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Aug 10, 2008

Mr Gautam Navlakha - I have an objection to your existence...

Gautam Navlakha , how does the Hurriyat coffee smell ?

Mr. Gautam Navlakha

You made the following statement in Big Fight on NDTV on August 9th 2008...when justifying your arguements in support of terrorists and separatists of Kashmir and making a statement on behalf of Hurriyat - that ...
"I have an objection to the reference of ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits at drop of hat..."
A statement like this - coming from a so-called human rights activist - making a comment about half-million populace who are refugees in their own country, makes me sick. Sick and sad - because
  • because you have no objection to the royal treatment being given to Bitta Karatte in the valley today - after he killed scores of Kashmiri Pandits mercilessly in cold blood.
  • because you have nothing to say your lords in Hurriyat about the ethnic cleansing of 5 lakh Kashmiri Pandits and the continuous erasing of their symbols - 600+ temples from the valley.
  • because you have no excuses to give on behalf of the terrorists and separtists you parrot on behalf of....
  • because you have no qualms sitting besides a Yasin Malik - knowing very well the blood that is on his hands from the days he was the leader of the very same JKLF - of which Batta killer (Pandit killer) Bitta Karate was a shooter of. Yasin Malik killed in cold blood dozens of people including Kashmiri Pandits - before he decided to turn a saint - while those he killed and tortured still live in exile.
Mr Gautam - Where were you in 1990 when the mosques of the valley were blaring slogans threatening the Kashmiri Pandits of the valley...with slogans like..
“Aes gacche’ Pakistan, Batav ros’ te’ batnev saan” (we want Kashmir – without Pandit men, but with their womenfolk)
“Yahan kya chalega – Nizam E Mustafa” (What will rule Kashmir – Rule of Allah)
"Kashmir mein agar rehna hai, Allah-o-Akbar kehna hai" (Only those who believe in Allah -(only Muslims) can live in Kashmir)
“La ilah Illalah – Pakistan banega Insalaah” (Praise to God! Kashmir will be Pakistan)
“Indian dogs – get out”
“Battav ya raliv, chaliv nate’ galiv” (O Pandits – either join us, flee or die)

Mr Navlakha - you may have an objection to the mention of Kashmiri Pandits. But, I have an objection to the very existance of people like you - who have made a career out of abusing the Hindu's.


Anonymous said...

Hi Friend,
Pseudo-secularists and false human rights champion like Gautam are blindfolded. These people show that whatever they say is thetruth and the whole world is a liar.
He openly said that 70K muslims have been killed by Indian forces in Kashmir, may be killing in self defence is an act of terror for Mr. Gautam.
Let them bark as much as they want. Hats off to the never ending spirit of Kashmiri Pandits.

Praful said...

Very true & very well written ... visited your blog after ages. It is a very good one ...

Anonymous said...

People like Gautam are classic examples of pseudo seculars who keep their head in sand and will try their best to force others to do so as well. If he had the guts he should have openly demanded an apology from the muslim politicians on the panel against ethnic cleansing on Hindus.

But that would be voilation of human rights - Mr Gautam isnt that true. Your partiality belies your social activist status. You had a huge opportunity to speak truth, however you showed your back on truth.

Anonymous said...

Do you react & reply to every Gautam Navlakha type diseased dogs?
Do you realize that his existence is reinforced & thriving because you choose to mention him & thus he exists?
He & his types must drop dead from your thinking as they are obstacles to your 'laksh'- side step them, kashmiri brothers do not react to pseudo intellectuals by emotions(hide them) but by sharp intelligence, though i emotionally state that there are millions of your indian brothers who will arise at the oppurtune time, Vande Mataram!

Jammuisburning said...

People like Gautam Navlakha represent the entire Indian media and human rights industry which is surviving by fighting for the cause of Islamic fundamentalists and terrorists. These people are hand in glove with those killing innocent people and planting bombs.
High time pseudo secular Indian media and indian politicians are exposed.
Movement in Jammu is against Kashmiri imperialism and it shall stop only when the goal is reached.

Anonymous said...

Jammunities - Bravo for standing up against Islamic fascism. Kashmiri muslims spread lies and rumors - that is what they have been doing for last 50 years particularly for last 18 years. Rumors like - No yatri was hurt in Amarnath( total lie), Rumors like -Hindus left because of Jagmohan ( total lie). Rumors like -Kashmiri muslims are not communal ( total lie they are communal to the core). Thanks again for standing upto isalamic fascism. No more concession for Kashmiri Muslims. Kashmir muslims have long made on free money provided by India at the expense of starving other regions of J&K like Jammu and Laddakh. They should pay for their evil deeds.

