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Ghar' gachaa

Apr 18, 2009

A Wolf scared of the lamb!!!

After eliminating the minority Kashmiri Pandits from the valley of Kashmir by executing the worst kind of ethnic cleansing known in modern history, and thereon rewriting to distort the history of Kashmir to ensure complete Talibanisation of Kashmir (read here and here), the majority community still feels threatened by the people in exile...

That must be a rare case where the pirahana is scared of the small fish... and thereby claiming that the small fish isn't a creature of the water at all... Or its just the next step in their process of denying Kashmiri Pandits any rights to Kashmiri identity...
First hound them out of the valley...
then, erase their signs from the valley...from the history of Kashmir
finally deny them any rights to their roots...

Otherwise - what justifies the audacity with which a Kashmiri Pandit is being "charged and accused of - for the crime of cooking and serving Kashmiri Cuisine..."

Does Mr Ovees Qadir mean to say that you have to be a Muslim to cook Kashmiri food...?

And if he is worried about the brand-Kashmir being destoryed by immitation products from other areas - he better first walk into the thousands of "Kashmiri handicraft" shops that have mushroomed at all tourist destinations you can imagine of in India or on any high-street in any Indian city... These shops run by his bretheren are the biggest and most brazen con-acts exported by Kashmir. These shops run by Kashmiri's sell anything and everything labelling it as "Kashmiri Handicraft" and you are bound to get ripped off an arm and leg even for a fake Pashmina or a low quality carpet. Mr Ovees seems to have no issues with his folks passing off cheap 'raffal' off as Pashmina to the unknowning customers - who repose their misplaced faith in the brand Kashmir, he seems to be championing the cause of.

Mr Ovees - I have a Kashmiri Kangri, a kashmiri samavar and many other Kashmiri things at home.
Please inform me how/where do I have to pay Jizia tax for buying a right to keep this Kangri at home...?

Rising Kashmir:: Kashmir traders echo fear of brand Kashmir hijack

"Srinagar April 15: Claiming that hotelier in Mumbai is offering Wazwaan and simultaneously training the would-be chefs on how to prepare the world famous Kashmiri cuisine, food processing unit holders are seeking Geographical Indication (GI) status for the cuisine.
“We have reports that in Mumbai’s Andheri West, a Kashmir-born migrant Pandit has been training people about the preparations of Wazwaan. That too from the past five years,” Federation Chamber of Industries Kashmir (FCIK), Secretary Ovees Qadir Jamie said. (Read full article here)

(pic courtesty:http://ikashmir.net/culture/)

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