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Jun 1, 2009

Ka$hmiri Pandit$ are Welcome in $rinagar


Kashmiri Pandits in Exile visit the Khirbhawani shrine for Zyetha Ashtami festival.
The locals welcome them and offer logistic and business support, setting up shops doing brisk business on flowers, pooja items and food...

Kashmiri Pandits are now down to being welcome solely as religious tourists in the valley - but still no land for Amarnath for them in Kashmir

And Chief Minister Omar Abdullah has the audacity of applauding this as a sign of "mutual brotherhood and communal amity and added this day would bring in a new dawn of peace, prosperity and development in Jammu and Kashmir."

As always the politicians and the media will hail it as a great sign of Kashmiriyat - forgetting that a year ago - right after similar show of brotherhood, the same majority community was baying for Pandit blood - agitated over the audacity of Hindu's for requesting few acres of land for a pilgrimage site.

Mutual brotherhood and communal amity are big words which would have a meaning if the minority had the same rights as the majority...

Unlike for rest of India, where the Prime Minister goes all out to declare that the minority community has the first right on all national resources, in Kashmir - the exiled minority still has no justice in sight.

Brotherhood and amity bought by the silence of the victims is nothing to hail. Truth about Kashmiriyat is yet to be realized by those who haven't suffered it...

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