaries out there keep parroting "Geelani sahib"...

Daily droves of non-Kashmiri's are leaving the valley... this round 2 of ethnic cleansing in the valley...

And the Kashmiri leaders will still go on NDTV/CNN-IBN and claim that the valley is secular by nature... and Barkha's and Rajdeep's will not dare question them...

Daily Excelsior....News Page
2000 labourers from different States of the
country particularly Bihar and Jharkhand today
left Jammu and Kashmir in different trains after
they were threatened of dire consequences by the
fundamentalists in Kashmir valley."

In different
parts of Kashmir valley, non-State subject
labourers irrespective of religion are being
threatened to leave the Valley and warned of dire
consequences if they choose to stay put
there. The
contractors, who engaged us in different works
personally came to us and made it clear that we
have to leave the Valley to save our lives"

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Anonymous said...

Geelani is a communal islamic fascist. Why is he roaming free on Indian soil after threatening India. he should be thrown into pakistan along with his stooges. Or he should spent the rest of his life for being responisble for the death of so many kashmiri muslims.