Anonymous said...

Well said friends. People like Gautam Navlakha are a shame on our nation. Y'day on TIMES NOW he was happily defending the Naxals carnage in Bihar, with his verbal diahorrea. Wonder why intelligent media people like Vikram Chandra, Arnab Goswami etc call him on the show at all...

Anonymous said...


ashutoshdeexit said...

I saw and heard Gautam Navlakha twice on TV. First time when media-mentors of his ilk i.e. NDTV invited him to discuss Batla House encounter, wherein Delhi Police had bravely fought terrorists hiding in garb of students of Jamia Milia.

Second time, I saw him today on Times Now, discussing Naxalite's cold-blooded killing of a Jharkhand Intelligence Officer.

Both the times, I saw this man openly flouting the supremacy of Indian State and accusing the armed forces of stage-managing the killings/encounters/murders.

At the same time, I was pleased to watch that Mr Ravi Shankar Prasad (of BJP) frankly told him that we know that who funds you Mr Navlakha.

Time has come, when traitors like him should be arrested and tried in court for openly supporting the elements who are waging a declared war against Indian Republic.

Shyam said...

Gautam Naulakha , Time has come for you to be deported to Moa's land . Go to China and cry out your concern for human rights of Tibetans their and your beloved desciples of Mao will give you appropriate treatment in their prisons created for preserving human rights. This fellow hails whosoever is against Indian Nation state. I apeal to every one around this creature to shun him. He is a Chinees agent. People like him are biggest threat to this country and people should punish him and this needs to be done ASAP.This sun of traitor deserves to be treated like filthy creature from gutters of hell

Anonymous said...

Hindus are the soft targets anywhere. You talk anything against them, they will not resist and this is what mr Navlakha is exploiting to become a hero. He has an edge, as his name looks like a Hindu name. he is a hindu or not, i m not sure. he has no courage to utter a word against muslims or any other, and he is showing to us that he is something.

Anonymous said...

I live in USA and dont watch Indian news / programs as often as I want to. But yesterday I was watching NDTV's The big Fight (hosted by Vikram Chandra)

Going through the program made me sick, no not by the hardliner views, that was expected. But by a fox in a sheeps hide - Gautam Naulakha.

I was sick to the core that he would say that he has an objection to the reference of ethinic cleansing of Kashmir Pandits at the hands of Paki-satan based ISI and their terrorists.

It is obvious that he gets paid by Pakistan and Saudi people, he is a terrorist and should be taught a lesson. He should be tried in court for being anti-national.

The b*s**rd taht he is, it is other people of hi clan - Teesta Setalvad, Sunita Narain (not as much but she can be a b*t*h at times.

Anonymous said...

Mr Gautam there are hardly people like you- honest, fearless and true to their profession.
When people are blinded by their emotions they speak what ever they like. Gautam Navlakha is a fearless person who speaks what he sees actually on the ground.
I have exception to the comments "a soul in exile"
They say ethnic cleansing! But the reality is that the then governor Mr Jagmohan convinced some influential people of this community to migrate to Jammu promising green pastures with the intention of killing muslim on a large scale. Without thinking even a second time, they left Kashmir, the decision which proved fatal to their identity.
Regarding the objection that scores of pandits were killed mercilessly in cold blood is an absolute lie, propagated amongst this community by the same influential lot in order to succeed in their plans. The truth is that in 1990 when the militancy was at its peak, anyone who spied or played an enemy's role against militants, was killed by them. There was no distinction, whether a muslim, a pandit, a man or a woman. Not scores hundreds of muslims too were killed on these charges. I should make it clear that I don't say that these killings were justified.
Regarding the sloganeering, the allegations are totally baseless. There were Islamic slogans but not like soul's slogans ( we want Kashmir – without Pandit men, but with their womenfolk, O Pandits – either join us, flee or die, Only those who believe in Allah -(only Muslims) can live in Kashmir). I was a school going boy that time and I am a witness to everything. Other slogans may be heard even today also, and never have been slogans raised against minorities.
People should realise that there are still thosuands of pandits living in Kashmir. Why were they not killed? The claim "ethnic cleansing" falls flat! There are lacs of sikhs living here. We all live like brothers. Whenever a pandit dies, it is the muslims who are there in his/last last rites procession, in many cases muslims creamated panits.
We muslims, despite having lost around one lac precious lives and betrayed by these pandit brothers, still long to see them back. Believe us, we don't have any grudge against them despite what they have been doing to us all through.

