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Ghar' gachaa

Jun 13, 2006

Being Minority...

Only Hindu temple in Lahore demolished

Enough ruckus was created on the demolision of a roadside tomb - categorized as a dargah by some in Vadodara recently - even though it was done on High courts directive with an objective of infrastructure expansion (easing traffic woes of that area).

I am keen to see how many muslims come out to protest this demolition - a historic temple in Lahore - the only remaining Hindu temple in the city (others have already been demolished since 1947). The demolition was done just to make a shopping complex - a pure comercial gain - not for any infrastructural reasons.

Its not that I expect any better from Pakistan - a failed state which openly subjects its minorities to discrimination. Minorties there have little political voice and rights and are constitutionally recognized only as second-class citizens.

What I want the so-called minorities of India to see and understand is - that this is what minority persecution means !!

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