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Ghar' gachaa

Jun 6, 2006

Zyeth Aetham...

The sunday that just went by - was Zyeth Aetham (Zyestha Astami) - one of the most important festivals of Kashmiri Pandit calendar - probably next only to Herath. And yet, we spent the day in almost denial of the day... just with some memories of the day back from my days in Kashmir.

Back in Kashmir, before the days of exile... the day would be marked by a pilgrimage to "Khirbhawni" shrine... popularly known as "Tulmul". Unless you are k een to do that under an armed cover of CRPF convoys now, this is a dream. Especially not after the hosts have decided to start killing tourists... Afterall, KP's arent any more than tourists now.

The shrine is believed to have mystical powers which have been witnessed and acknowledged by Swami Vivekananda.

The water in the springs is known to change colour from time to time - in a way predicting the future for the land ahead... Folks says the spring water was murky grey few days before Indira Gandhi was shot dead. I don't know how to interpret it - but probably thats when India's transistion to becoming a soft state began. The colour was a dark murky one even in early days of 1990...

I wonder what the colour is today...

(pic: Courtesy kplink.com duely acknowledged)

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Deepak Kaul said...

I recently got a pic of how Tulmul has changed over the years, it is posted on my photo blog.
I was in India recently and visited the mini Tulmul which has been created in Jammu, it actually looks a lot like the original