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Jun 12, 2006

Bad reporting by BBC

Ref: Deadly grenade attack in Kashmir

I can't imagine how a supposedly reputed media house as BBC can make this blunder... unless they just don’t care.

The grenade attack mentioned here in Jammu - whereas the headline says Kashmir.

For years since 1990, I have seen people claim that they had recently been to Kashmir and it was all fine there - and only later I would find that they had just been to Vaishnodevi and Katra, and to Jammu on way - and that’s what they assumed was Kashmir. Even now, my friends ooh-aah when I am about to head for a vacation to Jammu - assuming that I will be in Kashmir.

Such ignorance can be pardoned of a layman in Chennai or Bangalore - but not of a journalist.

And why does it matter?

For years this misrepresentation in media has been rampant - where the media selectively projects the pain Kashmir valley has been experiencing - totally ignoring that Jammu and Doda districts for last many years have seen as much pain and agony - for no reason.

Worse still, this attack is a targetted attack at innocent Hindu pilgrims headed for the Vaishnodevi shrine - clearly aimed to disrupt the Amarnath yatra.

Native Hindu's have already been eliminated from Kashmir - and Hindu's in Doda/Rajouri have been under attack for many years now. And now, Hindu's aren't even permitted for a 4-day pilgrimage.

Ethnic cleansing of the highest degree...

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