Shali Amit said...

Gautam Navlakha is sick & he is blindfolded by the alms that he must be receiving from his masters's in Pakistan. He should be deported to Pakistan or better still to a place like Africa, where there are gross human right violations.
Suck people are demented & should be given shock treatment!

bodom said...

You guys are uneducated, immature small minded people. You need to look within yourselves to see what gives you so much false pride and anger. Gautam Navlakha has done more good in this world than either you or your family put together. Stop being small minded and stuck up on immature things like "oh I was born there blah blah blah" and move on. Try to make a positive difference to this world by doing good instead of whining all the time

Anonymous said...

Hey bodom, you are an good friend of that sick gautam it seems. Yesterday we found another gem of gautam navlakha..'panun kashmir is a fascist organisation, but geelani is right in his path..'These people should be tried in court and jailed. To the kashmiri muslim friend, its good to know that you 'want your pandit brothers back'..though we doubt your sincerity for a number of reasons. This is exposed even in your post.

!!! said...

@bodom & other fans of Mr Gautam Navlakha

You idolize a man - who on national TV idolized Geelani and demonized nationalists Kashmiri Pandits. Your choice!!!I just pity the future of this nation - where people are just abusing the freedom and democracy beyond limits. Cant imagine what he would have been served in Pakistan or China... but that later.

He demonized Kashmiri Pandits - who got ousted from their home and hearths for no fault of theirs and for no demands of azadi. (And mr Anon- on yr brain-dead Jagmohan did it theory- its just too brain-dead to even respond to)...

The Kashmiri Pandits are simply asking for a union-territory called Panun Kashmir - where Indian constitution would be supreme, Indian's would have equal rights (Unlike Article 370), Indians would be safely and honorable able to claim as integral part of India. As an Indian, this is Nationalistic to me.
But for Mr Navlakha and his fans here... its fascist.
If its fascist - then every village town and city of India - where people sing JanaGanaMana every day are fascists...

So be it - its their new definition.

For Mr. Navlakha - he idolizes SAS Geelani and his calls for getting youth killed - by urging them to swamp army depots. Of course they will also go around later blaming army - why Army chose to prevent 1000's of misguided youth from letting them run amok and destroy the valley. Just as the swarms of indoctrined youth did on Eid-Day--- running amok all over Srinagar, destroying every symbol of government along the way, destroying property and burning offices/cars along miles long stretch.
Quite an Eid-celebration for HumanRight activists like Mr Navlakha and his ilk...

A Soul in Exile said...

I am also 'A Soul in Exile'.I want to tell all Navlakha's of this world what u people are supporting amounts to supptg NAZI SYSTEM..only difference betn Nazis & Jihadis is Nazis had not perfected how to FAKE VICTIMHOOD at the same time they persecuted/killed who they thought are impure.Jihadis kill/rape Kafir/Impure & at the same time FAKE VICTIMHOOD(kashmir is prime example of it).What i want to stress is as Nazis were finished so will be Jihadis & their supporters,because world runs by 'GOD PRINCIPLE' not by Navlakhas & GOD sometimes gives power to EGOSTIC persons who start dreaming for a while that they are GOD & can change the world to their tune,but same 'GOD PRINCIPLE'again comes & finishes them.HNDU scriptures are abound with these type of people sometimes went after GOD also(after praying him & receiving blessing)were FINISHED within seconds.So time has come for them to face justice in kashmir now,and time has come for HINDUS to become Shree RAM to finish RAVANS of this world.
I will go BACK to my HOMELAND KASHMIR not because someone will welcome me but because it is my RIGHT.(You are not welcomed in your HOME you GO HOME)Jai Bharat Jai Hind

Anonymous said...

Kasmiri pandits you will not be welcomed back unless U apologize for the fact that U shut ur doors in safety and looked in the other direction while ur kashmiri brothers were brutally massacared and kashmiri women raped .. Stand by them and then deserve a place.

Anonymous said...

Oh... KP's must apologize to Jihadi's...?? You invited Jihadi' from Afghanistan, Sudan, Morocco, Iraq and of course, Pakistan - assuming that they were Islamic Angels... then u got killed in process... and now you blame it on the minority Pandits...
Pandits should apologize for what? That your jihadi friends didnt get to kill, maim and rape more of Pandits?

Pandits must Apologize to Jihadis and Kashmiri Muslims...? Really?
What next?
Yezidi's should apologize to ISIS
School girls in Nigeria should apologize to Boko Haram
Malala should apologize to Taliban
Jews should apologize to Nazi's...

Sure... keep sucking to EngRashid.