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Apr 18, 2009

Fate of Minorities under Islamic rule...Nizam-e-Mustafa or Nizam-e-Adal...

On those dark winter nights of January 1990, when the chill of the chilay-kalaan was frozen by these blood-freezing slogans of the Islamic fundamentalist masses flooding the streets of Srinagar...

“Yahan kya chalega – Nizam E Mustafa” (What will rule Kashmir – Rule of Allah)

“La ilah Illalah – Pakistan banega Insalaah” (Praise to God! Kashmir will be Pakistan)

"Kashmir mein agar rehna hai, Allah-o-Akbar kehna hai" (Only those who believe in Allah - (only Muslims) can live in Kashmir)

“Aes gacche’ Pakistan, Batav ros’ te’ batnev saan” (we want Kashmir – without Pandit men, but with their womenfolk)

“Battav ya raliv, chaliv nate’ galiv” (O Pandits – either join us, flee or die)

… the miniscule minority of Kashmir (Kashmiri Pandits) had a life-changing dilemma facing them. The nightmarish decision of choosing to stay put in the valley to live through the nightmare under Islamic Jihadi frenzy risking our identity, lives and honour OR opting for survival and upholding our identity...

And we chose the latter… For years thereon, there has been ridicule heaved on Kashmiri Pandits for this choice, by various communities who have a misplaced sense of machismo… But the fact remains – something only a community which have lived it can know – an unarmed miniscule 2% minority is helpless and defenseless before a huge majority baying for your blood – armed with sophisticated weapons and brainwashed by zealots to wage Jihad in the name of religion…

Today, history repeats itself… not in very distinct measure. The minorities in Pakistan are facing the same survival threat – yet again at the hands of the same zealots that ravaged the peace of Kashmir

Some have made the choice of exodus to save their honour… (Read here)

And now more are being forced to buy their survival…

Sikhs Pay Rs 20 Million as 'Tax' to Taliban in Pak
Sikhs pay Rs 20 million in 'tax' to Taliban in Pak's Aurakzai

Sikhs pay Rs 20m 'tax' to Taliban in Pak's Aurakzai

16 Apr, 2009 1217hrs IST PTI

ISLAMABAD: Members of Pakistan's minority Sikh community living in the restive Aurakzai tribal region have paid Rs 20 million as "tax" to the Taliban after militants forcibly occupied some of their homes and kidnapped a Sikh leader.

The Taliban had demanded Rs 50 million as 'jizia' - a tax levied on non-Muslims living under Islamic rule - but the militants finally settled for Rs 20 million.

After the amount was paid on Wednesday, the militants vacated the homes they had taken over and released Sikh leader Saiwang Singh, officials in the tribal region near the northwestern city of Peshawar were quoted as saying by the Daily Times newspaper.

The officials said the Taliban had announced that the Sikhs were now free to live anywhere in Aurzakzai Agency. The militants also announced they would protect the community, saying that no one would harm them after they had paid jizia.

Sikhs who had left the area would now return to their homes and resume their business, the officials said.

The militants had occupied at least 10 homes of Sikhs in Qasimkhel village on Tuesday. About 35 Sikh families have been living in Qasimkhel for many years.

The Taliban demand for jizia was resolved at a jirga or council held yesterday through the efforts of local tribal elders. The militants had said the Sikhs should pay jizia in accordance with Shariah or Islamic law”

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