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Jun 1, 2006

Kashmir: Yet another attack on tourists...


I am confused. Should I feel sorry for these people - innocent tourists from Bengal, who probably had gone out there to relive their aspirations of visiting the fabled 'jannat-e-Kashmir' which so far they had seen only in Bollywood movies of 80's or earlier. Or should I feel angry at them - what on earth were they thinking when they booked a tour to Kashmir?

I find this mixed feeling overwhelming me right now... veering more towards the angry side given that this is the third such incident in a fortnight - first a group of tourists from MP, then a huge group from Gujrat and now these folks. And yet, they didnt take off their blinders.

Do these folks - Indian nationals, of course, even know about something called 'terrorism' or is this yet another case of the middle-class "This is not going to impact me"
blinders... "Have promised to kids take kids on vacation when schools close, found a cheap deal for Kashmir - "wow Kashmir"; jump on. Aaah... whats the problem there. Prime Minister Manmohan was there just a weeks ago and he even chided the army. Army is the bad one there - but they wont harm me. Barkha Dutt is there every weekend. And I have seen all the 'militants' debate it on NDTV. They look so cool. And anyway they are just militants... never heard of a terrorist in Kashmir. Lets go...".

Someone offer them a cheap package to visit Baghdad or maybe Kabul and they will hop on...

For Gods Sake... did they have no clue why 500,000+ Hindu's from this so called 'Jannat-e-kashmir' have been exterminated... ejected out of their own homeland for more than 16 years now... more than what even Lord Ram spent in van-vaas. Didn't they know that this half a million lot of Hindu's from Kashmir (Kashmiri Pandits) paid this price, and many more were killed - just because they were "Indians" and that too "kafirs"... and didn't say "Yes" to Jihad.
Didn't these tourists never hear of Sangramapora, Prankote, Wandhama, Chattisinghpora, Nadimarg, Chapnari, Amarnath, Doda massacres in the news... or maybe they were too busy voting for their favourite Marathi or Bengali Idol at that time.

Nothing could be a better sitting duck to hunt - than a bus bearing a registration number "GJ xx xxxx" going through streets in Kashmir.

And they say we Indians are the smart brains...

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