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Jun 19, 2007

Double Standards!!!

This post is in response to this post by Caashurr
Dear Caashurr,
I share your anguish and pain about the missing people, those killed in encounters and those who left their homes never to return again.
I also wish to remind you of half a million Kashmiri's who were forced out of their homes - never to return again. Kashmiri's whom your generation of Kashmiri' muslims have never known to exist. Kashmiri Pandits, refugees in their own country.
Mr Caashurr, if you really have a heart full of pain - then it can't have double standards, unless you have two hearts. How can you fete and celebrate terrorists like Bitta Karate - who you very well know killed dozens of innocent Kashmiri Pandits in cold blood - their mistake, they were born Hindus. This very man is freely roaming around in the valley today, being honoured and feted as a hero by your ilk. The killer is being honoured amongst you - and you moan atrocities.
Double Standards...!!!
You atleast found so many links in Indian media talking about the problems you want to highlight. Can you show me one link from Kashmiri Media - which has the guts, honesty and truthfulness to acknowledge the atrocities commited against Kashmiri Pandits. If you seek justice, learn to be just first. If you are waging Jihad and celebrating Kalishkovs and AK-47s, there would be only death. Guns your hero's brought across LOC were not going to churn out literary works, they would spew bullets - and thats what they did.

Yasin Malik and his men are your leaders today. He has the audacity to shed Crocodile tears for victims of violence today. This man - who killed dozens in cold blood. Show me some condemnation of his acts in Kashmiri Media...

Double Standards again...!!!

Maybe you can help him answer some of these Questions I had addressed to your leader "Terrorist Yasin Malik".

Like you - A Kashmiri

A Soul in Exile...

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